December 29, 2004

I got a RIGHTEOUS videogame for gamecube (paper mario) from my lovely boy HIDDEN today, woooo! ;> *runs to play it*

I need these shoes bad man...well...I guess they're officially boots, but whatever. I can tell they'll look a lot better ON, than in the pic. They'd be fucking PERFECT with a little black dress. Who's gonna buy em for me mm? I wear a size nine in shoes, I invite all foot pervs to send me *new* beautiful shoes in 9 to my PO BOX *smile*

I redid my slave page ;>

December 27, 2004

look, someone made an emaciated cartoon logo of me, its pretty cool :> thanks to

Jessica is the #26 most common female name.
0.49% of females in the US are named Jessica.
Around 624750 US females are named Jessica!

as always, depressed that my boys left. *sigh* a bunch of wonky shit went down today, involving people going to mn and spreading strange rumors about me that angered my friends. *scream*

go send someone some VirtualCrack

December 24, 2004

waiting for everyone to get here....BORING! I'm about to start drinking....even though I vowed to wait for the arrivals. BLARG!!!!! my cam for xmas picyssss!!!!

December 23, 2004

thinking of last minute xmas shopping for Miss Jessie? HERE ARE YOUR OPTIONS (an email gift certificate would certainly arrive by xmas morning *smooch*)

someone on myspace pretending to be jessiekitty! ooooo! the dink is calling themself 'Jill' if:

I suspect this person of being an accomplice, if not they're just stupid or something:

and here's some screen shots in case they delete it right away, since Im harrassing them:

someone should contact "Jill" and try to get "Her" email for me *wicken grin*

gonna go xmas shopping in an hour or two, get it over with. oi oi oi!? What the fuck am I gonna WEAR for xmas? Hmmm.. something comfortable that I can sprawl in, yet it must be hot. *sigh* Skirt or pants...skirt or pants...*thinks REAL hard* hahaha!

I MUST MUST MUST not drink today so I can save myself for friday and saturday, my FAVORITE boys are coming to stay for the festivus season. Ben and Jordan. Mmmmm mm! I'd like to rant about whats going to take place, but I think I have to wait incase they're (YOURE) reading this. As per usual I'll probably be taking pics of us partying, so look for that ;> Basically every xmas eve/day we get majorly plowed and have a little rave in my livingroom. The catch being the "xmas" music we're bumping into eachother and howling along with is always deeelite and other dance shit, and this same mix cd I made (entitled hippie shit) with the zombies, the rolling stones, blue oyster cult, and the animals, and fuckin AMERICA and shit on it. Hahahahaha!

I don't know, its a me and Ben thing, we were always into shit no one else we knew were down with when we lived in minneapolis together. (when we were at the hight of our party going, hence the 'rave' aspect that's become part of the tradition of our xmas's) ...Ben and I have spent every xmas together for like the last five years or something. We light way too many candles, way too much incense, way too much sage, and WAY too much weed. Then as I said we kind of mill around all drunk dancing to the hippie shit waving sage around and blurting out how much we love eachother, while trying not to knock over the xmas tree or trample the presents. *smiles happily* See we get REALLY loopy. (they might have SHROOMS with them this year, *humps the air*) Sexyyyy.

(also as usual Joe (father christmas) the master chef will be making a splendiferous spread for xmas dinner, I'm in charge of the vegetable n cheese tray, I love the fact that my responsabilities in life as a whole are so small and far between, woo!)

Speaking of minneapolis, we're discussing picking up and moving back there. My lovely (only) female friend Andrea is planning on moving back there soon, I know the place, have lived and partied there happily for many a stretch of time, and its only like an hour and a half away or something, instead of the two or three days drive it is to my real home, the east coast....*sigh* *sad* ...anyway I thought I was going to just stick it out being stuck out in hick land but with each passing day I realize how unrealistic it is for me to try to stay here, no matter how much money Im saving.

But then I have this 'stop being a wuss' voice in my head telling me to save tons of money and be a tuff guy so I can move realllly comfortably. Shut up voice!!!!! No wait don't shut up, you're right, fuck paying rent, if I'm throwing six or seven hundred bucks a month into the mouth of the beast it needs to be a HOUSE payment. Not rent. *repeats this to self for its thereputic purposes*

December 22, 2004

make me fan signs & email them to me ;> this individual gets the hottest hair on my friend list award:

check out some pretty righteous new fan pics from a horror boy in my Yahoo Group.

Fetish Top 500

now im gonna smoke a bowl and watch family guy and try to fall back asleep, oi. Thanks to all the people who've sent me snail mail, my replys went out yesterday *smooch*

December 21, 2004

too much vod last night oi! I don't remember my conversations...*frown* oh well, surely I kicked ass.

I must have this jacket ..and I wouldn't mind these slippers eheheh :D still time to rush me shit for xmas to my po box!

I swear Im haunted by that frog under my skin dream. That shit was just so fucked up dude. *whimper* ...this dude I know henri was in the dream too...I forgot to mention that. He's an engineer or something.

Im so fucking sick of people asking me how I am. "hey, how are you" "hi, wat up" "hows UR day going" .......allllll day people ask me how I am. Don't I make it clear enough that Im a miserable mean drunk fuckin junk yard kitty? Obviousley a wretched bastard like me doesn't want to be covered with puke in the form of niceties. Fucking IM me introducing yourself, or saying something interesting. Don't fucking ask me how I am. *punch* BLAR!

December 20, 2004

buy me stationary from my Amazon Wishlist - email me your address - receive snail mail from your favorite drunk punk brat! *wee*

December 19, 2004

last night I had a dream that FROGS burroughed under my skin and I had lumps on me. I kid you not. *whimper*

December 17, 2004

I had a righteous friday the 13th dream last night *woo* ...I was like seducing jason and killing him. hah!

