August 28, 2008

Im finally done painting arranging and photographing my new apartment. I really really enjoyed myself ;) I listened to The Tymes, Gene Pitney, The Coasters, and The Four Aces while I did all of this. click here to see the pics. (you must be signed into flickr, which is free. ...too lazy? then click here to see smaller versions on

August 23, 2008

In general I'm too interested in myself to notice other chicks online... but there's this one girlie who really catches my eye. She's a cohort of mine from the 'spoiled bitches who get what they want' scene. We've talked a bit, and given eachother a nod. I've poured over her shit, and in my eyes she can do no wrong... it's Tierra, from ..she gets the JessieKitty seal of approval, this is one who knows what she's doing and succeeds. Yummy.


August 21, 2008

[20:06] jessiekittycom: its not natural
[20:06] jessiekittycom: its strange
[20:07] jessiekittycom: all these different people
[20:07] jessiekittycom: they all want me to KNOW them
[20:07] jessiekittycom: they all want me to .. know who they are
[20:07] jessiekittycom: Im only one person

August 20, 2008

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August 18, 2008

this is my mojo spot. its especially delicious in early morning. I take pictures of it because I love it.

oh shit! ROSEANNE just said some righteousness!

check out this statement, and open letter to Jon Voight and *ugh* Angelina Jolie in her blog:

"John Voight

is a frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu, who acts like Obama just wandered in from the rain forest with a bone thru his nose and a communist pamphlet in his loincloth. The neocons who own jon voight and make him dance on the chabad telethons are the worst most elitist people on earth. glen beck and jon voight are their bitches... both of them are used tampons who must be flushed down the toilet immediately!

jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more. (just sayin').

Also miss jolie says she likes mccain too and hasn't decided who to endorse....huh? Aren't you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the african daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the republican party's worldwide economic assault on africa over the last few decades since reagan? whaaaa...??????!!!! (for that matter, the thai and vietnamese sons you are photo'd with weekly too!!!? who's pictures you sell to raise money to help the poor? Their families are victims of America's right wing military incursions too. Mccain wants to continue with the idea of war for profit...the americans are over that thinking now! They have drugged our troops and lower classes into supporting their oil business atrocities for long enough. We want to save not lose our souls thank you. Now go back to making your movies about women who love to handle big guns that shoot hundreds of people to death. might be good for your asian and african children's self esteem to know you support a brown man for the leader of the free world.)"

Now...I don't hold faith in the democratic party, I don't hold faith in any people in power in general, because I think they're all sick dirty bitches, perverted by the position they are in, even if they dont know it...but that is some TRUTHY shit the always fun Roseanne is giving!

I actively hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I will feed into the contrived and intentional media frenzy and say " TEAM ANISTON " .. mmk?

August 17, 2008

visit my forum to see horrible nightmarish nasty shit that I do with my submissive followers. (normal guys need not fear such treatment) sample:

screen captures from my psycho beach party session with scum bunny




and mmmmmm.... yummy little dumb tramps! BOY TOY! submissive skinhead sex slave for JESSIEKITTY!!!! *grin*

This one is bleeding his bank account dry kissing my ass and ... basically just giving himself over to me ME ME.

You can look forward to lots of hot nasty shit, with this boy, cause he gives me a boner and I'm gonna get lots of pleasure and money out of him. I just wanna sit on his young little face! He's only 18... Im such a sick perv! hehe I can't wait to dress him up in hot little outfits... my little skinhead boy doll. fun.

skinheadslut1 skinheadslut2

skinheadslut3 skinheadslut4

I had him cum on the sign, evidence!


I just found out, my very first girlfriend who I dated for two seconds and only ever made out with when I was 16... is fucking... getting... a penis.

My first girlfriend... who's name is also Jessie (spelled Jesse) already halfway to being a man. Tits removed and on the hormones for a year.

Blasts from the past are crazy!!!!
new video in my store!

new auctions, including one for slutty used heels oooo:


and oh my god... some guy has been calling me on niteflirt all
morning. he's some rich arab dude going to school in the usa, and at
first he was acting all submissive and weird... he kissed my ass,
begged me like an idiot... barked like a dog and snorted like a pig.
..opened a giant overpriced payment mail I sent him... ect.

..and then ..he started getting abusive and weird yelling at me that I
was a whore and a slut and all this shit.. then he starts calling back
apologizing but acting smug.

all of a sudden he's calling me sweetie and condescending to me and
being all strange. he said 'dont you call YOURSELF a whore and a slut?
..I said sure, but not in a mean way *smile ..he's yarbling all this
dumb cocky shit (he's 22 years old by the way, I was domming him
all evil and bitchy calling him a filthy little arab bitch.. he
was loving it and begging for more) ..He starts
trying to tell me that 'girls like being treated badly' and Im
laughing at his ass and saying a bunch of fucked up shit. all of a
sudden he says 'my girlfriend could kick your ass' hahaha!...and me.. I
said 'oh yea, is she a dirty brown monkey like you' hmhm, he repeated
what I said and started laughing sarcastically.. me and Joe made rude
sounds into the phone, and hung up. He called me a white bimbo who's
job it is to sniff his balls. I think he's finally gonna stay away.

he spent like 400 bucks to act like an idiot on my telephone.
;> very fucking entertaining, I can't stop grinning. In closing
I'd like to say I have lots of interest in, and respect for the
history and great contributions that our Arabian friends have
bestowed upon our reality, and my joyful eagerness to participate
in the strange racist aspects of our anti social little exchange
is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone who may have read
this. god that was fun.

