March 31, 2007

im fuckin blitzed on some nice pignot grigio. The Sabres just lost. FUCK FUCK FUCK! ...joe and I are being snotty and watching music videos. The Clash - London Calling, currently. Tommy Gun is my favorite clash song. In fact, that song reminds me of how much I dig The Generators. Yum. Here's their myspace profile.

important fucking videos you need to watch:

Mojo Nixon - Elvis is Everywhere

Blotto - Metal Head


March 28, 2007

Im fuckin drunk on white russians and shots of vodka. I'm watching The Big Lebowski. Fuck yea. I'm just driftin' along with the tumblin' tumble weeds.

There's something beyond delicious about Jeff Bridges Of COURSE I'm an insanely huge fan of John Goodman.

plastered as usual

March 24, 2007

normally, Don Cherry makes my eyes roll. He's such a fuckin' spaz wacky freak fruit. But... I obviously have respect for his knowledge, and the ACTUAL point of what he says, minus the douche fluff. But anyway... just now on CBC the dudes were saying a bunch of pitiful wuss whiney shit bag blab about wanting the fighting 'out of hockey'. Don Cherry just told off Ron MacClain (who was kissing Colin Campbells ass) about it, pointing out the (obvious) facts that no other sports WORRY about plain old fighting between players, sports aren't supposed to be centered around what a small group of parents dont want their KIDS to see in games. Etc. Excellent.

Go Sabres!

March 23, 2007

Well. Shit is fabulous for me, as usual. Lots of slutty men showering me with money and presents, lots of partying, lots of righteousness. In fact things are so regularly awesome that I've got not that much to report! Loving Nashville... LOVING the warm weather!

My favorite fucking bottle of perfume fell in the sink and broke a moment ago. Totally hear breaking. I was watching 'Mommy Dearest' right before it happened, so I blame Joan Crawford. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! DONT FUCK WITH ME FELLAS!

Joe has been working at his new job, which leaves me a smidge lonely, but with plenty of time to take on sessions / cam appointments / phone appointments. Come one, come all!

Check me out, being drunk and boring. like my faux greaser hair? I'm in the mood to grow my bangs a little longer again, rar:

03-23-2007 12-14-5703-23-2007 12-51-56
03-23-2007 12-56-1403-23-2007 13-05-26
03-23-2007 13-06-3003-23-2007 13-19-29
03-23-2007 13-24-4403-23-2007 13-25-40
03-23-2007 13-29-4203-23-2007 13-48-18
03-23-2007 13-51-42

March 16, 2007

bahama mamma, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

Wanna drink what JessieKitty is drinking? Mix yourself a BAHAMA MAMMA!

1.5 shots white rum
1.5 shots spiced rum
2 shots pineapple juice
2 shots orange juice
2 shots coconut cream
1 splash grenadine

Joe and I just had a fun ass time runnin' around town (nashville) shopping. It kicked ass. I fucking love the adorable old asian guy who runs our local booze store... ...we saw a big line of limos on the way home and played a fun little guessing game about who was inside. Now we're getting silly with our drinks and watching the excellent excellent 80's flick 'Like Father Like Son' with Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron. haha! ....I fucking picked up some smutty romance novel called 'Highland Warrior'. I made Joe read some, he had no idea just how pervy and skanky they can be. We keep reading eachother nasty tidbits. Yum. Romance novels, my favorite form of porno. I swear to fucking god I learned shitloads of historical facts from 'em as a kid.

so Im crying and watching some stupid movie called 'my first mister'. It's getting towards the end, and the main character, a dippy punk chick, is sitting down with her mother crying and telling her she knows she's been an ass, but she wants to be friends with her and know her better.... so obviousley Im thinking about when me and my mom made up and started realllly loving eachother and kicking ass, right before she died. Then the scene ends, and a fucking breast cancer commercial comes blaring all loud and pink up in my face. My mom died of breast cancer. It's too fucking early in the morning and I'm too mental.

March 15, 2007

March 13, 2007

oh man... if you want to laugh your ass off, watch the 1986 movie 'Trick or Treat'. It's a heavy metal horror flick, with music from the rank band Fastway. The singer, Dave King, is apparently now in Flogging Molly. What a queero. Also featuring Ozzy (playing a religous fanatic lobbying against heavy metal hehe), and Gene Simmons playing a radio dj. Last and least, some kid skippy from 'family ties'. Look at this shit:

trick or treat - 1986

Hockey game tonight! And oo, Joe has his first job interview tomorrow. Wee!

March 11, 2007

Sometimes They Come Back: excellent greaser horror flick from when I was a kid. It is SO WRONG that I'm turned on by the evil child killing delinquents...

sometimes they come back's review

March 9, 2007

I'm here! Nashville baby! Went to my first bar the day before yesterday, totally fuckin loved it. Good ol' boys buyin me beers, I couldnt be happier.

It took forever to get my internet turned on, christ. The trip was smooth, got a hotel in Mattoon, IL. Yay.

More soon.