June 28, 2005

packing the bowl during our 'Eddie Cochran Day In The Sun':

Me and my man just went out and got a bunch of FIRE WORKS. RAWWWWWWWWWWWWR. Fun!

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We got hot dogs too....but its only fuckin 1:30...bleh. We hafta wait until it's dark out, to have this party. I wish I could go swimming or something...but Im so not setting a toe nail in the scummy ass fuckin hick puddles in this REVOLTING FUCKING STATE OF WISCONSIN. God I hate it here. OoooOooo I can't wait to MOVE MOVE MOVE! September. Two more months to go. Mrar. Vote for me HERE

So anyway..yea. I hafta go do my work out. *sigh* I love my work out though, it's a constant companion, with so many perks. Such as....getting all trim and snazzy...which brings to mind the fact that all my old clothes is too big for me (and not sexy enough anyway) so you bitch boys need to get your ass to my AMAZON WISHLIST, and hook me up with fabulous new duds to parade around in...(once I'm not in hickville anymore, since going out in anything hot here is like a fuckin curse, cause the dinks around here can't handle a female that isnt wearing a stained sweatshirt and greasy ponytail...damn the bitches here are SICKENING)

p.s. ....here's my boyfriend doing burn outs on a riding lawnmower eheh! :

June 24, 2005

Oi....I'm fucking TIRED today! ....today is a day of recovory for me. *snooze* ..my best of eddie cochran album came today, me and my boyfriend Joe are going to spend the afternoon sunning ourselves on the porch, drinking iced tea, playing cards, smoking...and of course listening to Mr Eddie Cochran. (also today a beautiful dress arrived, and a fuckin hot slutty halter top that I adore, wee!)

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June 23, 2005

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I'm this months interview @ agnars photo den, go me ;>

did some partying with some fun boys yesterday....the short haired beer bong pro is the new friend I was raving about (I totally passed out on these guys last night man...I didn't even mean to do it. I came inside to pee, and the rest is a blur haha RAWR)..make no mistake, I played with the beer bong too:

look at my two favorite blondes sleeping awwwwr:

June 20, 2005

soooo last night me and joe partied HARD HARD HARD with this fuckin studly FARM dude...who is like...righteous. I'm totally pumped about the evening. It was the best time I've had since I came here. There was many hours of rivetting conversation, and rivetting intoxicants. And that boy is fuckin rad. What the hell. YAY!

Earlier before we partied, they (joe and the suave new friend who's also named joe)BAILED HAY together. Like five hundred bails or some shit I dont know..something manly and impressive. They have a REAL farm, with a bunch of animals and vegetables and hay and shit, and it SMELLED like farm.....unfortunatley the cows were asleep by the time I got there....but it was all mucho righteous. And this dude is the son of some other righteous motherfuckers Ive been chillin with at my favorite bar since I moved here. I dont know...that family is admirable. Im jealous of them. I want to have had that shit damm
Im all fuckin weak n wilty now. Oi.

June 19, 2005

my aussie bitch got me my new bass WOOOOOO:

Also now purchased from my amazon wishlist is a yummy polka dot dress that I'm totally gonna wear in the pics with my new guit, oh what fun. ....YOU should get me wishlist shit too, retard. ;> ...or send me cash:

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June 17, 2005

check this bitch out (check my forum for the full convo)...he bought me some halter tops, and sent me an amazon gift certificate...in exchange for me playing him like the dumb puto he is...I was pretty fuckin drunk n high as you can see from my cam *smile* good times:

we tripped out FUCKING ASSES OFF last night. *smile* five grams each, of the fungus.

Listened to samhain, the cramps, agnostic front, L7, mad sin....had crazy crazy sex in which my bum was assaulted and I screamed a lot ;>

My throaty hurts today though. *whimper*

June 15, 2005

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June 14, 2005

So I went out again last night, had a fucking blast, let us all thank my boyfriend for being el righteous sober chaperone. Anyway.....like uh. Allright first when we went in there, some freaky ass fat motherfucker was hanging all over me and bought me a drink, and once he started touching me too much my boyfriend took out his mace and held it in the guys face, but the guy was so fuckin blind drunk he didnt even notice it, so I had to yell many times that he was pissing my boyfriend off before he finally got the picture, and started hanging all over my friend Lisa..until she screamed at him enough to get him off her. She then told me he'd been trying to TOUCH HER in the ALLEY. Huhuhuhuh. He said he was there because his wife kicked him out of bed. Heh.

