July 28, 2007

New video uploaded! Another one for my foot fetish babes. Me painting my toenails and singing and being adorable. It's longer than usual by the way... You can browse my vids here. *smirk* I'd like to report the fact that.. that hiccup video I made... I'm charging a lot for it, 22 bucks (thats as much as the company will let me charge).. anyway. It'd sold 8 times since I uploaded it last night. Guys from all over the globe are buying it and emailing me telling me I'm their fucking ultimate sex toy. Mmmhmhmhm. I need to get the hiccups more often. ...all my little videos are selling like mad, really. I'm kind of surprised. I shouldn't have been... it's just that I never got into videos and I never really bothered to think about how profitable they would be. Now I feel the addiction growing. I love to ... record myself. I love to make money off of it. I love the fucking attention. I love that people are watching what I produce and getting tons of pleasure out of it. ME ME ME! LOOK AT ME! LOVE ME! PAY ME! *scream*

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07-23-2007 21-45-57

You know what? I get along really well with gay and transgendered people. Because they've dealt with a fuckin unique pile of problems in life, and I can really relate to that. Plus we're into a lot of the same shit. I kind of love it when I have trannys as customers. I feel like watching wigstock, but I dont have a copy. Hmph. *checks youtube*

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