December 23, 2004

gonna go xmas shopping in an hour or two, get it over with. oi oi oi!? What the fuck am I gonna WEAR for xmas? Hmmm.. something comfortable that I can sprawl in, yet it must be hot. *sigh* Skirt or pants...skirt or pants...*thinks REAL hard* hahaha!

I MUST MUST MUST not drink today so I can save myself for friday and saturday, my FAVORITE boys are coming to stay for the festivus season. Ben and Jordan. Mmmmm mm! I'd like to rant about whats going to take place, but I think I have to wait incase they're (YOURE) reading this. As per usual I'll probably be taking pics of us partying, so look for that ;> Basically every xmas eve/day we get majorly plowed and have a little rave in my livingroom. The catch being the "xmas" music we're bumping into eachother and howling along with is always deeelite and other dance shit, and this same mix cd I made (entitled hippie shit) with the zombies, the rolling stones, blue oyster cult, and the animals, and fuckin AMERICA and shit on it. Hahahahaha!

I don't know, its a me and Ben thing, we were always into shit no one else we knew were down with when we lived in minneapolis together. (when we were at the hight of our party going, hence the 'rave' aspect that's become part of the tradition of our xmas's) ...Ben and I have spent every xmas together for like the last five years or something. We light way too many candles, way too much incense, way too much sage, and WAY too much weed. Then as I said we kind of mill around all drunk dancing to the hippie shit waving sage around and blurting out how much we love eachother, while trying not to knock over the xmas tree or trample the presents. *smiles happily* See we get REALLY loopy. (they might have SHROOMS with them this year, *humps the air*) Sexyyyy.

(also as usual Joe (father christmas) the master chef will be making a splendiferous spread for xmas dinner, I'm in charge of the vegetable n cheese tray, I love the fact that my responsabilities in life as a whole are so small and far between, woo!)

Speaking of minneapolis, we're discussing picking up and moving back there. My lovely (only) female friend Andrea is planning on moving back there soon, I know the place, have lived and partied there happily for many a stretch of time, and its only like an hour and a half away or something, instead of the two or three days drive it is to my real home, the east coast....*sigh* *sad* ...anyway I thought I was going to just stick it out being stuck out in hick land but with each passing day I realize how unrealistic it is for me to try to stay here, no matter how much money Im saving.

But then I have this 'stop being a wuss' voice in my head telling me to save tons of money and be a tuff guy so I can move realllly comfortably. Shut up voice!!!!! No wait don't shut up, you're right, fuck paying rent, if I'm throwing six or seven hundred bucks a month into the mouth of the beast it needs to be a HOUSE payment. Not rent. *repeats this to self for its thereputic purposes*

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