December 16, 2004

I got mega blitzed last night, WHOA. Im massively hung over. My boyfriend fuckin drank some of my piss right out of my cunt yesterday and then made me kiss him *eheheheheh* :D

Last night was crazy... and thank god, I had a GREAT time. Partied with some awesome peoples at the bar, and then one lovely gent hooked me up with some weeed mrawr! ...good thing too, considering how hung over I am. Ouch. At least I know today will kick ass. Don't let me drink though. I fuckin did like seven shots of sailor jerry rum on cam, and then ran out and plowed down a bunch of long islands. And I forgot to eat. *weak limp wristed drools*

Im listening to my new INDIGO SWING cd, thanks token! I LOVE this cd (all aboard) ..check out Indigo Swing, people.

December 14, 2004

yesterday was utter hell. got ripped off for weed and spun out into a ditch smashing the back of my car. *sigh*

so lets laugh at some pervs in the hopes of feeling better:1x2x3x4

December 12, 2004

FIVE more days left for FREE SHIPPING @ here's my Amazon Wishlist ...get me xmas presents! I just added some lovely corsets and lingerie outfits n crap, woo!

I came twice last night *clap clap clap* If anyone wants any FEAR files from 'have another beer with fear' I can hook you up *smile*

I need more tattoos yo....lots more tattoos. I need to achieve how I reallly want to look...then I'll fuckin send photos in to Varla ..and other such righteous punk rock/mody mod/music/pin up mags. Speaking of varla....I'd really really REALLY like a VARLA tank top. You can buy me one HERE ...and then have it shipped to my p.o. box ;>


266 ELMWOOD AVE #167

I can't believe the way people drive's fuckin sick...someone can be a mile behind you and they'll fuckin speed up to tailgate you. I fucking hate this hick bullshit man....hicks and fuckin airhead vacationing yups. *vomit*


December 11, 2004

VividCams - Top Cam Girls and Archive xx Amatuer Toplist

(jessiekitty is) AQUA:
You enjoy life, humor, and being exuberant. Wherever you go you usually find yourself stealing the spotlight without even trying. You love to let go and have fun.
Find out your color at Quiz Me!

OH MY GAWD! Someone just puked up an ooold pic of me from when I was like 16 and had just cut off my mohawk, was wearing no make up, and from the looks of it was ON something:


December 9, 2004

Why is there no Billy Idol box set? If you know of one, point me to it. *stomps feet*

OH MY FUCKING GAWD. You have GOT to see THIS ....hahahahah omg omg hahahah BLARG! check out this page that breast implant infected? ...and someone needs to shave that first chick. ouch.

What type of hockey player are you?

Personality Test Results
Finesse:You have a crafty skill, and you avoid physical play with your slick moves and speed. Everything you do is flashy and clean.

D's questions, my awnsers:

1. What is your greatest source of inspiration?

2. What is the greatest album ever recorded?
David Bowie, as a whole.

3. What is the greatest book ever written?
Right now, I'll say John Waters "Crackpot" ...but thats right now.

4. What is your most prized possession?
My hair.

5. What is the key to happiness?
Intoxication, music, money, and fame.

hmm....kind of pointless since I'm supposed to give ONE awnser for each question...but whatever *shrug*

December 7, 2004

I fucking love D should love D too.

If you want to call me on my new phone line, im me and let me know.....all the info is here

Should I grow my hair long again, or keep it short? Awnser that poll in my Yahoo Group

*sigh* ...yea....boring boring night. mm. Someone sent me dawn of the dead, (the new one)...and I fucking love it. I usually hate remakes, and a million people will disagree with me, but I fucking loved it. Finally some zombies with full mobility. You know?

Which drunk are you? (I'm college girl drunk, the test says)

Woke up with billy idol all up in my head. *glad* ...Im trying desperatley to train myself to sleep later (quite sick of this waking up at 6am bullshit) ...I want a fuckin long island

My porn post/top list - theres a bunch of links to daily updating porn clips if youre a cheap wonky perv who cares about shit like that....

Stile Rank

singer of the band
demented are go!

December 6, 2004

gallery 1
gallery 2
gallery 3
gallery 4


picture 1:

picture 2
picture 3
picture 4

I'm drunk n high, that was funny. rock.

December 4, 2004

check out this silly shit between me and the dude who bought me those boots:

1 xx 2 xx 3 xx 4

*goes to put more blue in her hair*

December 1, 2004

Check me out @ Cam Crush

...more lovely mail from my online me if you think you're worthy of my address.

lets be a drunken little bitch and obsess over some appropriate sex pistols lyrics:

I’ve seen you in the mirror
When the story began
And I fell in love with you
I love yer mortal sin
Yer brains are locked away
But I love your company
I only ever leave you when you got no money
I got no emotions for anybody else
You better understand I’m in love with my self
My beautiful self

A no feelings a no feelings
A no feelings
For anybody else

Hello and goodbye in a run around sue
You follow me around like a pretty pot of glue
I kick you in the head you got nothing to say
Get out of the way ’cos I gotta get away
You never realise I take the piss out of you
You come up and see me and I’ll beat you black and blue
Okay I’ll send you away

I got no feelings a no feelings
No feelings for anybody else
Exept for my self my beautiful self dear

There ain’t no moonlight after midnight
I see you stupid people out looking for delight
Well I’m so happy I’m feeling so fine
I’m watching all the rubbish you’re wasting my time
I look around your house and there’s nothing to steal
I kick you in the brains when you get down to kneel
And pray you pray to your god

No feelings a no feelings
No feelings for anybody else
Exept for my self
Your daddy’s gone away
Be back another day
See his picture hanging on your wall