So we partied at the bar allll night having a fucking blast, spent a lot of time talking to this fuckin cool as hell weathered drunk old logger construction concrete worker foreman dude. God damn I love righteous old trad men.

At the end of the night some super fly fuckin indian bitch got up on me and she was all 'Ive seen you around, and I think you're hot' ...I had so many god damn vodka crans, me and this chick were repeatedly telling eachother we wanted to fuck eachother, and at one point sunk down to the floor and rubbed eachother coochies , hot damn! Her name was Libby, and she complimented my ass, and then said something negative about hers, and I said 'oh no, a LOT can be done with this ass!' and I started spanking her hahahaha! She was propositioning me and telling me to come to her house, and then it was bar close and the bartender was yelling at us to get the fuck out, so my boyfriend, who'd been watching the whole sleazey girl on girl escapade dragged me out and had me get in the car. When she was asking me over I told her my boyfriend was with me, and she was all 'mm thats cool' heh. Damn. I get mad fuckin slutty when Im at the bar drunk like whoa!

When we got home (which I dont remember) I walked into the bedroom, pulled my pants off, and hit the fuckin futon like a rock. My boyfriend just told me he was hard all the way home after seeing me and that girl touching eachother, and he had to whack off at me while I was passed out. Tehe.

A good time was had by all.

Some girl left a message on my phone last night at 1am...it wasnt that girl, cause I was partying with that girl at one...but its a drunken female voice going 'hehe rawrrrrr jessie' ....fuckin wierd man. What other slut have I been flirting with that I don't remember?????

June 13, 2005

Dude I think its so cute that Alicia S. married some rocker. That's like so appropriate. Remember when she was the aerosmith girl? Awwwww ;>

I just got done doing my work out in the intense fucking heat. I haven't been mentioning it as much lately, but I'm still fuckin doing that dvd every day. Good shit, good shit. You might be confused by the 'pilates inspired' phrase, but make no mistake this is no fuckin old lady work out, this motherfucker would make tony little break a sweat, believe it. In fact fuck it, I just went to amazon to get a pic of it, see this is ellen, my lovely aerobics instructor that I've dubbed 'my courtney cox'. (theres a little blonde ho on the tape too who I call racheal, is that wierd?):

sons of bitches, god I'm so full of hate and anger I can barely breath. Fuck everyone, painfully.

on a lighter note I'm randomly watching some fruity clint eastwood movie, and he just busted an acid party. Heh. ...I still only need three more people to sign up and complete an offer to get my free ipod ...it tells me the email of those who sign up and complete the dvd club, or cd club, etc....I'll be emailing those who do this for me with a reward ;>

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June 12, 2005

I had some more major shit go down last night...I just told my friend all about it, and I don't feel like trying to retype it all, so here's a copy and paste (keep in mind I'm quite hung over). (my yahoo status message said 'I got in a fight with 50 hicks' scroll down for pix from the evening in question:

