February 27, 2005

Don't forget to join talksugar where you can talk to me live on on the phone, and listen to my recordings ;>

I got my fuckin futon WOO! (now I can shut up about it :D) checky check it:

thank you Hidden!!!! And thanks for the other assload of shit you got me *rubs tits on you*

I'm going to watch the movie 'saw' tonight, I can't fuckin wait to see it rawr. And I can't wait to receive the erm..fungus that mr section 25 dude from the uk sent me. *sings a happy happy song* ...today started out so lame, and ended up so righteous. ;> Except....my hip still hurts. *whimper* ...the yoga and pilates I do are made by these people: http://www.crunch.com ...wish they had a gym in my area!!!


February 26, 2005

playing with pics of my loveys:

vincent now has a kimono just like meee:

February 25, 2005

I got my dessert treat beauty products today! OMG I cant stop spraying and licking myself! "cupcake" and "candy" perfume, "creamsicle" body shimmer, and six flavors of lip gloss. Its fucking fabulous! My body is now covered head to toe with dessert flavored, cake smelling, glittery glory! WOOHOO! Good boy Todd ;>

Now someone go to my listy and get me the flavored body powder and lotion!! ..oo I forgot to add, the lip candy has plumper in it, it tingles and makes your lips pout up, yummy ;> ...I can't wait to get licked.

February 24, 2005

love feet, shoes, and legs? WORSHIP JESSIE KITTY : FETISHY PRINCESS:

so, I was in the yahoo chatroom 'financialfemmesupremes'...and without provication some fuckin 'domme' started talking shit about me for being a cam girl *snicker* ...so I go look at her profile....surprise surprise she's a fat ugly bitch with a bunch of fake pitiful theatrical drivel drenching her whole persona.

....it's funny how non cam chicks, who dont care either way (about the 'cam' community) are usually moderatley attractive, and the chicks who have a PROBLEM with me being on cam are fat, ugly, and lacking in style and substance. Don't you bitches REALIZE its obvious to everyone why you're picking on me? (Because you're jealous that I'm hotter and more confidant...duh) Wax your upper lip, go on a diet, get a hair cut, take a speaking class...IMPROVE YOURSELF. Don't just take your self hatred out on me. If my existance makes you feel lame, ignore me...pretend I don't exist....because acting like that at me just makes you look SO pitiful to the "slaves" that you supposedly control. *smirk*

its a special day for me *giggle* but you dont get to know why! ...if you want to celebrate with me, hook me up ;>

4everSluts (haha)

my neighbors dog is a beauuuutiful lassie looking dog, and clearly he wants me to adopt him. he lays under my window outside, and leans agains my glass doors all day every day, until I let my dogs out to play with him, or bring him inside.

I got up at ten am and brought him in here and got him high and let him get in bed with me and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend was still asleep, and the dog was walking on him and shit, haw it was funny. ...then he got antsy so I put him back outside, and now he's been laying under my bedroom window ever since.

his owners are totally cool old guys, but he's an outdoor dog for them, so I think he's addicted to lounging inside, and getting female attention over here. he is SO fuckin sweet and adorable. aaaannnnd....I got a pic!!!

February 23, 2005

damn now its my LEFT hip joint thing thats achey. *grunt grunt*

this is not bullshit, I know multiple people who've received an ipod this way: Get A Free Ipod

A new bitch boy got me my yummy nag champa products, and the faux zebra rug from amazon last night *cheer* ...now I MUST MUST MUST have the futon set and futon cover. We must all work to make my bedroom righteous! My sahby boy got me one of the zebra print floor pillows, I need the other, as well as the zebra pillow shams. \M/

speaking of my wishlist, the necro mask showed up today!!! hahaha check it out:

February 22, 2005

how gay are YOU?


' Jessica is 56% gay!

you're very open minded between the sheets, and just as balanced when out on the streets! '

Lately I've been calling shit that pisses me off a 'shit goblin' or 'shit goblins' ...I will now claim that as MY insult. Fed Ex are shit goblins, by the way.

The amazing Mycodome 3 in 1 mushroom growing kit - Incubate - Birth/Fruit - Even Dry your mushrooms all in one easy to use system

February 21, 2005

it's insanely sad how people from other countries believe the most random and idiotic stereotypes about the usa, and americans. We're one of the most worldly countries there is, so don't sit there and assume I dont know oh, for example that other countries call soccor football, I mean come ON! We have *everything* here. Everything from every fucking culture. It's YOU who needs to be informed, not me. GOD the fucking idiots abound.

