November 30, 2004

I was on camcontacts this morning *yay* Come watch my hot ass.

Well Stein just imed me from some hollywood cyber cafe. The Mad Sin american tour has begun, and as usual, I get to take no part in it. *seeth*

I wish I had the movie 'Dr Giggles' ....I'd so watch it right now. Have you seen that? Its so freaky has the guy who played the retard on Law and Order way back when as this psychotic giggling serial killer doctor. Its really fab...people need to check it out. Its out of stock on amazon though...hmph.

November 29, 2004

I just added this to my amazon wishlist, theres only one left in stock, get it for me!!!!!!

it really disgusts me how people expect special treatment because they were stupid and repulsive enough to have children. ....*snort*....some stupid ignorant 18 year old whore with a baby got my boyfriend sent home early from work because she claimed he was intimidating her because he had mace in his pocket. ....that stupid motherfucking whore. *scream* from what I've heard on top of being completely dumb, she's lazy as hell and doesn't get her work done. *murders her*

equally annoying are people who tell me Im going to change my mind and want children when I'm older. listen here, fat heads, maybe you're a weak willed wishy washy moron who goes through life changing their opinions constantly...but Im not. I have known since I was comprehending reality that I would never ever defile my body, or life by having a stupid worthless child. I have been saying this since I was a child, and all this time you fucking sheep have been telling me with an irritating grin that my maternal instincts would kick in some time. Get real. My maternal instincts are about strong enough to make me want to baby a kittie and a doggie.

anyone want to pay to get my tubes tied? because IM so up for that.

and you nasty whores puking children from your baggy cunt....dont fucking expect any special treatment from me. I hope you die poor, and your sickening welps push you down the stairs for insurance money.

November 28, 2004

November 27, 2004

thank you J. for getting me the blessed doggie purse *hugs you till you burst*

Kickin back, drinkin some wine, put some purple on top of the blue in my hair today, watched cecil b. demented again this morning. I, JessieKitty, Princess of White Trash, Drapeyest of the Drapes, VOW to someday meet Mr. John Waters. *melt*

I now own night of the living.., dawn of the.., and day of the dead on dvd. All the special editions, mind you. Thanks Hidden! *smile* And thanks for the wine. *waits for next package*

BLOOD FOR BLOOD kicks so much ass. *scream*

November 26, 2004

added new stuff to my amazon wishlist ....*humps the air*

I'm relieved thanksgiving is I can start anticipating the holiday I REALLY REALLY like, xmas. I think I'll put up my tree today. I usually put it up on thanksgiving but I was too depressed n drunk. guh. *frown* *pissy* ..more later.

November 25, 2004

I woke up at 6am and thought it was 6 last night. wierd.

gonna be home alone all day n night for thanksgiving. *sigh* se la vi?

November 23, 2004

as you all know, I broadcast my cam on CAMBANG ...I believe it to be the suavest cam site out there, and so I choose to advertise it as a place people can come chill with me, there's live chat now in the main cam portal, and I have my own chatroom as well.

If you want to talk to me live and see ALL my pics from like the last 3 or more years, then come check me out at CAMBANG (its cheaper than what I charge for MY site *smile* you get access to like 100 other hotties)

cambang links: Live Free Cam ChatxCam Girl of the DayxDaily Cam GalleryxRandom Cam Gallery

latest cam updated on cambang:

Enter to Forever Camgirls Webcam Portal and Vote for this Site!!!

November 22, 2004

You are Oi! A favorite amongst the skins, you wear
boots & braces. You talk mostly about drinking
beer & how no one really understands you. As
long as you remember that in the states its
wicked lame to call soccer football, youre
pretty cool.

What kind of good music are you?
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speaking of me being classified as OI by some faggoty little quiz, who's going to buy me some guns from Mitchells Mausers?

