February 24, 2005

love feet, shoes, and legs? WORSHIP JESSIE KITTY : FETISHY PRINCESS:

so, I was in the yahoo chatroom 'financialfemmesupremes'...and without provication some fuckin 'domme' started talking shit about me for being a cam girl *snicker* ...so I go look at her profile....surprise surprise she's a fat ugly bitch with a bunch of fake pitiful theatrical drivel drenching her whole persona.

....it's funny how non cam chicks, who dont care either way (about the 'cam' community) are usually moderatley attractive, and the chicks who have a PROBLEM with me being on cam are fat, ugly, and lacking in style and substance. Don't you bitches REALIZE its obvious to everyone why you're picking on me? (Because you're jealous that I'm hotter and more confidant...duh) Wax your upper lip, go on a diet, get a hair cut, take a speaking class...IMPROVE YOURSELF. Don't just take your self hatred out on me. If my existance makes you feel lame, ignore me...pretend I don't exist....because acting like that at me just makes you look SO pitiful to the "slaves" that you supposedly control. *smirk*

its a special day for me *giggle* but you dont get to know why! ...if you want to celebrate with me, hook me up ;>

4everSluts (haha)

my neighbors dog is a beauuuutiful lassie looking dog, and clearly he wants me to adopt him. he lays under my window outside, and leans agains my glass doors all day every day, until I let my dogs out to play with him, or bring him inside.

I got up at ten am and brought him in here and got him high and let him get in bed with me and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend was still asleep, and the dog was walking on him and shit, haw it was funny. ...then he got antsy so I put him back outside, and now he's been laying under my bedroom window ever since.

his owners are totally cool old guys, but he's an outdoor dog for them, so I think he's addicted to lounging inside, and getting female attention over here. he is SO fuckin sweet and adorable. aaaannnnd....I got a pic!!!

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Starfish said...

You have the sexiest feet i have ever seen.It makes me hard just looking at your feet and would love to lick the soles of your feet and suck on your toes.