August 15, 2008

My fans (and submissives) are always doing amazing things for me.... I've received huge tributes, and astounding gifts before... but something has been purchased from my wishlist that has me REALLLLY excited. A 32 inch flat screen hdtv!!!! HURRAY! Joe is SO excited! This is really fucking great, because before the tv was purchased, and before I moved, my boys bought me an entire new livingroom set. So this television is really the icing on the cake. I love it.

You can see pictures of the purchased items, and pictures of me receiving them... and read more about the TONS and TONS of awesome gifts I get from my guys in my wishlist blog ;> Shop for me on my amazon wishlist. (I'm also really excited about the Viola someone bought me, I used to play and I want to get back into it wee!)

August 13, 2008

A few days ago a nasty drunk mexican came up to Joe while Joe was walking Vincent, and was mumbling weird shit and trying to grab Joe's shirt. Joe jumped back and the mexican stood there with crossed eyes speaking insane drunk talk, and our chihuahua Vincent fucking PISSED ON HIS LEG. The fucking idiot was too wasted to even notice.

Well. ....last night... the same sickening fucking drunken illegal alien TRIED TO BREAK INTO MY APARTMENT. He was jiggling the door handle, slapping his body against the door, and trying to shove some kind of instrument into the door frame. We called security, obviously. We haven't found out what happened yet.

I'm all freaked out. Someone tried to break into my fucking apartment. *pant* WTF???

August 12, 2008

finally getting shit in order in my new apartment... here you can see a sneak preview of the art I did on my bedroom wall ;>

08-10-2008 11-56-0208-10-2008 11-57-06
08-10-2008 12-00-1308-10-2008 12-06-41
08-10-2008 12-07-0008-10-2008 12-03-18
08-10-2008 12-03-08
time for me to babble! JessieKitty - Veteran Domme!

As most of you know, I have been present in the 'online & real time bdsm' scene for 8 years now. I think that earns me the right to proclaim myself a veteran! There are a few things I would like to express. I never make these kind of blog posts, so dont fear any theatrical idiocy.

I am responsible for many of the 'camgirl to domme' crossovers. This is a fact. No one can deny it. Is this a good thing? Hmm... It's always irritating to be immitated. It's always an eye roller to watch them start trying to take on a new 'domme' persona... they all start repeating the same stupid cliche 'money slave' phrases, like a bunch of clucking chickens. Also, their lack of experience and validity somehow seems to make way for growing numbers of SUBMISSIVES who are lacking, as well. .... when I see these loser lists... it's amusing. Half of the guys they are calling out are men who have served me, and spent lots of money on me... so obviously its the chick who's failing. Most of these girls end up disapearing after a short amount of time. Not all, of course.

I am a pro domme, and a pro camgirl. I am a pro 'internet personality'. I do not put one before the other. My boyfriend is not submissive, we pro dom together, we do real time sessions together and its great.... but I consider real time 'sugar daddy spoiling' dates just as MUCH fun. ...I remember when people on the 'camgirl' sites I broadcast on started noticing what I do with my submissives... People weren't used to it at all. They made fun of me, acted shocked, it was contravercial to the max. ...and then slowly... little girls started trying to follow my lead. In fact, many contacted me, attempting to obtain my guidance in becoming 'more like jessiekitty'. Obviously I ignored that shit, why the fuck would I help a bitch copy me?

No one helped me.... because I didn't need help. I'm not putting on an act to 'make money'. I am succesful at what I do because I am being natural, I am what my submissives are looking for. I am what the horny guys who buy my cam time, pictures, and videos are looking for. I am real. How did it all begin for me? I got a computer as a teenager... men were drooling over me, offering to send me money, offering to buy me gifts, falling in love with me, period. It was inevitable that I started charging money for my time. ...and who says no to free presents? duh!

As time has gone by I have become more and more popular, on and OFFline. I have graced album and magazine covers, I have been REVIEWED in many 'zines from all over the world!..I've been a featured model on too many sites to count, and am considered one of the O.G.'s on many pornographic websites. I'm also well known on all of the most popular webcam sites. I am a fabulous and familiar face on all of the social networking sites. And just recently, I've been published as a case study in a college book about feminism, activism, and subcultures.

My own idols kiss my ass! Music is very very important to me, and as I place myself in a 'scene' that I adore, all of the alpha dogs and hot guys n' girls from the suavest bands gravitate towards me, and give me their approval and friendship. What is my point here? My point is that I'm fucking awesome. I am the best. I win. Kiss it.

August 9, 2008

With all of the moving and drama and excitement, I have gotten drastically far behind on my picture posting. So here is a mishmosh of shit, from over the past month:

joe making a delicious veggie sub

my favorite perfumes, cause Im a dork

my cat, roy orbison, hard at work on

random shots of half packed boxes that I found sexy


my cat eira, presiding

as I was packing, I took photographs of my photographs of my beloveds, here we have ben and jordan, the cherubs. (I've known ben longer than anyone else in my life!)

here are my pictures of my adopted mother, who passed on to the next level of conciousness four years ago.. thats me with an orange mohawk kissing her cheek. we were in a photobooth in uptown minneapolis..

me painting the accent walls in the old apt. I will never do a color that dark again..I was listening to Gene Pitney

taking all the shit off the walls...

when we finally reached a solution for where we were going to move, we got smokey and went out to dinner at red lobster (naughty animal eating! but mmm it was good..) ..I was excited about my eyeshadow matching my dress. *der*














100_0353 was painful to have to paint over my lovely red kitchen with dumbass white paint.. so we tried to make it fun..


because of all this shiteous moving.. I haven't been to the beach in almost two weeks... depressing!


...maybe I should wake joe up and go there right now! hmm...