October 31, 2003

look what I made :> (click here)

October 24, 2003



I need a new webcam, so I can have a free 24/7 updating cam.

you know...a shot taken of my livingroom or bedroom once every 15 seconds or something?

October 23, 2003

a tear of pleasure runs down my cheek as I sip my white russian, which i made to honor the fact that a few minutes ago I began The Big Lebowski.

October 15, 2003

care to translate? :

Im in this giant christian school.....Im at choir...(is that how you spell that?) ...Im with my boyfriend, we're not singing, we're drinking. Got a bottle hidden n stuff. I was in a total "i dont give a fuck" phaze.

We get caught, we run from the guards or whatever.

We get CAUGHT caught outside. I got away though...and the bottle I was holding turned into my dog Vincent.

I ran through the country jumping fences and shit and came upon a cabin.

As I was climbing a ladder on the side of the cabin I heard this old black mans voice.

I dropped Vincent and he got caught on the side of the ladder, and he was tangled up.

The old black man came and helped me get vincent out...and vincent had turned into a rat...and his foot that was caught had gotten ripped off.

The old black man took me in his cabin, with his family, and told me he'd fix vinnie right up.

When he gave him back, he had turned into a miniature rooster, and was perched on a stick.

Then I woke up, and vinnie was all cuddled up to me.

October 9, 2003

Man....whoever made this quiz doesnt know how happy they just made me. *heart*

Nectar of the god...-damn alcoholics!

brought to you by Quizilla

IM NOT GOTH...I swear I got this result just cause I said I wear black undies.

Goth Barbie

~What New Barbie are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

theres a certain nasty ass who I'd like to tell:

taking all of your shitty camgirl pics in black and white does not hide your uglyness, or lack of creativity.

You have false creativity....and thats gross.

You...are gross.

October 7, 2003

for some reason I just sang to myself:

Im a mustard man
and Im plotting a mustard plan

fuckin uh...copyright jessiekitty.com or some shit

October 6, 2003

check this wierd shit out.....

gridiron2250: i need to spread your buttcheeks and lick and suck your butthole im obssesed and trip on acid daily i need to suck your butthole kiss and lick my nipples while i rub your butthole and pussy my love
gridiron2250: please
gridiron2250: i need to
thejizzykitty: um.....I like the acid part. thats about it.
gridiron2250: please your butthole needs cleaning it will feel good
gridiron2250: your pussy will get so wet
gridiron2250: your pic is amazing
gridiron2250: it's floating toward me
gridiron2250: i hear you telling me to suck your butthole
gridiron2250: and nipples
gridiron2250: jessica my love i will go but i need you
gridiron2250: thease words are made of weed
gridiron2250: you can take one and smoke it

October 5, 2003

what a revolting fucking slob working the door at my favorite bar last night. I don't know if I'll ever go back there man.....unless I decide I want to encounter him there.

that bald vin diesel wanna be fucking homo.

he called me and ryan assholes for no reason at all.....and bitched at us and threatened to call the cops on us.

why? because we were asking to get in for free..since we'd allready been in that night.

has this whiny bonehead scumbag never worked a fucking door?

you do not deal with things in such a manner.

"nope, sorry kids, gotta pay" would have produced money from our pockets.

what did we get? "you beligerant assholes need to get out of here or I'll call the police to have you removed"

is that a fucking joke???? I told him to go ahead, and all he could muster was a little pout and some more stupid snotty words.

If anyone with any sway is reading this, you need to inform management of what a fucking slobbering pig that big KEVIN guy is. I went and fucking told the owner afterwards, but I'm sure thats meaningless when dealing with a little "good ol boys" fucking lame ass clique like that. Thank god I'm gonna move out of this shithole soon.

The guy was a complete fucking cock for no reason. He called me an asshole when I hadnt even spoken to him yet.

God do I want to kill him. I thought about spitting on him, but then he could have pressed charges. I'd love to go on, but I shouldnt incriminate myself.

What the fuck is WRONG with people!?!?!? I am nice, I am polite, I practise HUMAN FUCKING ETTIQUETTE....what was that slobs fucking PROBLEM?????

You could tell he was getting hard over it man. Oh yea, you really MADE it now boy, working the DOOR at some LITTLE bar.......*yank*

I wonder if that fool has ever been out of this city. He sure didn't act like it. He acted like he was working the door at a fucking mafia hitman hang out.

What an inflated pitiful son of a bitch. Abusing some friendly little kids. *snort*

That wigger is going to hell.

