May 31, 2005

meat cams

That FABULOUS black dress arrived today, I wore it to the gas station just to turn heads, it was grand. Haven't taken any pics in it yet, but expect em soon ;> Just stumbled upon this site: ... S Cams

May 30, 2005

I'm really sick of all the flakey nobody little 'camgirls' who copy my style, I hope you people are acknowledging that I'm getting ripped off. THE ORIGINAL, RIGHT HERE, HELLO!

WANTED: Hot butch punk chick between the ages of 25-35 in the minneapolis/st paul area, to be my 'party' girlfriend, meaning we go out together and get fucked up and dance and make out and grope eachother while my boyfriend watches, though he wont always be there. Sex is on the table, and you being single is NOT a requirement.

Free Ipod Offer ..fucking like...ten bitches I know have gotten the free ipod, it's a real deal, it's not a fuckin scam, the catch is just that you have to sign up for on of their programs (I signed up for the dvd club, yay free dvds)....but so get a bunch of free shit from them when you do it. So do it. I need three more people to sign up though that link and complete one of the 'offers' (i.e. columbia house cd or dvd club) and then I get a free fuckin ipod. You can get one too if you get people to sign up after you complete an offer.

It's not fucking 'supper' you idiots, its DINNER. Say it with me moron, D I N N E R. How can you not be aware of the fact that you sound like a fucking idiot when you say 'supper'. *puke* Kill yourself.

May 29, 2005

this site is righteous yo:

vote for me @ top cams

check out these fuckin wonky pics I just took duhuh! :

a dear friend just linked me to this rather interesting bit of gossipy drama, involving the fabulous Szandora hmm! After reading throught this, I've come to decide I'm going to have to remove a few of the BB adverts on my site :X

fucking vote for me

I just watched fucking Titanic for the first time, and it made me cry like a pansy. ...and I hate DecRapio, so that's no small task. boyfriend used to work at this news stand / porno store in hollywood, and he had faggoty bitch boy celebs being cunts at him every day, decrapio was one of those. Man it's really irritating to have to listen to his (my boyfriends) hollywood stories all the time. Like whenever we're watching tv he feels it's neccesary to say things like 'I used to hang out there all the time' 'I know that shop owner' etc etc etc. Ok, you lived in Hollywood for 6 years, I get it allready, Joe. Aw but it's lovable ;> My punk rock god...*heart*

female domme 1 x 2

May 28, 2005

Most popular new girlie porn site on the net = SuperLicious

I just woke up craving white russions, squinting at the tv screen I realize The Big Lebowski is on. Ah, now it makes sense. Still I ...crave a white russian.

If you love Miss Jessie Kitty you'll buy some of the mucho bueno retro horror stuff I just added to my amazon wishlist it vato! Now let's take another oggle at some fabulous horror stars I dig, as I mentioned, Peter Cushing:

and another face that needs to adorn my walls (next to the Vincent Price pics) the honorable Christopher Lee:

You know how people people on the internet, and then hook up in real life to fuck? I imagine they wade through a lot of flim flammy bullshit conversation before they have the guts to let eachother know they're just looking for sleazey sex encounters. Well....I've just been made aware of a sick ass site created solely for the purpose of people hooking up for meaningless sex...and it's a fuckin free 'dating' type of site...except its geared towards sick soulless nymphos heheh: Sex Search ...I'd NEVER fuckin use this site. But I bet YOU would, sicko.

You might also find it interesting to hunt for a familiar face on these sites:

Porn Audition
Cam Crushin:(you get to WATCH THE MODELS LIVE CAM & chat with them to decide if you want to buy a show!!!)
ALL Amateur Movies

Help me out and vote for me here: Miss D Strix

You know who I randomly dig? B.D. Wong
I'm watching 'The Skull' circa 1965, featuring the fabulous Mr Peter Cushing. I think I'm going to now officially add him to my list of yum yums. Send me pictures of Peter Cushing, people.

So, I just uploaded blood for blood's 'aint like you' to my radio blog, I suggest you listen to it, and take into concideration that the song lays out many of my thoughts and feelings (most likely feelings I have towards YOU, cause you're lame). Then comfort yourself by listening to the roy orbison. ;>

I've been having strange dreams about people watching me pee. They aren't BAD dreams though, cause I'm down with the peepees.

