November 30, 2005

gross bitch. ew..sick. look at the shit I fuckin deal with...I edited 'his' name only to avoid any faggoty fuckin threats from this perv:

Im drunk. Bloody marys. GO ME!
here's some random picys from this morning:

got some cute shit from my cafe press store today... ...I think I'm going to change the font from black to white on the t shirt, as well as the whites of my it'll stand out some magnets too ;>

My favoritest yummie greaser dude ADAM took me new fan pics today ooooo.... he's gonna be the model for my new redisigned t shirt, cause I dig him. And he's hot. Yeaaaa *hump*

check out the HAWT digicam one of my pigs just bought me from my fuckin' amazon wishlist:

aside from sending me cash, and other items too boring to post, he also bought me this shit:


cigarette case

November 29, 2005

Can't wait for the SABRES game tonight weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! GOD DAMN hockey players are hot.

JessieKitty @

shit has been STRANGE around my house this week *hehe* ...we've been taking a lot of crazy pic sets, and doing funky cam shows. YAY. You can email me and request cam pic sets of your choice (nothing degrading to me, obviousley) and I'll send em on over. Fifty buckies for ten pics. You can pay through snail mail, or by sending me an amazon gift certificate for that amount.....orrrr P.Pal to ... ;> If you're a niteflirt customers, we can work out payment through them as well ;>

November 28, 2005

Im fuckin rockin out SO HARD to Mad Sin right now. yo. RAR RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. You can listen to some of their songs from AMPHIGORY on my radio blog right now. Listen Now!

Mmmmm the song 'body snatchers' is so great.... and fuckin 'tornado' gets me fuckin whirlin'. RAR muthafucka MEOW! TORNADO is SO about ME. I'm fuckin losin' it to that song right now.

By the way this is all being broadcast on my live cam. You could be watching me wag my ass to this right now. there's sound, you could be hearing it too. Mm.
Incase you didnt know I do all my STREAMING cam through Cam Contacts to see my profile, and archives of 'cam snaps' snapped during live STREAMING cam chats.

I will love you forever if you send me a SailorJerry.Com Gift Certificate!

Jessica E.
266 Elmwood Ave #167
Buffalo Ny 14222

(thats a rented mail box, spaz)

After a bunch of fucked effort, I've redone my radio blog. You can now hear the great GENE VINCENT, the cramps, deadbolt, and other righteous shit. Main page of my site mofo: Listen Now!


ooo attention cucks:

November 24, 2005

STOP CALLING ME 'JESS' I go around abbreviating strangers names? No. I dislike the name 'jess' has nothing to do with me, I have never in my life TOLD anyone to call me that, and I instantly dislike anyone who takes it upon themself to rename me. I am Jessica or Jessie. Those are your choices you stupid lazy pig fuck. ....I at times have tolerated being called that sickening fucking nickname simply because the person saying it is/was someone I like, and had no bad intentions. But I'm here to inform you, I fucking hate it. HATE IT. And I'll probably like you a lot less if you apply it to me. You have fair warning.

JessieKitty's Auctions!

click here for ebanned's listings of my auctions, you must register before you can view

Victorias Secret Low Rise V String (thong) bidding started at 9.99's some pics:

BabyDoll Shirt, for those SISSYS here's some pics:

Go bid now, ya big fuckin pervert! email me if you have REQUESTS for auctions you PROMISE to bid on.

November 23, 2005

Black T-Shirts are HERE!!!!! Visit the JessieKitty.Com store today!

use this coupon code for five dollars off (free shipping):

here's some samples from the store:

November 22, 2005

JESSIEKITTY EBANNED AUCTIONS ARE UP!!!!!! click here for more info! So far I've got a low rise v string, and a baby doll shirt up for auction RAWR.

MmMmMmM Look at the top one of my bitches just bought me while we were on the phone together:

I can't wait to get it! Even though it's gonna be too cold to wear it anywhere till next spring *frown* heheh ;>
I posted everywhere that my charges will be dismissed in february, but its actually in MAY 06 *der* ...either way, yay no felony on my record! (as long as I don't get in trouble again for six months. *tehe*) ...I feel fucking GREAT now that court is off my back. *sigh* ahhh. After the drama I ran my ass the fuck away from city hall (me and my boyfriend) and went thanksgiving the grocery store. We got a fucking TWENTY POUND turkey. Heheh WOOHOO!!! Then we went and got weed...*smirk*

Speaking of holiday righteousness....I got a new po box! It's a normal street address cause it's not the actual postal service... you should send me love letters, presents, money, mix cds you made me, and anything else can also use this address to send me stuff from my Victorias Secret wishlist.. email me if you want me to send you a victorias secret invite..and here's that addy :

Jessica E.
266 Elmwood Ave #167
Buffalo NY 14222

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November 21, 2005

I hafta go to court today *whimper* ewwwwwwwwww. See how early I'm up? Nerves.

