May 29, 2008

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May 28, 2008

New blowjob video!!! Available in my store...

newbedblowjob gif

In this one, Joe cums on my panties and bum, after I whack and suck his dick.... and balls! god.

There's also gonna be a photo set available in my pic store, probably within a week. Here's a sneakedy preview heh


Fuckin nasty! *smile*

So ... I hurt my foot really bad scootering a week or so ago. I was doing little tricks in the laundromat parking lot, in THONG SANDALS... what a moron! I wont torture you by posting the pictures. It sucks though dude... I'm bored. I wanna go run around and play badminton. Heal!


I've got two naughty auctions going on ebanned, click here to see them. (you must be signed in)

look at my pit hair hahaha! ... I shaved it yesterday though.



May 27, 2008

I've got a new obsession. Vintage pictures of sailors. Handsome, fit, uniformed...*sigh*

I've been scouring flickr finding all the best the site has to offer. I'm collecting pictures like x rated trading cards.

People upload these old pics of their beloved relatives.... little do they know I'm molesting the photographs with my eyes, deciding who I'd fuck and who I wouldnt. Mine, now!


the pink x means I want to bang them (the guys without a pink x WOULD be allowed to watch):


they're dead.... yet I want them.... it's strangely delicious.


It's great to be a perverted slut... I'd be very lonely without my filthy thoughts. Anyone with any really good pics (like vintage NUDE military men!!!!!) should send them to me, at ....I also want to see pictures of hot men in soccer uniforms.

May 26, 2008

I'm so PUMPED about the cd that a lovely guy just bought me (from my main amazon wishlist), BILLY FURY - THE ONE AND ONLY! Yes, a billy fury greatest hits album *scream*

billy fury - one and only

billy fury - nothing shaking

billy furybilly fury and elvis presley (blue stone!)

billy fury
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Look at my yummy friend Nico, from Milan..

nico revolted

that is such a goood picture of him... FUN. Send me to Italy! I love me some daego skins! hehehe

May 22, 2008

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by the way... any of you people who're talented at graphics and such, Id realllly love to have this 'game' set up with cool pictures so it looks like a slot machine. or some other kind of cool gamblingness. Id like the colors to be pink aqua white and tan..

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May 17, 2008

I worked my ass off today. I fucking ripped out all the stupid nasty old caulky grout shit on my sink console in the bathroom, and put another coat of paint on the bathroom walls too! It was hellish, but well worth it.

I also went and started a tanning membership. I got the more expensive one because it featured the stand up tanning booths. I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You have music and fans blasting in on you, everything is bright and insane, and you hold on to these two bars on each side of the booth you're in, and it feels so hedonistic and sexy and bad, it is HEAVEN. You should try it.

Also, Joe and I scootered all over our neighborhood and made some new fetish videos. It was a full, lovely day. And now, in a few minutes, I'm going to be eating the fucking ROAST TURKEY DINNER that Joe is preparing. Yay yay yayaya!

Check it out, I painted my desk and computer chair. Don't be too judgemental, I wasn't going for perfection!



Yesterday we cleaned out the kitchen hardcore, including putting contact paper down in the cupboards! I'm going to do that in the bathroom tomorrow....


I'm fucking tired....

May 15, 2008

Trailer Park Boys

Now this is some serious righteousness, this show / these people..

Trailer Park Boys

This show is sooo funny, and sooo charming!

Sunnyvale Trailer Park

I must admit, I'm very very fond of Bubbles.


May 13, 2008


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