February 29, 2008

I've been taking a bunch of hot ass pics lately, which you can buy in my pic store, here's some samples from a recent set:

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Lots of new shit in my video store as well. (feel free to email me with requests)

I've been getting lots of awesome gifts from my fans and slaves lately, you can read more about it in my wishlist blog


I've got lots of auctions going on my ebanned page, so get bidding! and remember, I do direct sales, so just email me making an offer $$$ for whatever kind of personal item you'd like me to send you in the mail.

haha look at this fuckin loser who paid to degrade himself for me ;> you can in my forum

footie freaks, feel free to drool over this cell phone vid of my boyfriend shoving my feet in his mouth:

righteous, I now have a VOICE BLOG! Listen now! (for future referance you'll always be able to listen on this page, because a mini player for this voice blog is now located on the right hand side link list):

(you click the play button to hear my latest entry, then click the back button |<< to go to the previous entry, repeat each time to hear all my recordings)

February 28, 2008

this will blow your mind! Have you ever wanted to STAR as a perverted dirty filthy little fucking WHORE on my websites??? Now's your chance! A pair of my fucking delicious panties is included, and will be worn and mailed to you directly after you pay.

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02-22-2008 15-56-0902-22-2008 16-00-3302-22-2008 16-06-11

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February 26, 2008

there's horrible unrighteousness going on in my house as of late. I'm in total horror. I'm looking to the beach boys for comfort, and I think you better motherfucking listen to these songs with me.

its very beautiful to live in pretend happy land. I remember when I was a little kid and living in southern california, and it was night time, and I was in the back seat daydreaming at the stars and my mom was driving, and it was before she was all weird and anti music... she had the radio on, and it was the beach boys, and Im trying to transport back there now.
FUCK YEA look at all the hot wishlist items that came yesterday!


read about all the stuff I want, and get, from my slaves and admirers in my wishlist blog!

February 24, 2008

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon and evening out partying. Really really fucking hard. For my birthday. I'm now TWENTY SEVEN!!!!! ah, but I look 20. *smile* ...the evening was insane, we were all over town going to bars and shops and things... The place we ended up was cool, really friendly. We were the stars of the bar, every guy in there was going insane for me. I was wearing a fishnet body stocking and a micro mini skirt. *smile* My lovely new sourpuss lightning bolt skirt that some awesome fucker bought me from my wishlist. I actually took a video with my phone when we were on our way out, getting money at the bank, so watch it!

Here are some pics I took with my phone in the beginning of the fun fun, you can see more cell phone pics in my mobile flickr album.


Lots of crazy shit happened with the other patrons, some guy left all angry because his girlfriend was hitting on me, some weirdo tried to get Joe and I to bring him home with us (yea right). On the way home we went to the grocery store and I bought lots of strange shit, including tons of booze, bunny ears, and potato salad haha!


When we got home we fucked like insane people. I like scatched and hit Joe all over, and he fucked my face so hard I literally PUKED BOOZE ON HIS FUCKING DICK ahahah. I took a video after that happened because I was blacked out drunk and I'm insane. Watch it **WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY DRUNK AND SLURRY AND GROSS, IM A DEGENERATE!***:

this is a pic of me from just now. allll tore up after a fucking crazy insane perfect orgy-tastic night:


I'm really happy that these great presents from my fans arrived ON my birthday!:


pics from the other day, and I'm sure you've noticed I dyed my blonde highlights BLUE (click the pics to see them full size):

02-21-2008 16-43-0002-21-2008 16-46-1102-21-2008 16-48-0402-21-2008 16-48-3702-21-2008 16-51-0402-21-2008 16-52-5302-21-2008 16-56-0302-21-2008 17-03-5702-21-2008 17-07-4402-21-2008 17-10-4502-21-2008 17-10-4602-21-2008 17-12-0702-21-2008 17-14-5302-21-2008 17-16-2902-21-2008 17-13-25