September 27, 2005

In new york, loving it, too busy to do a real blog today...but you CAN catch me on cam <3 also updating in my cambang members section.

The first night we got here, I got in a bar fight and beat the shit out of some disgusting female bartender slob. She attacked ME first (hit me in the head with a bottle because my boyfriend dumped a beer on her ugly ass, Ill post pics of the bruise....but I totally kicked her ass and injured her far more than she hurt me, I grabbed her by her big knot of fake dreads and fuckin beat the back of her head while I kicked her in the face...and my boyfriend fended off her wanky little loser friends with a knife when they tried to help her hahah...uh yea anyway), so then we all (five of us) had to run from the cops. Running really REALLY fast down city streets you're not familiar with, to escape coppers after you beat some ass in the middle of the night feels pretty FUCKING GOOD. WOOHOO!

JessieKitty Live Cam:

September 4, 2005

^you get to chat with the models and view their cams for FREE before you buy a show, kids!

WOOOOO can't wait to move to new york. I think I'll be leaving sept 29th or something....*scream of pleasure* ...still need lots of apartment stuff from my amazon wishlist

The hottest piece of tail in las vegas RAVENLACE has a new site layout, which is fucking fabulous I must say. Here's a few of the fan signs she made me, which made my clit twitch quite a lot:

September 2, 2005

just got gauranteed an apartment in buffalo ny ;> October 1st baby!

I have NO kitchen items, NO bathroom items....*sigh*...I need TONS of stuff for my move...for the past fucking two years Ive been living in furnished houses and got rid of all that kind of stuff (who the fucks gonna carry around tupperware, right?) go hook me up with stuff I badly need on my amazon wishlist ...or just speed click me a lovely amazon gift certificate ... address is to ;>