March 29, 2008

Lots of hot new videos in my store! Some are very 'differant' and were requested by 'specialty' people, including moneyslave, smoking fetish, and foot fetish vids. Hehe. ;> Feel free to email me with requests.

Tons of fucking excellent shit has been arriving, read about it in my wishlist blog. And then blow money on me. Neptune demands it.



I was just reading up on Joan of Arc. Damn, thats some intenseness!

I think you need to watch Wrong Turn 2... it's just awful, crappily made, and grand. Inbred west virginia hillbillys doped up on toxic waste, being incestuous and deformed and cannibalistic, terrorizing some douche bags who're trying to film a new reality show. Sickeningly perfect, with Henry Rollins. I can't believe I watched this ALONE in the dark last night. (Joe was off watching the hockey game. The Sabres have been dissapointing this year so I wasn't into it). There's this one part where the deformed gross sister catches her brother/lover whacking off while spying on a 'normal' girl sunbathing. She beats him up and punches at his dick, attacks the sunbathing girl and kills her, and then wears her face and hair like a mask while her brother fucks her against some tree stump or something. I totally almost puked. I'm gonna make Joe watch it later. God I love horror movies. You should buy me some from my wishlist.

wrong_turn_2_still sister

speaking of puking, look, it's me laying in bed the other day harfing bile and verging on death, classy!


I like grabbing my bartenders tits:

By the way, the auction for my zebra thongs is coming to an end on ebanned! (I do direct sales too, so just email me to discuss).

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