September 30, 2007

FUCK YEA Joe ended up not having to work today, so we're off to the park to play hockey! Yes yes yes! We're gonna bring beer and the digicam. Both of us have our phone lines on, so fuckin call if you want ;>

me = 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext# 01241219

him = 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext# 0861598
The Legend of Billie Jean - "FAIR IS FAIR!"


SHAG! - "Y'all's the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!"


Well aside from my poor sick kitty (who's now recovering), Joe and I have been having an excellent fucking time stomping all over nashville. Just .. thought I'd mention that. (I've been ignoring the computer... I know I know).

Hot Hot Hot MiloV

September 29, 2007

Im LIVE now, on camcontacts! :>
I had a bunch of fun awesome yay shit to talk about, cause of everything that'd been going on for the past week.... but yesterday everything turned icky. My CAT got sick. Roy Orbison. He was panting, squatting a lot, and there was pee dripping out of him. He wouldnt eat or drink. We fed him hair ball medicine, and when that didn't help we took him to the vet. ....crystals in his bladder/urinary track. They said if we hadn't brought him in right away, he might have had kidney damage, or worse...

He's still there. We had to leave him over night. I hope he can come home today, before Joe goes to work. Man this sucks. He's the last person in the world to deserve this shit, Roy, he's the best behaved lovey dovey motherfucker ever. *sigh*

September 25, 2007

Bitch ass submissives need to get their ugly unworthy asses to wishlist page and send me cash, gift certificates, and presents. What will I be doing while you blow your money on me? Joe and I have a date to play drinking games on a stoop tonight. WOO! (haha)

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09-07-2007 19-06-27

September 23, 2007


Im going to be doing promotional FREE WEBCAM CHATS through camcontacts once or twice a month, from now on. Join now (its free) and then watch for me to post the 'secret password' to enter my cam chat without paying ;>

look at all the FUCKING HOT VIDEOS I've uploaded to my store this month. Blow jobs, titty fucking, sex, woo!! There's even videos for the SLAVE boys in there.

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September 19, 2007

Joe and I are lounging around in bed, smmmoking, and he just said some really true shit that needs to be quoted:

"sometimes when youre chilling talking to someone, and you try to mention all the places you've lived, they start talking over you saying 'oh Ive been here, Ive been here, Ive been there'... but its stupid, because theres a big difference between LIVING lots of differant places for YEARS. ....and everywhere we've lived, there's been people who have NEVER lived anywhere other than that city we're in. they have no idea whats going on in other places. they were just a tourist."

fuck yes Joe! in MY life time I've lived in eight different states, almost all for years at a time, and some of them more than once at different stages. ..and Ive visited MORE places for months at a time. yea! Now we just need to start getting over oceans.

September 17, 2007

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September 16, 2007


I kind of fucking hate J.P. Witkin, but I can't deny his interestingness: glass

September 14, 2007

please please please go buy me new clothes from my amazon wishlist. the sizes colors and shipping address are already filled in. You'll have the please of seeing me wear whatever you send me, in pics and on live cam. PLEASE help a girl out!!! I feel like a fucking dipshit, cause when I look through my pics its always the same boring fucking outfits. ;< I find it hard to spend my own money on clothes, considering I have bills, debt, and etc etc to put my money towards. I need a fucking bed too. *sigh* DAMMIT!

I've been ignoring submissives lately.

I've been wrapped up in my live webcam, video store, pic store world.

I'm in the mood for slaves ;>

Email me, or call me on niteflirt. Lets fucking get it started.

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Being owned by me is hot shit. Im delicious, on the outside and the inside. (oo that sounds dirty!)

The telephone, webcams, chatting, cell phone text messages, emails, snail mail, and possibly "real time" are all the ways you'll get to chill with me, if you become mine.

I like nice sweet submissives, and Im good at abusing nasty humiliation pigs.

September 12, 2007

here's samples from a 'denim fetish' pic set that I'll be uploading to my pic store in a little while ;> There are also new videos in my vid store.

