September 19, 2007

Joe and I are lounging around in bed, smmmoking, and he just said some really true shit that needs to be quoted:

"sometimes when youre chilling talking to someone, and you try to mention all the places you've lived, they start talking over you saying 'oh Ive been here, Ive been here, Ive been there'... but its stupid, because theres a big difference between LIVING lots of differant places for YEARS. ....and everywhere we've lived, there's been people who have NEVER lived anywhere other than that city we're in. they have no idea whats going on in other places. they were just a tourist."

fuck yes Joe! in MY life time I've lived in eight different states, almost all for years at a time, and some of them more than once at different stages. ..and Ive visited MORE places for months at a time. yea! Now we just need to start getting over oceans.

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