Speaking of which, god I love 'the kids in the hall'.

*phew* after completing my high octane work out every night for about a week n a half, I'm definatley seeing some new muscle tone. Prodominantly in my legs/thighs. I mean DAMN, what, are those muscles just really easy to build up or what? Tonight I noticed my abs hurting more than before, which must mean I'm doing the dance and pilates movements more accuratley than at first, which kicks total ass! After the first few nights, my fuckin like...hip joints were mega achey, but that seems to be going away as well.

My babes have purchased me a hip hop work out dvd, and new shoes and work out clothes from my wishlist, can't wait to get that stuff!!!!! You know whats REALLY wierd....the more I work out, the less I feel the urge to...well...drink all day. Heheh! I think I'll *always* be a cocktail hour girl, but Im just not FEELING the urge to guzzle booze as much as before. Probably due to the fact that working out makes you more energetic, being more energetic makes you less prone to depression, therefor...yea. Or maybe I'm just not as alcoholic cause I've had way more weed lately. *snicker* *clap clap clap*

It's like...unreal to have this much energy at fuckin two am. I mean Im bouncing off the walls dude!

vote for me here, and here..thanks!


oh, and for those foot addicted boys who are, or are about to start serving me, another sexy sexy fuckin pair of shoes (paid for by one of my foot admirers of COURSE):

please ignore the pile of clothes on my floor :D

February 20, 2005

The affiliate program that has produced the most revenue
for me, is CamSense ..I perform live for them, and take advantage of their GREAT partner program. Perfect option for camgirls!

February 19, 2005

I added a bunch of the Jessica Simpson brand 'dessert treats' kissable (nearly edible) beauty products to my amazon wishlist....I was then opening my blog to write about how much I wanted them, when my boy toy Teror bought me most of the items I added! *yeeee* Thanks honey ;> ...mmmm its 'kissable' prefume, lip gloss, and glittery hair n body spray, all in flavors like cotton candy, and banana split, cupcake..etc. *sigh of happyness*

It certainly cheered me up, as I was piddley cause my dad came home today. bargle :|

I was making wierd mp3s today of me n my boyfriend smoking pot n watching 'revenge of the nerds' teheheh. I've been SELLING mp3s (of myself), if you didnt know. I posted about it in my yahoo group \m/

February 18, 2005

I perform on camcontacts:

More hot new shoes today (I stole them from lux interior ;>):

I feel all befuddley. I need cuddling *whine*

I sure do like this: http://www.anti-anti-flag.com

thanks, conservative punk, for leading me there!

February 17, 2005

drinking booze then doing pilates dvd, stupidest thing Ive ever done. I feel like I'm gonna die yo. *grunt* You know I'm so alone out here in the middle of nowhere....that like...I feel like the instructor chicks on my work out tapes n stuff are...my friends. I talk to them during the routine. Dont tell anyone.

I now have a talksugar chatroom:
TalkSugar.com Text Chat

I've also recorded my first two 'pay to listen recordings' on Talk Sugar ...one is a humiliation oriented recording for my ugly yucky bitch boys, the other geared towards 'feminization' for my nasty homoesque 'slaves'. *smirk*

Watching 'Creature Comforts' on comedy central. Fuckin brilliant! Now someone fucking buy me the gym shoes on my amazon list or I'll shave my head.

3 in 1 Mushroom Growing System

February 15, 2005

I just did my pilates dvd, christ that shit works your stomache. ...I feel all light headed n shit. And all of that squatting and 'pilate rolling' made my head hurt. My yoga tape's been making my head hurt too. I don't know if it's just cause I've been sick and my heads sensitive, or if it's all the 'your heads touching the floor, now jump up and stand tall' shit, since its like...you know...whipping your head around and letting gravity take its toll. *shrug* Either way I feel lovely and worked out now. This is the perfect antidote for my cabin fever. *pant* ...I'm allready tired of the red in my hair...whining to myself that I want it to be a new color, which is stupid bullshit, get the fuck over it Jessica!!!! right?

