July 31, 2007

look at this fucking awesome gif babydolly made of me!


when Im feeling down, I get me some Verka Serduchka....Star of the Ukranian dance scene... and excellent drag queen in general. Watch both of these videos in full, now. I dare you to defy me. www.serduchka.com


ya popala na lubov

July 30, 2007

Jesus... I'm trying to watch 'texas chainsaw massacre' because Joe's put it on the tv. I'm a fucking afficionado of horror films.. but when I saw this one in my younger days it scared the god damn shit out of me and I refused to watch it again. Maybe now it'll be nothing and I'll feel like a big tuffie... or maybe my toes will curl and I'll shove my face in his armpit and cry. Either way, it aughtta be fun. *eek* We just got done eating the YUMMMY vegetable stir fry he made....time for smokey smokey <3

Ive FINALLY fucking got shit in order with my image store. Ive uploaded six new pic sets today, archives of my live webcam time. Lots of hotness in there, check it out! My Pic Store ... there's a new video up too, me and Joe FUCKING! But! Our bodys arent on screen. Only our feet and legs and bums. *hehe, tease* He eats me, we take turns being on top, and we CUM, rar! My Video Store

07-24-2007 15-09-1907-24-2007 15-09-34
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dig my sexy new tiki mask

more suaveness from KAL
OutLaw_Jessie_Wales kittycom

I updated the front page, the main page, pic n vid, and bio pages of my site, fyi. I fucking dumbed down shit as much as I possibley could, I'm trying hard to lay things out nice n 'simple'.. .because EVERY day people email me and send me messages telling me they 'got lost' on my site or 'cant find' things. I think they're just being stupid, but whatever. When I read back the text on my pic page I totally hear myself talking in a condescending 'can you understand me now, billy?' voice, cause Im so frusterated with people and their poor reading comprehension. Oi. It's shocking how stupid everyone is. I left school and got my g.e.d. when I was fucking sixteen, and there are college graduates who think I'm being condescending when I 'use big words'. Fucking christ.

July 29, 2007

these guys (tennessippi) just added me on myspace...watch the chicken kickin video. I like it.

theres always time for the hotness that is billy idol. especially when he's singing about ME! *MORE MORE MORE*


July 28, 2007

New video uploaded! Another one for my foot fetish babes. Me painting my toenails and singing and being adorable. It's longer than usual by the way... You can browse my vids here. *smirk* I'd like to report the fact that.. that hiccup video I made... I'm charging a lot for it, 22 bucks (thats as much as the company will let me charge).. anyway. It'd sold 8 times since I uploaded it last night. Guys from all over the globe are buying it and emailing me telling me I'm their fucking ultimate sex toy. Mmmhmhmhm. I need to get the hiccups more often. ...all my little videos are selling like mad, really. I'm kind of surprised. I shouldn't have been... it's just that I never got into videos and I never really bothered to think about how profitable they would be. Now I feel the addiction growing. I love to ... record myself. I love to make money off of it. I love the fucking attention. I love that people are watching what I produce and getting tons of pleasure out of it. ME ME ME! LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME! PAY ME! *scream*

07-23-2007 20-30-1307-23-2007 20-34-03
07-23-2007 20-37-4007-23-2007 20-37-53
07-23-2007 20-39-4207-23-2007 20-41-32
07-23-2007 20-44-2207-23-2007 20-45-29
07-23-2007 20-47-2807-23-2007 20-46-52
07-23-2007 20-52-5807-23-2007 20-59-36
07-23-2007 21-13-0707-23-2007 21-16-13
07-23-2007 21-21-0607-23-2007 21-27-52
07-23-2007 21-45-57

You know what? I get along really well with gay and transgendered people. Because they've dealt with a fuckin unique pile of problems in life, and I can really relate to that. Plus we're into a lot of the same shit. I kind of love it when I have trannys as customers. I feel like watching wigstock, but I dont have a copy. Hmph. *checks youtube*
Did you know there're dudes with a 'hiccup fetish'? There are, and they requested a hiccup video from me awhile ago. I hardly ever get em... but I got em today! And run to the camera, I did ;> You can buy it in my vid store.

Yesterday morning I had a whack fest. And I thought very very pretty thoughts. Here's pictures. Dig the excellent entertainingness of my eyes rolling back in my head. Sex zombie.

07-26-2007 08-46-3607-26-2007 08-48-01
07-26-2007 08-55-0607-26-2007 08-57-51
07-26-2007 09-42-2207-26-2007 09-43-49
07-26-2007 10-00-5607-26-2007 10-01-15

yay, look at this radness my friend K.A.L. from the uk made outta my pics ;> (click the pics to see them full size)



You know, I fuckin adore it when people do stuff like this. Any suave items I receive go straight up into my flickr album, and etc. In fact I think I aught to have a stock of 'jessiekitty.com' desktops and whatnot for people... and I'm in search of a new permanent main LOGO type of thing, for my t shirts and stickers and magnets and all that. *woo* make em and send em to me boys!

July 27, 2007


SLIM (The drummer of the Loose Skrews) .... we don't know each other really... but he's just put some more loose skrews shit in the mail for me...and I'm having fun investigating him and digging in his pictures. I'm thinking lots of fun shit about this georgia boy. I totally think he channels 'Fritz' from the disney version of 'the swiss family robinson'... but that might just be me, since I had a big boner for him whenever I watched it as a kid. Now look at Slim and his cuteness. Ooo, all exherted and sweaty..hmmm.. ah, 'oi y'all' ...excellent. (incase he has a girlfriend or wife who'd be pissed at my sleazeyness, I aught to make clear he's not after me at all, this is just in my head, because Im a bored strange little onion)


Joe's working until midnight tonight. I'm ultra fuckin' lonely. Beer n' vodka. Joe got a load more before work. Me me me. And this quote, from Valley of the Dolls:

Anne Welles: Neely, you know it's bad to take liquor with those pills.
Neely O'Hara: They work faster.


waking up from an intoxicated stupor with a tongue in your ass. its a beautiful thing. Joe likes to get me doped up and then molest me. I like it too.

in the middle of the night last night I woke up to find joe had removed all my clothes and was eat my ass. I pretended to still be asleep for awhile, cause it was fuckin hot feeling his behavior when he thinks he's ALONE with my body, heheh. after awhile I couldnt hold back and I started shoving against him, and he climbed up on me and started fucking me all doggie style. good good goodie. that should happen EVERY night. ;>

heres some nasty pics to go with that:
07-22-2007 00-19-1507-22-2007 17-28-10
07-22-2007 17-28-3107-22-2007 17-35-15
07-22-2007 17-44-5007-22-2007 17-46-23
07-22-2007 17-47-5307-22-2007 17-49-30
07-22-2007 17-55-1807-22-2007 18-00-35
07-22-2007 18-11-3507-22-2007 18-25-25
07-22-2007 18-26-5007-22-2007 18-44-41
07-22-2007 18-50-0807-22-2007 18-56-14
07-22-2007 18-59-5907-22-2007 19-04-34
07-22-2007 19-00-53

I demand someone go buy me this dildo from my wishlist. You put it together so its double headed. If its flexible I could try to put it in my bum and puss at the same time... or I could try to suck one end while fucking myself with the other. Is that gross? Should I not be saying that out loud?