August 31, 2005

I'm so cool for drinking white russians whilst I watch the big lebowski:

Me and my new Iowa friend London:

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August 29, 2005

yyyyea Ive been back in the midwest for exactly a year today or something. I've now gone into DO OR DIE mode, and we're smashing our heads into getting to NY by oct 1st. Mmmhm.

Naturally these feelings of distemper lead me to ANTISEEN.COM

please witness the fabulousness, these are some of my fav pics from their site album:


I was actually listening to LIMECELL while I was browsing. Mm. I don't know if that site I just linked is any good or not...Im fucking out of it and thats the first limecell link I could find since the fucking confederacy of scum site is down, and so is

August 28, 2005

Iowa is getting old mucho rapido. I think I need to go back to new york. Now.

August 27, 2005

JessieKitty Live Cam:

WELL. I've obviousley been mucho busy, as you can see too busy to update my blog. I've really been in a haze of partying like hardcore. I went to some wierd beer festival in some dipshit little iowa town called Rock Falls. I got all hoochie with my ass dancing and funky wiggers tried to hit on me. Ha.

I cut my hair again!!!! Super angular bob. If you dont like it, why dont you consider the fact that *color treated hair needs to be trimmed a lot or it gets all skanky*, right before you kill yourself. ...oooo I got my fucking HAT and BOOTS!!! (if you chill with me on yahoo you'll have seen the status messages demanding a few iowa inspired clothing items) yay.

Here's some recent pics (my hair is GREEN and black, the cam just wont show it):

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(allthough I really don't think of myself as a 'Mistress' ...I'm a bratty Princess dammit ;>)

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NASTY FOOT SESSION (from a few days ago)!

I'm more of a thigh high girl, but you should check this shit out:

Degradation.Org x NaturalBornBitch.Com

there's a free clip at each of these sites:

I've been doing some live cam on camcontacts this week *weeeeee*....also updating in my cambang members section, don't forget, I've uploaded some righteous music there, so go have a lookie. ...I've also had my phone lines on, you can find info about that here: (last night I had entertaining occurances with a dude from alaska, heheh)

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Im loving it when I have slaves from other countries... there's more potential for me actually being interested in them. American slaves are chill though too...

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August 12, 2005

Helllooooo fans and followers!

The move is complete, YAY!!!!!

There's a lot I've got to tell...but I'm on pills and vodka...and feeling totally flaky, so I'll write more later, and just post some picys now.

first of all, I've been playing nasty little games with a german boy who likes to send me dinero:

here's a pic I just took of myself, all fucked up and freshly green haired:

JessieKitty's Cam Archive
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here's a pic of some half made yager bombs from the other night:

here's a pic that got snapped while I was setting up my new room (I painted those white shelves gold), gosh I love my orange walls and crime scene style of decorating!!!! :

I'll have many more cuter pics of my room to post after today, and believe it or not I chose to keep those fucked up warehouse looking wooden floors. I like it, it's sleazey and dark.

here's my roommate ben doing a beer bong, with some freaky friends in the back:

here's some packing and riding in the uhaul picys (whats better the blue, or the green I have now? I think the green is more fun...):

August 3, 2005

Well babes...I'm getting myself pumped and ready to go pick up the fucking uhaul and trailor and whatnot. The fucking morons are making me drive thirty miles away to get the fucking truck, and then to ANOTHER town to get the car tow. What fucking lazy cows right? They can't drive their own vehicles to the appropriate location??? Ugh. Whatever.

I just switched my cell coverage...I should be getting dressed and leaving now...but I wake and baked and I'm watching Beverly Hills Cop 3 ...and feeling unmotivated. Eat me, while I eat some quick pills.

I've taken some pics of the moving...will be taking more. You'll see em once I have internet access in my new place. Ciao bitches, cry while I'm gone....and buy me shit and send me money while I'm gone, hm.

UPDATE: took two hours to do all the uhaul bullshit. The seperate place I had to go to get the car towing thing was out in the middle of nowhere, it was all sandy and rock and dirt...and it was this big greasy warehouse, featuring a nice old lady, an old really retro looking white haired grease monkey dude who looked welsh...a greasy middle aged dude with a beautiful dog that followed him around (who I had a brief love affair with)...and all this constructiony car movie uhauly greasy metal parts and things cluttered everywhere in the office. It was very surreal and righteous yo.