scumfuctradition: 50 ehh?
JE$$IE : puhuh
JE$$IE : a crowd
scumfuctradition: did you get beat up ?
JE$$IE : no way
JE$$IE : the bouncers were actually kind of trying to protect me
JE$$IE : we go to leave
JE$$IE : bunch of fat jerky frat boy looking hicks are leaning up against my car n shit
JE$$IE : I tell em to get off
JE$$IE : they act snide at me
JE$$IE : so I say something bitchy
JE$$IE : then some giant huge tall motherfcuker
JE$$IE : comes and towers over me going 'wheres your boyfriend' over n over
JE$$IE : as if it was a threat you know
scumfuctradition: he wanted to do you
JE$$IE : and this was all in front of the front area where their porch n stuff was, so there was a giant crowd of idiots watching
JE$$IE : so it keeps escillating
JE$$IE : until everyone on the porch and in the area is watching me
JE$$IE : while I hardcore bitch out the hicks that are fucking with me
JE$$IE : and it kept going on, I'm taking on like ten people who're trying to talk smack at me, and there's not even any content to what they're saying..since obviousley I didn't DO anything to them, they were the ones being idiots
JE$$IE : then people in the audiance start fuckin yelling shit at me
JE$$IE : so my boyfriend finally dragged me into the car, he had been standing behind me talking to the bouncers the whole time, and he had mace in his hand, and some of the stupid hicks were going 'watch out that guy has a knife!'
scumfuctradition: heh
JE$$IE : and I was fuckin yelling that they were all stupid wisconsin hicks, niggers, and faggots (they were all drunk stupid chubby white bread fuckin wanna be frat boy country bumpkins heh)
scumfuctradition: hahaha
JE$$IE : and they all just stood there with their mouths hanging open, there was this one idiot with indie hair and a tropical shirt, and he said 'oh yea thats real original' or something at me, and I was like 'shut the fuck up, go suck some more dick faggot' and you could tell no one's EVER talked to him like that before he was just all 'duh!'
scumfuctradition: drunk ehh
JE$$IE : yea I was plastered
scumfuctradition: hahahaha
JE$$IE : this one specific bitch boy who was pissing me off, I was all 'look at this greasy faced fuckin hick trying to talk shit at me'
JE$$IE : and then he ran to his little group of college fags who were milling around staring at me
JE$$IE : and they had some fuckin fat ho with them
JE$$IE : and she was all sneering at me and shit
JE$$IE : and I was all 'oo look at these fat ass fuckin hicks'
JE$$IE : it was so wierd man
scumfuctradition: hehe
JE$$IE : a gigantic group of people
JE$$IE : all ganging up on me
JE$$IE : cause I told some of them to get off my car
JE$$IE : have you ever heard of such a thing
scumfuctradition: if someone messed with my car they'd get the crowbar
JE$$IE : heres the kicker, after this incident we got pulled over by the coppers on the way home
JE$$IE : yea really what the fuck
JE$$IE : and who ever heard of big ass dudes ganging up on a BITCH
JE$$IE : oh yea you're SUCH tough mofos
JE$$IE : they got called out as pussys though
JE$$IE : fucked with the wrong ho, huh
JE$$IE : I love it though, those motherfuckers have never had anyone say that kind of shit to them
JE$$IE : let alone some hot bitch
JE$$IE : hmph
scumfuctradition: right
JE$$IE : but yea the cops pull us over
JE$$IE : and I got mouthy at them
JE$$IE : which is so fuckin stupid
JE$$IE : I dont normally do that
scumfuctradition: yea
JE$$IE : I know how to fuckin play the cop game you know
JE$$IE : I cant believe I was bitching at the cops
JE$$IE : but they fuckin searched our car and shit
JE$$IE : so I got irritated
scumfuctradition: ive learned my lesson from mouthin off at cops
JE$$IE : yea exactly
JE$$IE : its the stupidest fuckin thing you can do
JE$$IE : I should be spanked
scumfuctradition: yep
scumfuctradition: : spank spank

June 10, 2005

My favorite most delicious chick in the world *Cerise* just happily surprised my inbox with a jessiekitty desktop wallpaper she made! *melt* ...not only is that girl HOT beyond belief, she's also fuckin talented and sweet, a real treasure <3 <3 <3 ..check out the desktop! :

Soooo. Joe and I went and got my car fixed, and then he had an appointment for a job, which he got, HAH bitches, HAH you stupid cow hicks!!!! He got a BETTER job the DAY AFTER he fuckin quit your asses. And me giving you a violent cruel send off makes it all the sweeter. *the finger* My boyfriend was way too good to be working with those fuckin ignorant, lying, ugly, evil, wussy ..retards. ;> They claim to believe in pacifism when confronted with our brutishness, yet when we're not being aggressive at them, they mumble shit about how they can kick our ass. Yeaaaa....thats why you run in fear from a girl. well...I am pretty scary...but still, I'm female. What kind of man lets some bitch he's not affiliated with fuckin shove him around and scream at him and ...all the shit I did, without even really VERBALLY responding?

God they're such losers dude...one of them fucking stated that a town of 20,000 people is too much for him, and too big of a city. ....they think we're fucking lying when we talk about the fact that we've lived in ca, ny, pa, fl, de, mn...etc etc etc. We are hardcore motherfuckers ok...we've fucking kicked ass on the street, and had our asses kicked. I think that'd be obvious to you allready, if you're familiar with me/us. ...but these little freakish nobodies from nowhereville think they're fuckin more seasoned than us. I mean god, they fuckin sit in the woods drinking beer and 'accidently' rubbing their thighs together. CMON. No, there was no tolerating a fuckin troop of douches disrespecting us. So yay, once again, my inappropriate violent hateful sick fuck behavior pays off. <3

By the way, I'm like totally fried cause I didn't sleep last night. At all. ...and then we went out at like 8am, and had to wander around shit tard island until the car was done, and THEN sit in the car until Mr.'s appointment. I got fuckin really wired and wierd last night cause I ate a bunch of pills (shut up they're legal), and then did my work out really hard and freaked out. Staying up alone is GROSS dude! It's fun when you're chilling with someone, but when you're sitting there alone and theres sleeping going on around you it's just...grotesque. Anyway yea, I still haven't slept and I had a busy day so I'm fuckin fried, and that's why this shits all babbley.