I had a lovely V Day, thanks to all of my boy toys n' sugar daddys for the lovely things I received, here's some pics of a few of my gifts (check out those hawt fuckin healless shoes! thanks sahba! ...the huggy pic is signifying the righteous fuck fest that took place yesterday):

Queer eye for the straight guy was so cute tonight, they redid this hippie dude....as usual I got weepy at the end. And what the fuck, some Will and Grace rerun is on, and Darlene from 'roseanne' is in it huh. One of the greatest insults I've ever received was 'you're just trying to be darlene from roseanne' ...some turd in a chatroom said that to me. It was ace. (because darlene was a nasty grunge chick, which makes it mean in an entertaining way, dont you think?) Ah. Anyway, this epi has Barry Manilow (sp?) music in it, and I *LOVE* it. Deal with it. *smirk*

Oh...speaking of my workouts of late, I need new gym shoes. All I have are skateboarding shoes, and those do not the aerobic move make... so, who wants to hook up the Jessie Kitty? I'm toddling off to put gym shoes on my amazon list now <3

February 13, 2005

I just did my yoga tape, and I feel GREAT! WOOHOO! I only need three more people to sign up here, and I get a free IPOD ;> Dizzy CamRank

Did I mention my interview with Too Square Magazine?

Skanky Shit

I've *GOT* to have this mask from my amazon wishlist:

wouldnt that totally look rad in pics? get it for me!!

foot fetish clip, come back n click for a new segment every day:

This Dude (pulp jesus) is so FUCKING righteous. I have a crush on him 'cause of his skills. Go leave comments on his pics telling him how righteous he is, and that JessieKitty lead you to him.

Erotiq Sex

February 12, 2005

Don't forget to check out my interview @ RealCamGirls.net

I'm such a beautiful righteous treasure *sigh* ...I'm about to toss back some Leinenkugels Honey Weiss (lovely beer) smoke some weed, n watch 'the gudge' which just came in the mail *clap clap*

Oh...my shroom spores came today, the grow kit has yet to arrive. *excitable* ...did I mention I grew shrooms last year, but they got infected? ;P

I maintain, lets be a drunken little bitch and obsess over some appropriate sex pistols lyrics:

I’ve seen you in the mirror
When the story began
And I fell in love with you
I love yer mortal sin
Yer brains are locked away
But I love your company
I only ever leave you when you got no money
I got no emotions for anybody else
You better understand I’m in love with my self
My beautiful self

A no feelings a no feelings
A no feelings
For anybody else

Hello and goodbye in a run around sue
You follow me around like a pretty pot of glue
I kick you in the head you got nothing to say
Get out of the way ’cos I gotta get away
You never realise I take the piss out of you
You come up and see me and I’ll beat you black and blue
Okay I’ll send you away

I got no feelings a no feelings
No feelings for anybody else
Exept for my self my beautiful self dear

There ain’t no moonlight after midnight
I see you stupid people out looking for delight
Well I’m so happy I’m feeling so fine
I’m watching all the rubbish you’re wasting my time
I look around your house and there’s nothing to steal
I kick you in the brains when you get down to kneel
And pray you pray to your god

No feelings a no feelings
No feelings for anybody else
Exept for my self
Your daddy’s gone away
Be back another day
See his picture hanging on your wall