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09-04-2007 15-49-0209-04-2007 15-51-45

09-04-2007 15-54-5609-04-2007 16-01-13
09-04-2007 15-59-0209-04-2007 16-01-50

09-04-2007 16-16-4609-04-2007 17-01-29
09-04-2007 17-22-5609-04-2007 17-19-01
look at my sweet honeys Ben and Jordan, at Scott&Amy's wedding in pittsburgh:

they're my best friends in the world, yay.. I've known Ben since 6th grade!

09-01-2007 20-23-3009-01-2007 20-25-30

September 10, 2007

I will fucking KILL these gossip sluts who're talking so much shit about Brit Brit!

Her performance was NOT that bad, the song obviously rocks either way. Im totally getting the new album. When's it out, november?

She would have been more energetic and poppy if sarah silvermans ugly dirty little jew ass hadn't been talking shit about her right before it was time to perform.


heres Britney, I'd still lick her bitbit!

Joe has a dirty little secret.... he dances to britney and justin and christina videos with me, and he POPS HIS BOOTY. Yes he does. He has a talent for it.

September 8, 2007

new sexy video in my video store!


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what does it mean when you have dreams about your dead family telling you to kill yourself

September 7, 2007

Go to my amazon wishlist and fucking buy me awesome shit! Spending money on me feels good, its addictive, try it.

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09-01-2007 17-08-3809-01-2007 17-07-33

I'm doing plenty of live webcammin' on CAMCONTACTS, as usual, this button will tell you if I'm live (3.99 per minute):


whenever Im live on camcontacts, I'm also broadcasting through the LIVE CAM area of my new members section. (I have a program that splits my cam to go through lots of places at once). I think you can actually get the cam cheaper by buying chunks of time directly from me, but if you watch through camcontacts theres no minumum you have to spend.

Here's some captures from a blowjob & tittie fucking video (that you can find in my members section, or for a lower price in my video store):

08-30-2007 17-58-5308-30-2007 18-03-07

If my webcam isnt on, go check these bitches out. You can view them for free. I'm not lying:

Im pleased to live in a world where zombie porn exists, I just wish it wasnt interracial:

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Me and Joe had to go to the police station a few days ago, dealing with car registration shit, and all the cops there were really fit handsome polite adorable 'good ol boys' with deep southern accents n stuff. It was fucking hot. Just thought I'd let you know. (Joe needs a cop uniform).

September 5, 2007

check out my new profile on

omg this is neat, you can buy credits through adultwork to use for cell phone text chats with me! awesome! I encourage you to do so, because Im wayyy addicted to texting :D (you just click 'send me an sms message' on my profile page, once youve joined and bought credit)

September 4, 2007


dwightyoakam (dwight and biscuit boys food)

dwight on IMDB

September 2, 2007

I'm fucking excited. Im currently downloading a GIANT GIANT amount of Johnny Cash from my excellent friend Dan. In fact, I think it might be MULTIPLE box sets! ...I downloaded a really rad CCR box set from him the other day too. Yummy.

I made cupcakes!

Speaking of righteous things, I <3 Alex Jones...

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In my new site you get vids, pics, a chatroom, a little blog area, etc etc etc. Get your ass in there. NOW! ;> You can also buy live webcam there, to use for my schedualed group chats, or for private. (click that link and you can see a thirty second free preview of my cam, if I've got it on woo!) Of course I'll still be running my cam through camcontacts, but if you buy minutes through my new site, you can use them whenever you want, hot! There's no downloading required, you just buy your time, get a password for my cam, and ..thats it!

New videos have been uploaded there, as well as my video store.

September 1, 2007

My newest turn on: Jensen Ackles! Hot texan!

this is my new desktop image:


I'm watching episodes of Supernatural right now, and Jensen just said "I just learned a valuable lesson... always take down your xmas decorations after new years, or you might get filleted by a hooker from god."

Lydia Cornell is one suave lady!