I'm trying to distract myself by thinking happy xmas thoughts....which is why I just joined secret santa again....did it last year and it was fun...bought some bitch the 'popeye' movie with robin williams, which pleased me, since I dig him so much.

November 20, 2005

Please tell me it's just a fuckin rumor that Link Wray died. *cry* ;/

a couple of cam snaps from a session with my new niggie slave, as promised..he spent lots of dough to carry on with me *smirk* if he can pay me enough, and if everything seems kosher, I'm thinking of doing a r/t session with him, since he's abuse lovin' and conveniently located heheh:

go here find me on the list (Jessie Kitty) and click 'quikvote' next to my name, and confirm the vote. YAY!

November 19, 2005

NITEFLIRT MEMBERS: Check out all the hot JESSIEKITTY stuff you can buy with your niteflirt account!

I had a rockin wierd night last night....I'm a tad hungover now thats allright ;> Hockey game tonight ooooo! Can't wait. other news...I have a new 'black' slave boy. I have some screen caps of himmmmm oooooo! I'll post em later.

I have such a perfect big hot ass *sigh* ;>

pump that ass!

November 17, 2005

one of my dudes just sent me this...Im drunk on bloody marys, and I seem to think it's the shit:

By the legendary "Young Fresh Fellows"

Hillbilly Drummer Girl

She came down from the Ozarks
To the big city Memphis world
She's a legend and a landmark
Hillbilly drummer girl
A stomach full of whiskey,
More than any man
A bar of broken tables,
And empty gasoline cans
A black bohemuth Caddie,
Sleeping bag in back
Pulls right through the floor boards,
A rolling chicken shack

She came down from the Ozarks
To the big city Memphis world
She's a legend and a landmark
Hillbilly drummer girl
Hillbilly drummer girl

At Ten o'clock tomorrow,
Playing for a crowd of six
Free beer and eight dollars,
That's money for new sticks
Party 'cross the river,
Ends up in the mud
Morning in the drunk tank,
Coffee and dried blood

She came down from the Ozarks
To the big city Memphis world
She's a legend and a landmark
Hillbilly drummer girl
Hillbilly drummer girl

The ducks are in the lobby,
And Graceland's down the roll
A vacant lot, a pile of bricks,
Now she's the living soul

She came down from the Ozarks
To the big city Memphis world
She's a legend and a landmark
Hillbilly drummer girl
Hillbilly drummer girl
Hillbilly drummer girl
I sure do love getting paid to make fun of dipshits. You can see more about this dude in my yahoo group and forum.

November 16, 2005

me looking a little too excited about going bowling a few days ago:

go vote for me here ;>

November 15, 2005

I had a FABULOUS fuckin' day yesterday....partied happily with my fact I think I have some digi pics *goes to check* new boots came, yay..while I was posting these pics live, I got a shitload of emails raving about how sexy my big firm ass and thighs are *smirk* ...and apparently people are REALLY into WHITE undies for some reason:

want more of my HOT pics? join HERE.

you wanna see my LIVE STREAMING WEBCAM, join HERE.

FACT: Calling people 'hun'* or 'sweetie' is fucking creepy. Especially if they're a stranger. Also, calling someone 'hun' to be sarcastic just makes YOU look like a pitiful idiot. p.s. ...calling someone 'sweetie' does NOT convince them you're female.(for all those PITIFUL fucking female impersonating faggots online)...on that note I'd also like to add if you're going to make a habit of pretending to be female, try a little harder with the screenname. 'hotlillinda18' and 'sweetwetsally' are OBVIOUSLEY fake. Real girls don't pick stupid porno names like that. They pick a name that has nothing to do with their age, tits, or hair color...mmk? I'd think perverted losers with nothing better to do than pretend to be someone else would at least drudge up an ounce of creativity during the act. You are a LOSER.

*(pet names are AWESOME if you're applying them to someone who KNOWS you, and you aren't a leacherous old man...but 'hun' is icky in ANY situation)