October 30, 2005

You know what. I'm drunk....and I'm listening to some music, and having some conversations, that lead me to believe I want to call your attention to the fact that I started living on my own when I was 15 years old, and....I'm a punk ass mad dog from the underground, WOOF!, and I don't give a fuck what you think about it.

Mmm I had a reallly good night last night. Some fuckin idiot lad threw himself at my mercy, which I really have none of *smirk* and I got tons of righteous shit out of his stupid ass....the funnest item besides cash being these harley boots, which will look much cuter on me than they do in the picture:

I also took a billion pics and did streaming cam all night (find info about that here), here's a sample:

PAOLO CONTE is the shit.

October 28, 2005

I reopened my FORUM ....if you had an account before, it's still active, go log in!!! Otherwise, create an account (its free) and join in ;>

Going to be on my streaming cam later today, here's some cam captures from a shoe fetish show I was doing...it looks gliphy, but be assured the cam quality during shows is excellente!

MistressFire will scare the shit out of you.

p.s......I will DIE without this dress:

October 25, 2005

WEBCAM WORLD (click that and it registers a vote for my site wee)

October 23, 2005

cam pics from yesterday:

pics from the hockey game two weeks ago, my first time going to a game, first time riding the subway...I was plastered, it was fabulous...and we won ;>:

a girlie I love: youbrokeher.com

I've been doing a lot of camming on Camcontacts the last few days, and that will be constant from now on, cause when I'm not at the computer I'm making it a 'voyeur cam' so cam fans can still look in and watch me/us partying, etc. I've also had my PHONE LINE on 24/7 so you can gimme a call while you watch...Here's the indicators that let you know if my cam and phone are on or not:

(TALKSUGAR) PHONE: 1-877-44-SUGAR ext#824 (if it says 'call now' my line is on)

CAM @ Camcontacts (this alerts if my cam is on or off):


so yay....JESSIEKITTY is BACK on Keen/Niteflirt!!!!!! www.niteflirt.com/JessieKittyHatesYou

pay me $50 through keen, bitch!:

October 18, 2005

holy crap...did you know they're making a NEW 'rocky' movie!?! And did you know Stallone wrote
ALL the rocky movies himself? Whoa, ey? He's 59???? Holy shit. Read about it here.

October 17, 2005


crazybabe.com (haha)

look at this news article ...haaaaaaha, this bitch of a dude contacted me less than a year ago inviting me to be on his site, then got really mad at me when I called it a 'sleazey' site. Now he's in JAIL for being so low. Enjoy it, bitch. And all you fucking pitiful bitch ass 'revenge ex girlfriend picture trading' losers, check it out, proof you're scum and you deserve to be punished. ;>


October 13, 2005

vip room nasty roommates

I have a crush on a girl! *ehehehehe*

I can't get roy orbison out of my head *pant* ...not that I'd want to.

Moving into the way way nicer apartment tomorrow. I'll only be without internet for like half a day, so no big woop there. God, an IN TOWN move. I'm so not used to that. Heheh.

If you love me...you'll buy me presents from my amazon wishlist ...or send me straight cash through amazon.com:

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October 11, 2005

To this day, I still judge Cam Crush to be THE best pay 2 cam site on the net. Why? Because you get to preview the chicks cam, AND chat with them before you pay ONE CENT. Can't beat that! But you can beat 'it'. Ha.

My phone lines are on!!!! Call JessieKitty! (you get five free minutes when you open the account, hello!)

Also doing some webcamin' today: Watch my cam!

as promised here's some pics!!

me making traditional snotty drunk faces on umm...october 3rd 2005:

the picture of the bruise that I got as a result of that bar fight, the first night I got to buffalo:

A picture of my ex roommate Jordan with Vincent:

Bittersweet final party night with ex roommate Ben:

when I was packing to move to NY I decided to get rid of all my stupid evil cd and dvd cases, and put em all in tidy wallets:

October 6, 2005

yay, me :
You are Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood

What hardcore band are you?
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Joe got :

What hardcore band are you?
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October 5, 2005

I've had my phone line on a lot this week, *wink wink*

GO SABRES!!!!! First official season game is going on right now ;> I'm dying to have the 'female' cut sabres jersey...I can't wait to GO to a game..I was thinking of going to this one, but decided to stay home and rest...cause I partied really fucking hard last night WOO. ...I'mmmm just drinking a skanky icehouse tallboy, smokin a little somethin green WOO THE SABRES JUST SCORED heheh, yay, Joe is fuckin screaming.

Anyway...I'm moving into a bigger nicer fucking excellent apartment within the next ten days, I'd love to post pictures of how beautiful and chic my new neighborhood is...but that wouldn't be prudent hm. Take my word for it, it's fucking hawt.

I need to find some nice gay boys to hang out with while my dude is working *sigh*..

I have assloads of pics to post, but I can't be bothered right now, so wait in agony ;>

haha YES, kick miroslav satans bitchy islander ass WOO