I want this fucking suitcase yo:

so, Joe has adopted a sick new awesome err...opinion/outlook/theory....I'm not sure what to call it. But...*grin*...he wants me to go out and let dudes hit on me and buy me drinks and whatnot, so he can come be mean to them and be all aggressive and 'she's mine' ...isn't that evil, predatory, and adorable? He says this thought was spawned by the stray cats song 'cruisin' or something. My boyfriend gets radder and radder as time goes by. \m/ Too bad he has to work so much. *bluh*

May 26, 2005

OMG OMG OMG, the dog necklace from the Paris Hilton collection arrived for Vincent today, its looks SOOO adorable on him!!! I'll snap a pic as soon as possible. He's my sweet babeeee <33333

You should join Talk Sugar, (free to join, AND you get a credit of five minutes for first time members) cause that's where you can listen to my hot little recordings, and call me LIVE on the phone, oo! You can go here to check out my listings:

stocking/leg fetishists, see if you recognize any of the models on here ;>

I'm going to be live on camcontacts in a few minutes, come oggle me.

May 25, 2005

Here's one of the many beautiful dresses recently purchased from my wishlist (wanna play dollie and dress me in pretty clothes? go pick some off my list! this was bought by my aussie slut) I'll take pics in it as soon as it arrives meow:

sizzle slutsxfetish 100

May 24, 2005

New Goth Slut site: Scar13 ...(btw, I'm not goth, Im punk, wake up you ignorant fucks)

Well my boyfriends birthday kicked fucking ass! We ended up NOT grilling, instead chimichangas were home made, RAWR! Fucking uh YUM! And we had an icecream cake, and got totally stoned, (DrunkGirls) and watched Shanghai Knights and Bowfinger, both of which were highly satisfactory. Gazza! are you a pig? hahah!

#1 #2 #3

...I woke up with a totally righteous attitude today, cause MOVING keeps getting closer and closer. GOD, I can't wait to move somewhere where I can finally get more tats. Its been allmost a YEAR since my last tattoo, and thats fucking retarded and intolerable. *hiss*

check out the ultra hot shoes and tube top that my UK heel slut bought me from my amazon wishlist:

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you can see more hot pics like that in my cambang members section ...(you can also pick out what I'll be wearing in my pics by purchasing me lovely items from my amazon wishlist)

now look at these pics I took the night before my bfs bday:

it was a fabulous evening ;>

May 22, 2005

FemSupremacy? Dirty Tranny Sex? Pantyhose Pinups? Degradation? *snicker*

I've been mad busy, damn! Catch me on my streaming cam? Good times. It's my boyfriends birthday tomorrow WEEooooo!!! We're gonna grill and party and shit, yay! Too bad there's no shroomlings *frown* God I wish we were still in delaware.

So you need to make sure to vote for me by clicking (and entering) SunCams, and FootGoddess...and you can find the rest of my voting links here ...if people weren't so fucking lazy about voting I wouldn't need to have pop ups on my site. So fuckin go click those links EVERY DAY you lazy cow shit.

May 19, 2005

Ive been having a righteous fucking week, myar, shrooming (partying in general)...I redid the blue in my hair, received some adorable clothes in the mail. ...helped my boyfriend make a chocolate cake last night, and uploaded some delicious Samhain to my radio blog. WOO! I've also uploaded some music and pics to my members section @ Cambang ...I'll probably be uploading more content / live camming there this evening or tomorrow as well.

I'm too good for sleazey bullshit like this...but you're not look, porn:

*I'm going to be on yahoo cam for free this evening, oo this is your chance ya fag!*
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May 16, 2005

JessieKitty Live Cam:

JessieKitty Live Phone/Recordings:

(allthough I really don't think of myself as a 'Mistress' ...I'm a bratty Princess dammit ;>)

JessieKitty Pics:

May 14, 2005

$laves: I've updated my slave application page.... (main page of my slave site)

A friends comment just reminded me of how much I adore Mr. Peter Lorre ...WOO! He worked SO well with my idol, the saint Vincent Price, mmmmm. Check out this FABULOUS link of vincent price recordings, I'm going to be adding some to my radio blog as soon as some grand helpful person turns them into mp3s for me, meow! Vincent Price wavs @ The Pit

Here's a picy of them together:

mm looking lovely:

May 13, 2005

Look at my lil vinnie binnie:

now look at my excellent shirt:

I'm more of a thigh high girl, but you should check this shit out:

Degradation.Org x NaturalBornBitch.Com

there's a free clip at each of these sites:

May 12, 2005

why am I awake?

May 11, 2005

I am *LOVING* the blood for blood album 'OUTLAW ANTHEMS' that I just finally got. It's fucking golden dude. Every song on that album is from me to you, go listen to it. (I aint like you) ....and you have GOT to read the liner notes. I can relate *SO MUCH* ....(can you believe people have been sending them letters talking shit, and acting like they don't have the right to be angry!??? *scream* ....people treat ME that way, as if I haven't got the right to rage. Like I always say, live my fucking life, remember my memories, then fucking tell me to lighten up, powder puffs)


Be a good slut, and go buy me awesome shit from my amazon wishlist ....these guys did....

from my UK shoe slut:

from my spanish bitch boi:

and from a nameless dude that I've got no idea how to get ahold of:

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