November 21, 2004

As you poured your heart out, I poured myself another drink
too callous to give a damn, too callous to even think
you felt electricity, I only felt a draft
you cried when the hero died, I couldnt help but laugh
and lulu roman sang of jesus and the lord
you felt the whole thing "too bizzarre" I was only bored
now youre talking birthstones, Im thinking headstones
anything just to agree, would you go to bed with me?
tell me what you want to hear, Ill tell you what you know
you wanna see me angry? do you wanna see me cry?
just so you can tell youre friends that Im a helluva guy?
and lulu roman sang of jesus and the lord
you felt the whole thing "too bizzarre" I was only bored
im looking for an ashtray, youre looking for your shoes
we started off with so much to gain, but even more to lose
you wanna make some coffee, I wish you'd make your tracks
we both had good intentions, but they just fell between the cracks
and in the morning when you remember me
youll hate me as you did before this ever came to be
and lulu roman sang of jesus and the lord
you felt the whole thing "too bizzarre"
I was only bored

~ 'lulu roman' by sheer terror
delivered by jessiekitty
chasing whiskey with beer, cause shit just aint cool.

Horror PunK!
Horror Punk!

Tho often mistaken for a goth, you're heart is in
punk. You just have a more fun approach to it.
Makeup, leather, studs & spikes, and a
halloween is everyday attitude, make you a fun
person to be around! Bands of this genre are
most commonly the Misfits, and related bands.
Check out for a
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so my fuckin sister just stopped by to take a dump. she lives in a differant city/state....and she was in the area visiting friends....and she fuckin stopped by here to TAKE A DUMP. She's not my real sister. ....I found old journals of hers and there'd be entrys that said 'jessica is coming to visit this weekend' with a sad face next to it. *puh* ...she's OLDER than me.

bassist and guitar
you are the nekromantix!
yes! you like coffins, bondage, and rockabilly
chicks or guys. slap that coffin bass you old

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You Are Bobby

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you can now buy me the stuff off my amazon wishlist from apparel and accessories, and all the other 'third party sellers' that used to conflict with hidden wishlist addresses.

Dont mind if it says 'gift options not available' ...just keep going, and it'll be all filled out. Get me the converse all star calf high shoes! *smacks you* of course if you want to do something more....skanky...there's always sexy lingerie and dresses and stuff on my other wishlists

so....there's a poll some dude made in my Yahoo Group, asking hpothetically where someone would cum on me if they could. I immediatley awnsered 'on her ass' without thinking....I find that interesting. If I were you, I'd cum on my ass. *thinks about it*

November 20, 2004

up in the middle of the night..checking my hits...found myself mentioned in a blog. ...some nice british chick

I want these gloves ...I hate living in wisconsin. *whines, smokes some bowl, and goes back to bed*

November 19, 2004

so I got an email from this site asking me if I want to be a performer on their site, and as I was sifting through all the middle aged 'hotties' I cam across this very shocking and hilarious thing: Grannie's Gone Gay ...a pair of performers on their site. Old ladys who lick eachother. *snicker* ...... *snicker*

ah...piles of delias, alloy, victorias secret, and musicians friend catolauges all over my desk. Send me fucking gift certificates and cash, my little yes men.

So fucking niteflirt/keen completely kicked me off the site again. I guess the nude picture thing really got them riled up. I wonder if they were accusing me of being underage, like fucking verotel, because other bitches have nude pics on THEIR listings. And they're old and ugly. Hmph. Fucking evil bastards, I swear theres some fat old bitch who works there who has it in for me. They've always come down really fucking hard on me about the rules. ....if you know of an alternative 'phoneing' company let me know. email ...*sigh*

I hope you people with my addy are going to send me lots of interesting postal mail. A certain someone is getting a crate of interesting booze ready for me \m/
You're a Pint of Guinness!

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the lovely artist D made me some new fan signs, D is someone Ive been kissy face with online for a few years, WEE!

November 18, 2004

As I watched the john waters movie Cecil B. Demented again last night, I was comforted by the over use of black eyeshadow and eyeliner on his female leads. Someone out there really understands, you know? Thats a good feeling.

Speaking of movies....I was sent my little monthly packet thing from a dvd club Im a member of, and was rudely assaulted by the 'stocking stuffers for her' list of movies....

nothing but rank julia roberts movies, and fucking gay childrens movies. I mean free willy? how DARE you reccomend that someone get ANYONE 'free willy' ...shocking...disgusting...insulting. Die columbia house. DIE!

You are Norman Bates, from "Psycho."
You're creepy.