October 4, 2003

whats_anubian: I had a dream where i was a football game and surounded by cheerleader girls talking about their hair and i ran and ran and ran and got hit by a car and got up and shot the guy in the car and drove away and then i woke up
thejizzykitty: hm
whats_anubian: u?
thejizzykitty: I dreamed I was in my parents old house, and I had a giant bottle of liquid morphine, and a big bag of needles, but they were all bloody and clogged. I tried to get high all night and then woke up jonesing.
thejizzykitty: I am now drinking lots of nyquil and drinking whisky and smoking pot.
whats_anubian: hm im thinking nyquil whisky and pot might be what caused you to dream crazy shit in the first place
whats_anubian: : thejizzykitty: no
thejizzykitty: I had bad dreams because I was sober
whats_anubian: HAHA thats right blame it on be ing sober
thejizzykitty: its true
thejizzykitty: I went to bed sober for the first time in awhile
thejizzykitty: and it was a horrid night
thejizzykitty: its cause I got too drunk and sick the night before
whats_anubian: aw
thejizzykitty: now im watching some dipshit sandman movie on scifi
whats_anubian: i was just watchin that a sec ago
thejizzykitty: ha
thejizzykitty: ive seen it before too
thejizzykitty: not only is it lame
thejizzykitty: I allready KNOW its lame
whats_anubian: but unless its scare tactics i dont care bout it on sci fi lol
thejizzykitty: and Im still watching it
thejizzykitty: *snort*
thejizzykitty: scifi plays tales from the crypt though
thejizzykitty: and they have good movies sometimes
whats_anubian: ooooooo
whats_anubian: yum
thejizzykitty: I wish I was more into the old twilight zone
thejizzykitty: but they're just kinda....boring :/
whats_anubian: yes, your right
thejizzykitty: why dont they play more hitchock and price and shit
thejizzykitty: thats what the people want
thejizzykitty: and if they're gonna play b rate horror
thejizzykitty: please, make it b rate horror from the fifties
whats_anubian: because it doesnt matter what the people want
thejizzykitty: at least when its black and white you can PRETEND its good
thejizzykitty: hahaha
whats_anubian: its what the higher ups THINK the people want
thejizzykitty: and theyre always so ....wrong
whats_anubian: yup
whats_anubian: which explains reality tv dont it
thejizzykitty: what the fuck
thejizzykitty: some nigger priest was wearing an upside down cross
thejizzykitty: I hate it when they do shit that doesnt make sense
whats_anubian: well they liked it once maybe they'll like it 5000 more times
thejizzykitty: ugh no shit
whats_anubian: *stab stab stab*
whats_anubian: oh well
whats_anubian: least they still play mystery science theater
whats_anubian: but i think i missed it this morning
thejizzykitty: not often enough though
thejizzykitty: they need to be playin it at four in the afternoon and shit
whats_anubian: they need to be playin that shit 24/7 god damnit
thejizzykitty: they should have a mystery science theater chanell
whats_anubian: god yes
whats_anubian: that'd be all i'd watch
whats_anubian: fuck war in iraq or a president speech
whats_anubian: i'd be watchin that shit all the time
whats_anubian: wheres my peanut butter damnit
thejizzykitty: I left my jelly out the other night
thejizzykitty: how lame is that
thejizzykitty: Im not eating jelly thats been sitting out
whats_anubian: icky
thejizzykitty: *pissed*
whats_anubian: thats ok
whats_anubian: pbj is ok
whats_anubian: but i like peanut butter and butter better
thejizzykitty: ew dude
whats_anubian: ...that kinda rhymed
thejizzykitty: that must be some wierd growing male subconcious urge for pure fat.
whats_anubian: its good man
whats_anubian: i swear
thejizzykitty: whatever
thejizzykitty: oh
thejizzykitty: wait
thejizzykitty: I put butter in my cream of wheat
thejizzykitty: *shame*
whats_anubian: HAHA
whats_anubian: seeeeeeee
thejizzykitty: heheh
whats_anubian: but im only 180
whats_anubian: even though i think im fat
thejizzykitty: how tall are you
whats_anubian: im fairly.....not fat :\ i guess
whats_anubian: 6 foot
thejizzykitty: psh yea
thejizzykitty: and I just meant cause your metabolism burns it up fast
thejizzykitty: people with fast metabolisms are pigs
whats_anubian: yeah
whats_anubian: its true
thejizzykitty: my boyfriend is like that
thejizzykitty: he eats all fucking day
thejizzykitty: all he does is eat
whats_anubian: i been tryin to work out
thejizzykitty: I dont really care except that he hogs stuff
whats_anubian: im tired of being icky
thejizzykitty: Im like....dude...you ate MY donut
thejizzykitty: what the fuck
whats_anubian: hahahahaha
thejizzykitty: hmhm
whats_anubian: meh i only eat the shit i know other people dont want
thejizzykitty: Im really anal about food
whats_anubian: .....then again i still live with my rents so i dont give a fuck about them anyway
thejizzykitty: Im all fucking obsessed with everyone getting their share
thejizzykitty: like....he used to be really bad
whats_anubian: yeah
thejizzykitty: like if we were at a restaraunt
thejizzykitty: he would just rip shit off my plate and stuff it in his mouth
