December 18, 2009

Please visit Jessie's memorial site. Here is the link:

July 12, 2009


It was May 8, 2009. A fairly typical morning for me and Jessica. We got up, took care of the animals, had our coffee and coffee talk. She always had the celebrity gossip and I always had the current events and illuminati news. It was actually a very cheerful morning for us because we were looking forward to having a nice cuddly evening at home together when I got off work. We were going to have fish for dinner and begin our traditional "getting healthy for the summer" kick. And also we decided not to drink that night, because we had been partying a little too hard the past week!! We just celebrated 10 years together on May 5, and started a couple days early! My birthday was also coming up on the 23rd, and we needed to save some strength. I didn't have to be at work until 5pm, so we spent the morning and afternoon just loving on each other and being sweet!

When the time came for me to leave, we kissed and cuddled more, and I asked her if she'd write me something on a little piece of paper, because I always kept something she had written on in my pocket(grocery lists, notes, etc). She thought that was so sweet of me and smiled at me in that way, giving me those big beautiful doe eyes. Doing the little things were always most important to us.

She wrote this to me: "Stars are twinkling back at your soul. There's so much to look forward to, so YOU smile". Then we made out and hugged as tight as we could. She followed me to the door like she did every day, gave me more kisses as I got to the door, and we said goodbye. While I was leaving on my moped, I noticed she wasn't in the window waving to me and blowing me kisses like she usually did. I think maybe she had a lot of stuff to do online that day. I told her she had been working way too hard lately, and she needed to take a few days off. She agreed. I'm pretty certain that working so hard on the internet and tweeking through computer code and web pages all the time led to her epilepsy coming back.

After I got to work, I noticed I forgot my comb. My hair was a mess, and I know you might say "So what" but I have to park cars for Senators and other politicians and I can't look like shit. I texted Jessica complaining about it. She reassured me saying "Aw, it'll be dark outside soon honey and no one will notice" and I said yea, I can deal with it , but being the sweetheart that she was, she felt sorry for me and offered to bring me a comb. She wanted to come visit me anyway because we missed each other so bad when we weren't together. I told her "That would be so awesome of you honey!" She needed to get out of the house too, and that little angel LOVED to ride her moped. I was so proud of her when she learned to ride, and she was so damn CUTE on that thing! Jessica worked so hard, she was cooped up in this house for 10 or more hours a day just working and keeping the animals in line. I talked to her for a few minutes on the phone before she left, being all sweet at each other, and we said I love you, and the last thing I heard her beautiful voice say was "See you in a half hour!"

I started getting worried after an hour. I called her and called her wondering why she wasn't answering. I called Ben to see if he had talked to her since. He said no. Immediately I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and I started crying and hyperventillating. I told Ben I felt something was really wrong, and I needed to call the Nashville PD to find out if there were any accidents. Yes, there was an accident involving a pink moped on Nolensville Rd. I dropped what I was doing and sped away to the hospital. Turned out she had left her phone at home.

When I got into the ICU, Jessica knew I had made it and she tried to sit up. They said they had to induce a medical coma because she was thrashing around too much. Didn't stop her from letting me know she knew I was there! I stayed with Jessica by her side the whole weekend. I did not eat a thing, I only went home to feed the animals and went right back to her. For awhile I was feeling positive she would make it. They did two craniotomies to relieve her brain swelling, to no avail. She died in my arms on Mother's Day 2009. They had to peel me off of her. I was yelling at the doctors telling them I didn't like how they treated me like I was so unimportant just because Jessica and I never got married on paper. We lived together for 10 years straight, we lived together from the moment we met! We felt it was none of the government's business that we were in love and wanted to be together forever. I left for awhile to calm down before her Dad got there.

I've talked to witnesses and they all say it looked like she had a blood sugar fit or maybe heart attack while she was riding, and fell unconscious smacking her head right on the road. She was wearing a helmet. Jessica ate healthy, so I know it wasn't a heart attack. A voice in my head said "seizure". She hadn't had one since she was a little girl, so we never worried about it. We assumed the acupuncture as a child had cured her epilepsy. Like I said, I'm certain that working so hard with her face in a computer screen contributed to it. She was a genius, she had 10 projects going and 1000 more in her head. We had a LOT of plans. We were going to start a hardcore band, create a comedy sketch show, we were going to sell soup from a cart downtown during the winter to all the office yuppies, she was writing a book(I've taken that over), she was painting pictures, she was re-training herself on the viola(she was trained as a child, as well as piano), she was going to get into interior design because she was so good at it. And the list goes on.

Jessica's closest loved ones watched as I swam with her ashes in Lake Superior on June 20, 2009. The 10 year anniversary of when Jessica gave me her virginity. Yes, we celebrated that too! It meant a lot to us. You know, Jessica was one of the most ladylike, wholesome girls you could ever meet, despite what she did for a living. She was never some porno whore getting fucked by a bunch of scumbags, we made our OWN porn! She despised sleaze, we always talked about how sex was pointless if you're not in love. We also talked about how gross it would be to kiss someone elses mouth or touch their genitals hahah eeewww!!!!