Which Horror Movie Character Are You? (Many Options)
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Damsel in distress. Typical. Every movie has to
have one. Giggling, flirty, and usually
entirely underdressed, everything than can go
wrong, will go wrong when you are around. You
always need rescuing, and usually at the worst
times. Can't you do anything on your own?

The Zombie Movie Survival Quiz
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November 17, 2004

god I hate it when people fucking brag about shows they get to go to. oh youre going to mad sin in a month? guess what, fuck you *heave*

I dreamed I was at a bar and found some folder containing a bunch of terrorist documents and I like tried to call someone on my phone to report it and then the bar turned into a school and I freaked out because a bunch of children were all around me and children make me fuckin sick and shit. ...god why do children like me so much. Its gross. Every time I go to a public place some damn CHILD is like touching me as I walk by, or asking me my name, or staring at me. bleh *shivers*

November 16, 2004

ew I woke up wayyyy early. 4:30. what the FUCK! ;/ ....Im piddling around in my forum, and joining gay contests on music and clothing sites. Speaking of clothing, sssomeone bought me some nice ass thigh highs from my clothing wishlist. but I dont know who...hmmm *looks around* ...whoever it me more stuff! ;>

November 15, 2004

once again, I find it insulting when I'm told I look like a 'living dead doll' please refrain from saying that. It isn't true anyway.

I don't get enough mail. I send people fucking letters and postcards all the time. Do they ever reply? No. I need pen pals. People like 'captain morgan (matt)' and tom k. and such should be mailing me. If you're reading this, fucking email me and get my address, because youre total fags for not showering me with interesting mail. *hate*

Still with the squirrel nut mind is obsessive and refuses to let go of something until its been played on repeat in my head for a week or more. Jesus fucking christ. ...its freezing in here as usual. God I hate being cold. I'll kill you all. more later.

November 13, 2004

Dreamed about time travel, and then dick sucking. The dick sucking got caught on film and then I ATE the copy of it to get rid of it. HM!

Cant get the squirrel nut zippers songs 'it aint you' and 'blue angel' out of my head...surely because they like go hand in hand with my life or some wussy crap like that. But they're fucking excellent songs yo. I wonder if I should snz up my radio blog. hm. *goes to look for more hotties on bodymodsnet*

found one that I used to obsess over, yay EVIL DAVE (im so making my boyfriend do his hair like that ....or should I let him leave it bald. what do I like more? I dont know *sigh*)

November 11, 2004

*hate hate hate* Happy thought? I like to start each day by deciding what animal I am that day. I've started mentioning it here in the might have noticed.

Today I'm a poodle. A poodle named Fifi. I'm french obviousley, but not well manicured. I'm a street wandering dog. Fifi the feisty fluff poodle, lurking on the mean streets of paris. Please, refer to me as Fifi if you i.m. me. On to more happy thoughts...I got my new boots!! *clappy clap*

of course these arent DRESSY though. I'm still waiting for a certain someone to get me the high heeled knee high leather ones. *points and stares at dude*

Also still operating my little sex store..

November 10, 2004

was dreaming about someone again.

im wearing a full set of 'long johns' ...otherwise known as 'long underwear' ....its my first set. its insane! Im a hick Im a hick! ahahahahah! I wonder how people would act if I went out in public in these. theyre black of course *smacks you for thinking I'd wear tan* ....full set. top and bottom....having way too much fun with this.

I wake up every time I sober up. Its really unfair. I'd like to sleep longer. *snort*

buy me more, fags. l.t.s.f. I better have those fucking boots from my xxx wishlist or youre NOT getting any of my garbage. homeworkboy: your deadline was yesterday. you failed. die....

more later.

November 9, 2004

I had a dream that I had a little hedgehog that fit on my fingertip. I was riding in the car playing with him, he was like the size of a dime, and crawling around on the dashboard and my hand, and he was meowing, so I was feeding him spit, cause like there was an overall feeling that something had happened to his mom.

poor lil hedgehog. Im gonna make sure I dont forget him. I think I'm gonna name him rudie.


You are a Dead Alive Zombie. You or somebody that
bit you was infected by the Sumatran Rat
Monkey. You are intent on killing and shredding
anything that moves, unless you're full of
tranquilizers. You can't be killed unless you
are completely chopped to bits.