thejizzykitty: that was cute like....the first time.
whats_anubian: lol
whats_anubian: thats mean
whats_anubian: i dont do that shit
thejizzykitty: I know!
thejizzykitty: well once he realised it was actually upsetting me he TRIED to stop huhuh
whats_anubian: damn
whats_anubian: i can barely even take shit if people give it to me
whats_anubian: feels so wrong
thejizzykitty: I know what you mean
thejizzykitty: Im so shocked when people ask me for things when they're at my house
thejizzykitty: I dont ask for shit but water, you know
whats_anubian: ya
thejizzykitty: and I know people who will treat my kitchen like its THEIR kitchen
thejizzykitty: Im like....what the fuck is wrong with you
thejizzykitty: like this one irritating ho who has two kids because shes such a HO
whats_anubian: I KNOW!!!!
whats_anubian: dude i go to peoples houses
thejizzykitty: once she walked in my hosue, and walked to my kitchen, opened my fridge, and started picking at food and shit
whats_anubian: i feel like shit because i feel like if i even touch anything they'll get pissed
thejizzykitty: Im like...you greedy slob.....what is wrong with you
thejizzykitty: oh
thejizzykitty: well Im not like EVIL anal about it
thejizzykitty: like I usually offer people whatever Im consuming, you know
thejizzykitty: but I would never fucking......disrespect someones stash
thejizzykitty: I mean...maybe Im just a little more animalistic about it or something
whats_anubian: yeah i know
thejizzykitty: but. its the way it is.
whats_anubian: im very hospitibal
thejizzykitty: lovely
whats_anubian: but when i got over somewhere for dinner
whats_anubian: sometimes i just skip dinner
whats_anubian: cuz i feel wrong
thejizzykitty: I cannot STAND eating at other peoples hosues
thejizzykitty: yea
thejizzykitty: YEA!
whats_anubian: for takin their shit
thejizzykitty: I know exactly what you fucking mean.
thejizzykitty: yep.
thejizzykitty: then you feel like you OWE them
thejizzykitty: I dislike owing people
whats_anubian: EXACTLY!
thejizzykitty: I have never discussed this hahahah this is funny
whats_anubian: and then if i do i go and like buy em something or do a favor or some shit
whats_anubian: lol
thejizzykitty: fuck taking other peoples generosity
thejizzykitty: oi
whats_anubian: i know
whats_anubian: only person i've ever taking advantage of like ALOT was my ex ex girlfriend who was a bitch and said she never loved me in the first place
thejizzykitty: ew
whats_anubian: i ate shit out of her fridge and shit only cuz she would force me to
whats_anubian: so i got used to it
thejizzykitty: yea
whats_anubian: but i hated her and didnt respect her so i didnt care
thejizzykitty: hehehe
whats_anubian: i think it all started when i was at my friend omars house
thejizzykitty: ive stolen food from roommates that I hated
whats_anubian: hahaha i've done that
thejizzykitty: omar!?!?!?! like reading rainbow? holy shit.
whats_anubian: HAHA
whats_anubian: hes spanish
thejizzykitty: oh
thejizzykitty: fuck that then
thejizzykitty: jordy
whats_anubian: lol
thejizzykitty: JORDY
whats_anubian: HAHAHAHA
thejizzykitty: hmhmhm
whats_anubian: wheres his visor damnit!
whats_anubian: HAHAHAHA
thejizzykitty: ahhh star trek
thejizzykitty: how I love thee
thejizzykitty: except for voyagour
whats_anubian: that shit confused me as a kid
whats_anubian: seein him on reading rainbow
thejizzykitty: hahaha
thejizzykitty: no shit
whats_anubian: i was like.....wait i thought he was blind
thejizzykitty: I didnt think they were the same person
thejizzykitty: I wouldnt believe anyone
whats_anubian: hahahahaha
whats_anubian: i know
whats_anubian: it actually scared me i had to turn it off
whats_anubian: lol
thejizzykitty: reading rainbow always made me feel kind of ...funny and wierd inside
thejizzykitty: there was some vibe about that show
thejizzykitty: I dotn know what it was
whats_anubian: your right
thejizzykitty: it didnt have anything to do with jordy I dont think
whats_anubian: it never felt right
thejizzykitty: I think its the wierd overly calm way all the voice overs sounded
thejizzykitty: just...yea
thejizzykitty: something PERVERTED about that show
whats_anubian: i know
whats_anubian: felt wrong watching it
whats_anubian: never knew why tho
thejizzykitty: damn
thejizzykitty: another thing Ive never discussed
whats_anubian: haha
thejizzykitty: this is an enlightening morning
thejizzykitty: I feel like I need to record these reading rainbow thoughts
whats_anubian: indeed
thejizzykitty: they're profound
whats_anubian: yes
thejizzykitty: Im going to post this conversation in my blog
whats_anubian: *note to self* jordy isnt actually blind
thejizzykitty: do you care if your name is published?
whats_anubian: nah i dont care
thejizzykitty: allrighty.

October 3, 2003

dude, glenn quinn - the guy who played "mark" the hot greaser on "roseanne" died in 2002 of a drug overdose!

:/ ;<

October 2, 2003

it cuts I walk I dont bleed

it rains in the sunshine

as regret crawls up my spine

October 1, 2003

cleaning the house with vengence to 7 YEAR BITCH - gato negro


*loud barking*