June 9, 2005

ok so my hardcore stud of a boyfriend has been forced to work with all these stupid cow hicks, right.

Well...one of them just dropped by, wanting to give Joe a ride to work (most likely cause he wants to be seen with him, and praying we'd smoke weed with him or something)...anyway, said retarded gimp hick has been discrespectful to my man in the past, and when you fuck with my piece of man meat, you're fucking with me. So...I just went out in the yard and verbally attacked the motherfucker, shoved him around a little, screamed loudly about what a stupid faggot hick he is, and proceeded to chase him out of our yard.

Throughout my verbal and physical tirade he kept looking at my boyfriend, and I was all snapping my long ass nails in his face, and I said 'dont look at him, he's not gonna do anything for you' and the fuckin idiot fag said 'Im not gonna do anything for myself' ahahaha and he fucking ran and got in his car and quickly drove away, and I was yelling after him that he's an ignorant hick, and I've lived all over this country and kicked asses a lot harder than his.

Ah...that felt fucking good. My boyfriend has to get a new job now though, oops! ;> The only reason my glorious bloke never kicked the douche's ass is cause 1: they'd most likely call the cops, and 2: he had to behave, since he was at work. I'm a raging bad ass, but my boyfriend is even more of a tough guy :D

p.s. mr hot italian guy gave me his address, oo what a fun pen pal he's going to make!

June 7, 2005

Oh my GOD. I've found THE most mouth watering dude on myspace. The second I saw his pics my cunt started tingling. I want this guy so bad I can barely stand it. I commented on one of his pics, (that inspired the urge to sniff, lick, and molest his arm pits)....and now the flirtation between us is flowing at a happy rate. I want to fuck this dude so bad, BLARG! DUDES: Use him as a guide.. 'how to attract JessieKitty' ....p.s. he's Italian! He just told me if I ever wanna visit italy, his door is open to me *grin*....his band is gonna tour the east coast soon, I should totally go try to see his hawt ass. Here's his band: gonnafallhard.com and..Check him out yum:

June 5, 2005

Me on the phone last night, talking to my Boyfriend (about the fact that we're gonna have a shroom/sex fest tonight):

One of my babies (see my green thumb?):

Lots of wierd nature going in this week...yesterday we woke up to a porcupine(sp?) in our garage..there was also a bear destroying our yard:

THIS morning I saved a moth from getting slammed in the screen door, and then he started sucking on me and wouldnt let go hehe:

So...I was just tracking the traffic to my site, and noticed a bunch of hits coming from a domain I didn't recognize. I went to the site, and found its a *giant* porn trading forum, where some fan had uploaded a folder of 463 pics of me, begging for anyone with VID clips of me to come forward. Theres a spot to leave comments under the folder, and the people were discussing wether I'm goth or punk, and commenting on what excellent taste in music I have. It was heart warming hehe ;> (Im so not goth, HELLO!)

June 2, 2005

The people on that sex search site are fuckin sleazey as hell god damn, exhibit number one: look at this chicks profile ...I guess you could use that to find a less theatrical 'mistress' type of chick in your area, as opposed to bondage.com


Ok foot freaks, I'm finally selling off old footwear. Oooo my footprint and sweat are mashed into these sandals, that gets your balls atwitching doesn't it ;>

either click the link below, or go to ebay and search for 'jessiekitty' ....this is just my first auction, I have MANY things to list, including tore up high heels, and old used clothes. (ebay prohibits the sale of used underwear, if you want that just email me and we'll work it out, or if you'd be interested in bidding on my used underthings on ebanned.com email me and let me know if its worth it to make an account with them):

JessieKitty's Sandal Auction

*UPDATE: Ebay removed my auction!!!! Guess I WILL be doing this through ebanned!

make sure you add me to your 'favorite sellers' list for future convenience, my ebay seller name is JessieKittyCom yay.

Check out this awesome moth that's been coming back to my window every day for awhile now