Anyway, her closest friends and I celebrated her life together, and she was there with us. We drank and carried on in her name like there was no tomorrow! I lit a candle on a stone outside the fire circle and it burned all night until the sun came up. And it was windy as hell that night.

June 17, 2009


I thought for a long time about what I would post but decided to just write and not prepare some speech. Jessica would wing it so I am going to as well. We started off hating each other. She accused me of copying her looks and profession. Neither were true but obviously this post isn't about me. We slowly worked our shit out and became friends. I am so glad to have known her and can't say how beyond happy I am that we were able to look past petty crap and form a fucking outstanding friendship. We both loved pink, tacos, dogs, shopping, and thinking about all the trips we were going to take together when the time was right.

I had to find out about her death via someone sending me a message on Yahoo. Awful! Just writing this is making me feel what I felt that day all over again. I'm going to break it down quickly because I just can't do this right now or probably any time. No time will be the right one. So here it is - I have been talking to her boyfriend and I'm making a site dedicated to her, her archived blog that will live on forever, a section for images/poems/writings that her admirers have sent to me, beautiful photos of her gorgeous self & soul, and few other things I'm in the middle of working on that will be known when I have them organized and ready to be put online. Fanfuckingtastic is what it's going to be. Fanfuckingtastic! A word JK would have approved of.

What I need is YOUR help! And FAST!

Create something!

Photos, poetry, writings, memories, graphics for the site which will have the words Legacy in it (I'm not sure of the colors but our girl liked black, purple, pink, and teal) but I'm not exactly sure where the word will go yet. I'm going to write all the HTML myself but banners, adorable animated GIFs, anything your creative head can think of - send it my way! Send all your amazing creations to (I totally can't figure out how to create mail links using Blogger, sorry. Just copy and paste the e-mail addresses into your e-mail program.)

Thank you Joseph for coming up with the domain ideas, keeping the blog online and letting me archive it. Thank you for letting me create the new site and keep her amazing works online. I know she would want it online so she can live on forever. She would love the attention and we all know it!

Love your dear friend -! (LIPZ) (inside joke...) *Sends Jessie some cereal and blood orange juice* *Sends JK a seven and seven*! That's better my love isn't it? :)

Remember! - send everything there!

May 5, 2009



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May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Lesley Gore !!!!!


April 30, 2009

It just gets better and better.... clap your hands and slap your dick, it's the debut of JESSIEKITTYSHOPPE.COM!

Not only is this store simply cool, hot, and righteous... it means now I'm fucking INDEPENDENT!!! No more splitting your money with some fucking company... it's all for ME now, bitches! Just how I want it... just how you want it. Payment options, currently, are niteflirt & mastercard (through ccbill). I'm working on getting my visa approval. Yes. Fucking excellent. You will blow all your money there, and you will love it. JessieKitty Shoppe is your new reason for living. What a gift I'm giving my boys.. life is so much more fun when you have a hobby. *smirk*

This wouldn't have been possible without the generous help & impressive skills of the divine MZ DEVON!!! She's my new favorite entity! (yes, entity, because she's supernatural bitches).


JessieKittyLand = Paradise.

My gorgeous new moped has arrived!!


100_2894 100_2893

If you see a hot blond zoom past you on pink lightening... it just might be ME! *hehe* ..I've been having so much FUN riding it.. it is perfection. But.. now that me and my boyfriend no longer travel on four wheels... shopping trips are a hassle. That's why I made my amazon grocery wishlist... so you lovely fucks can do the heavy lifting FOR me ;> Also, I just had one of my boy toys foot the bill for a new water service. This monday they'll come install the cooler/dispenser and deliver my first 20 gallons of water. (20 fucking gallons? hahaha I hope I can make room in my storage space for all those jugs)!

Anyway... I'll be a little foofoo now and post pics of some of the food items that have come... along with other awesome wishlist shit. (much of which has been purchased by my newest DIRTYBOY toy, good job perv):

100_2911 100_2848





(two new pairs of Dior's ... mmmmm I'm addicted!!!)!



(fuck riding to the store every two days to buy paper towel. YOU buy it for me).

100_2842 100_2843

mmmm soy crisps!



how I love Wolfgang Puck!


that tivo is beyond fucking righteous. I have it hooked up to the internet, therefor it's connected to my netflix and amazon accounts.. which means endless entertainment! I shut off my cable, no need for that now!

There have been lots of other gifts sent, but I only feel motivated to take pics when they arrive in giant loads, like that. My DIRTYBOY also just made my fucking month by buying me A DRUM SET!!!!!!!!! I'll be taking LOTS of pics when it arrives. *scream* be a good JessieKittyFool and continue to please me: wishlist now!

p.s. .... hahaha @ the way my silly little animals end up with their tails in all my pics!

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April 24, 2009

Big news! I have a new website for all of your JessieKitty content needs! Visit now:

April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to living legend, John Waters!


I sent him some fan mail today *hehe*. Snail mail, of COURSE!

April 20, 2009

hehehehe @ the british boy I'm playing with right now:


he likes to buy me stuff from my uk amazon list (which is available for any of you little maestro card users).


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it's a paolo conte kind of morning in JessieKittyLand

my new scooter is coming today!!!! I'm not looking forward to putting it together... but I'm looking forward to everything after that's done ;>