February 10, 2005

JE$$IE : so like
x_ps: you don't think i'm a pervert if i whack off to you?
JE$$IE : how often do you sit around thinking about wanting to fuck me
JE$$IE : no, you're a man. thats what you do.
x_psy: i've seen pics of you fucking, ok. and i think of those a lot, but with me in them
x_ps: what good blow jobs you must give
JE$$IE : heheh yep
JE$$IE : i do
x_psych : i know you do
JE$$IE : how do you know
x_psychoc: i think about fucking you every day
JE$$IE : you doooo
x_psycho : i can tell, because you talk about them so passionately
x_psych: you had on your blog once that you wanted to suck some guy in
JE$$IE : when do I talk about sucking dick?
x_psyc : that line stayed in my head for weeks
x_psych : you did on your blog once
x_psych : and i saw you give a blow job once a long time ago
JE$$IE : oh hm
x_psyc : i also get the impression you like a guy to please your ass
JE$$IE : yep
x_psyc : do you like it slapped?
JE$$IE : mmhm
x_psyc : do you like it eaten?
JE$$IE : I also like to be talked to while Im being fucked.
JE$$IE : yep
x_psych : what do you like said to ya
x_psy : raunchy stuff? or loving?
JE$$IE : both
JE$$IE : but without the word raunchy
JE$$IE : I like hearing nasty daddy daughter shit
x_psy : i've fantasied about that too. that i'm your long last daddy and i've come back into your life
JE$$IE : I like hearing what a good girl I am for taking daddys big dick
x_psych : i wanna see if you can be a good girl and take daddy's dick and if you let daddy fuck you hard and good daddy will spoil you
JE$$IE : yep
x_psych : will you be waiting for daddy when he gets home from work?
JE$$IE : yea thats generally how I always talk to my boyfriend.
x_psyc : i've thought about getting you a pocket rocket so you i can give you orgasms haha
JE$$IE : I'm very into being treated like a kid.
JE$$IE : pocket rocket? huh?
x_psyc : i just heard that's the best vibrator
x_psy : that and one called the rabbit
JE$$IE : Im gonna use some of this conversation with your name taken out as a referance in my blog

heheh, sex q n a.

February 8, 2005

STOP FUCKING CALLING ME JESS. My name is not fucking 'jess' ....from now on people who call me that are getting put on ignore, instantly.

Do you randomly call strangers named john jo? Do you call strangers named rebecca reba!?!?!? Do *NOT* fucking call me 'jess' ....that sounds like the name of a cow, or a family car. mmmmmk!???


*evil giggles* look what I bought last night, along with some spores. eheheh!!!!: http://www.mushbox.com/mushroom-kit-myg-USA.html

Just listened to the new Antiseen (which joe young sent me for free *brag brag sneer*) ...twas grand. I likes the FTK, SCAPEGOAT, and NO APOLOGIES, best. Now Im listening to bauhuas. Lets not fucking deny the fact that bauhuas is the mega righteous, mmk.

I was just dancing to bauhuas 'bela lugosis dead' and all three cats who live here (felines, not dudes) were sitting in here watching me with their full attention, it was creepy and spectacular, and YOU missed it. *smirk*

February 7, 2005

updated my fuckin pay per view porno theater

dude. I have some pretty serious anger and hatred problems. I want to kill everyone, even people I like. Normally I don't care...but sometimes it ends up making you unhappy you know? *hiss* I need to learn some relaxation techniques.

At least I can always count on the fact that I'm fuckin fabulous, righteous, right on, n all that shit. ..and horny men give me money and presents. *sigh of relief*

deadly females

I'm live on CamContacts now!!

February 6, 2005

I just discovered the hot dolly (who you may have heard of) A Cam Star linking me on her site *heart*, thanks, sugar plum!

I'm still nasty and sick *frown* ...what the fuck n stuff.

February 5, 2005

Im all sick dude *cry*

question: ARE YOU IN THE UK!?!?! or anywhere else shrooms can be purchased through the mail? ...You'll be my favorite person on the globe, if you go to this site: www.everyonedoesit.com, where you can buy big fat ass BAGS of allready grown SHROOMS (for cheap) ....I would just buy them myself, since Im DYING for them, but they wont ship them to the usa....

Lets recap. go here: www.everyonedoesit.com, buy bags of 'magic mushrooms'.. then send them to my PO BOX:

Jessica E.
PO BOX 1282

please please please please pleaaaaaaaaase. I don't know anyone in this little buck toothed town Ive moved into, let alone someone to sell me shrooms. I'll send you thank you notes n other such lovelyness, once you SEND ME SHROOMS! (a BIG bag, cause they're cheap man)

Im cute ;>

February 4, 2005

check out the shoes one of my hos just bought me:

February 3, 2005

I have *GOT* to have these shoes!!

Yafro Moblog

DONT you KNOW im LOCO!?!?!?

February 2, 2005

victorias secret wishlist updated: click here to see ...remember you can order me things, and have them sent to my PO BOX.

I've added a bunch more hot SHOES to my Amazon Wishlist...run and get me some before my foot slave snatches em all up ;>

I've been contacted a few times now about people pretending to be me on Myspace, here is my one and only myspace profile: http://profiles.myspace.com/users/515053

My old limey friend Dean has made a new site featuring him and his slut, check it out here.