March 31, 2008

I've uploaded new goodies to my NF store:
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NEW JESSIEKITTY VIDS: (smoking fetish, tease and denial, cocksucking, and more! ...god I'm a righteous slut....)

Tonight will include wine, scary movies, joe's famous taco salads... and before it all, I might take the kids (my dog, and two cats) to the park. A wonderful fucker bought me this great animal cage from amazon and I am DYING to take the cats out and about in nashville, hehe!



How I fucking love the sourpuss brand micro minis.

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of course there are harrassive people all over the internet. you're used to it, you deal with it. but every once in awhile something really sad goes on. first off you need to know that it is completely rare that I ever have a negative experience with some other FEMALE online. I dont really approach them myself... mostly the only interacting I do is with chicks who work on the same sites as me. the suavest of the suave ;> ...recently I've been getting shit from a real disaster of a "woman". it's been going down on myspace. she has one of those really sad uncomfortable profiles about her 'bdsm' interests. she posts pictures of her WAY overweight icky body, deformed misshapen nastyness all around, slopped into a pair of dingey ivory granny panties, for real. she's wearing cheap dog collars and raving about her love for bondage, and how she's a switch. you know the type Im talking about, you know it's not pretty. Basically she saw a bulletin I made about my wishlists, and how sluts needed to take themselves shopping for me. Keeping in mind this is on a profile where mostly the only people getting my bulletins are submissives. She in turn posted a bulletin thinly veiled at me, saying that what Im doing is prostitution, and a bunch of other nonsense. I copied it into my myspace blog, laughing about it. I blocked her. Then she continued to find other ways to send me stupid mail, calling me an egomaniac and shit. Alright, thats fine, it's cool. I AM an egomaniac, and I'm hot and awesome and dudes buy me shit, and LIVE for my attention.... and she's mad about it, since she's a gross troll. Makes sense. ...I never even really replied to her. I thought it was funny, and I thought it was over. ...but now a month later or more, shes made a new profile and being harrassive again. ICK! I reported her for cyber bullying, while me and Joe laughed at how gross looking she is. Just the fact that she's posting pictures of herself on the internet is cyber terrorism. Hahaha! I just thought you should know.

March 29, 2008

Lots of hot new videos in my store! Some are very 'differant' and were requested by 'specialty' people, including moneyslave, smoking fetish, and foot fetish vids. Hehe. ;> Feel free to email me with requests.

Tons of fucking excellent shit has been arriving, read about it in my wishlist blog. And then blow money on me. Neptune demands it.



I was just reading up on Joan of Arc. Damn, thats some intenseness!

I think you need to watch Wrong Turn 2... it's just awful, crappily made, and grand. Inbred west virginia hillbillys doped up on toxic waste, being incestuous and deformed and cannibalistic, terrorizing some douche bags who're trying to film a new reality show. Sickeningly perfect, with Henry Rollins. I can't believe I watched this ALONE in the dark last night. (Joe was off watching the hockey game. The Sabres have been dissapointing this year so I wasn't into it). There's this one part where the deformed gross sister catches her brother/lover whacking off while spying on a 'normal' girl sunbathing. She beats him up and punches at his dick, attacks the sunbathing girl and kills her, and then wears her face and hair like a mask while her brother fucks her against some tree stump or something. I totally almost puked. I'm gonna make Joe watch it later. God I love horror movies. You should buy me some from my wishlist.

wrong_turn_2_still sister

speaking of puking, look, it's me laying in bed the other day harfing bile and verging on death, classy!


I like grabbing my bartenders tits:

By the way, the auction for my zebra thongs is coming to an end on ebanned! (I do direct sales too, so just email me to discuss).

March 25, 2008

Im getting dressed up slutty and heading out to find trouble *wave*
New videos in my video store and VIP CLUB

Dammit, I've been partying too much. I must break the cycle. But I dont WANT TO! *scream* ...yea... I dyed the blue in my hair back to brown. I get bored fast. I'll be adding some blonde streaks again, but less spread out than last time. Someone needs to take me shopping for hair products.

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Go read about how fucking spoiled and awesome I am in my wishlist blog!

You can check my moblog to see lots of cell phone pics of random places and people I've been dealing with. Easter was fun, good times, blah blah blah, I got lots of lovely things from my fans, and my nasty SLAVES heh:


We took Vincent to the park the other day, yay spring! There happens to be an old old GRAVEYARD in this park, I'm in love, obviously.




if you want to really waste time you can watch this cell phone video of me running laps with the V man:

I want all of the clothes on this website... who's taking me shopping?::

March 22, 2008

EXCITING: I've opened a 'my flirt' store, so all of you NITEFLIRT users can go CRAZY in there! Check it out! Click Here To View My Flirt Store!

(its like allll of the shit you can get from me through niteflirt, conveniently organized).


fuck YES!

--- Ruling: "Speak English" sign at cheesesteak shop not discriminatory

"A city agency yesterday dismissed a discrimination complaint against Geno's Steaks for its speak-English sign, halting a case that thrust shop owner Joey Vento into the national spotlight of the contentious immigration debate."

full article here

March 20, 2008

hmmm I only need to collect 171 more dollars through my amazon honor system account to bring the total money 'donated' to me up to ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! click here to see for yourself... I know you'll be tempted to round that number up, all you need is an account ;> SEND JESSIEKITTY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. (it's the thing to do).

March 19, 2008

I've been fucking busy. Yay!

New videos posted in my store, new pics too.

Lots of hot wishlist shit has been being delivered, purchased by fans and submissives.. yum:


I'm addicted to my moblog (mobile blog), it's so fun dude...


I love going out, and I love cilantro and lime tacos!


We bathed Vincent the other day, he's always so soft and glittery after a bath, awww!


So we met this chick while we were out the other night, she also just moved here from new york so we had lots to blab about. We all ended up going to some dudes house and smoking some really kind bud. Fun fun. ...I can't help but pine for my Ben and Jordan who're in minneapolis. *sigh* I'll never stop campaigning to get them to move down here. I think they'll be more interested once they see I'm not gonna just pick up and move again like I usually do. I signed another lease on this apartment.. I've been here for a year and two weeks now... it's almost a record! hah. But seriously, it's pretty alright here, and I'm loving the weather. I'll never fucking deal with a northern winter EVER AGAIN, this I vow.

March 12, 2008

More partying last night...hung over to hell. When will I learn? ;>

Madonna is so motherfucking repulsive. The speach that Justin Timberlake gave about her was sickening. I'm starting to really take note of the gross rituals hidden in the medias wretched little 'events'.

Fuck her stupid ass being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, its all about THE VENTURES! *woo*

March 10, 2008

I just posted some NASTY fucking ebanned auctions ;> Go bid now, ya big pervert! And remember, I do direct sales, so just email me to negotiate for any of your other twisted wants and needs.

Whipping the shit out of a douche bag last night was awesome, but I've already spent all the dough I earned. Tisk. One of my splurges was at WOOHOO!