What kind of Zombie are you?
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You are Jayne Mansfield. You are very much into
yourself, and perhaps even stuck up. You are
crazy and will do anything for attention and

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rock steady
You're Rock Steady Gwen. You're happy and things
are going really well for you.

which Gwen Stefani are you?

November 8, 2004

so, The Squirrel Nut Zippers are the shit, DUH!

been into em for years. ....whiskey + them = yay...hah IM wasted.
dancin with my self aw oh dancin with my seee elf. heheh.

Im still obsessing over that kitty purse. I must have it. I'll die if I dont get it. *HISS* ....I had some cute boys from minnesota come down and bring me a bag o greens. Much gratitude I feel. I need more nitrous from my wishlist. Fucking get it for me.

This dude I knew in duluth randomly happens to live here. Crazy. He all wants to hang out and shit, I'm like whoa...a friend. But he's more my boyfriends friend.

I realllllly feel the urge to shop. I want to buy shit. NOW. RAWR. *sigh* ....keen fucking closed all my accounts because I like broke the rules too many times. Apparently putting nude pics on my listings was the final straw. I applied for a new account, hopefully they'll accept me. Either way my recordings, and high rated live lines are lost. *sad*. ..look for updates on the keen shmack during the next two days.

You can still send me an amazon gift certificate or an amazon cash payment and I'll give you my cell number when it clears.

November 5, 2004

dont forget you can get access to buttloads of my pics here

ah...last night was funky. valium + liquid valium + whiskey = hot livingroom sex. ROWR, that was good man. And some sick satanic ritual horror movie was playing in the really set the mood *dirty grin*

I hope I can recreate that tonight. I've been really bored lately...I need wierd shit. *sigh* ....*eyes the bottle of vodka on her desk* ...11:03pm ...its PAST the cocktail hour. I need to get fucked up yo.

this is possibly the most interesting thing anyone has ever said about my looks:
joolz_101: i see you btw
JE$$IE : hola.
joolz_101: those eyes
joolz_101: Cheers
JE$$IE : thats what I muttered at the cam
JE$$IE : nice.
joolz_101: Like some fucked up Beautiful Lynchian Betty Boop Cartoon
JE$$IE : hahahahahhaha
JE$$IE : that is the coolest fucking thing Ive heard in awhile
JE$$IE : Im posting that in my blog
joolz_101: ok

November 4, 2004

I just had the most amazing dream about Mikeee (the guy who owns cambang and all the net3x sites). It was so fucking romantic and hot and aaaaaaa I can't gush enough. *whimper* Im so pissed I woke up yo. *cry* Man....sometimes you just have those dreams that leave you feeling feelings like ...and it doesnt go away. You know? Like usually youre like, haha dream *forget* ....but Im all obsessivley grasping at any detail and replaying it in my head. It was FUCKING FAB. ....not unlike this purse, which I want desperatley:

November 3, 2004

omg I got my new cell hooked up YAYYY, the guy on the phone who helped me was foreign and hot sounding, we totally flirted, it was rad. \m/

whoooo wants to text me? *purr*

if you buy me a tracfone phone card from my amazon wishlist, I'll soooo call you *smooch*

November 1, 2004

I went to a new hick bar last night. Someone asked me 'what are you' huh. I wasnt dressed up or anything..... So I replied 'A stranger'. *juts hips out*

I'd been waiting like the last fucking MONTH for hot topic to do double clearance on their clearance section...I wake up this morning to find out it was yesterday and the day before, and its over now. Those fucking kike if anyone would bother to shop online on halloween weekend. I'll kill them.

At le hick bar I snatched a bag of goodies meant for the kiddies (yes, children come in bars here *shudder*) it was a blessed popcorn ball. The popcorn ball is like MY halloween know..I dont give a crap about anything but the popcorn I get home, and in a drunken stupor leave it on the bed with my purse... ....THE FUCKING DOG STOLE IT. Not MY little angel...the big brute boxer I live with. *whimper* mmmy popcorn ball is gone...I didnt get to eat it and halloween is OVER. *sad* ..On a happier note, I had great sex and pina coladas for halloween. *yip yip*