December 24, 2006

fuck YES. Im having the BEST xmas!

we ate my shrooms last night, and took some pain killers and drank a shotload of booze, me Joe Ben and Jordan. Now we're fuckin around all fucked up again, Joe is taping his new hockey stick, we're all wearing crowns donned after cracking our 'crackers'.... listening to the pogues. We were listening to Little Richard ealier... drank up all the bahama mammas...drinking leine's beer now. This shit is the BEST!

December 23, 2006

Two days to shop for JessieKitty! Go to my wishlist page to find all the links you need to give a sweet kitty a very merry xmas ;> You'll feel GOOD knowing you're making me a happy wiggler, try it!

My best friends are coming tonight!!!!! Ben and Jordan, my co stars, will be here this afternoon, for three days of perfect holiday awesomeness! Joe and I are doing a Hawaiian themed xmas. Tropical drinks (bahama mammas), candied ham, shell decorations and xmas lighted palm trees. Yes. I'm going to build on this theme every year from now on until I have a great set of tiki xmas stuff. Rar! Too bad Joe has to work today, and xmas day ;<

Pot, booze, pills, food, presents, great movies, great music, and OUR BEST FRIENDS! *excited* ...I'll take lots of pics!

Xmas Partyin!

santasworkshop, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

This is my favorite christmas decoration from when I was a kid, that I still hang every year. This seemed so big and colorful and magical when I was a young kitten. *heart* It makes me think of my Mom. I miss her ;/ R.I.P's my suggestion, as I've learned my lesson: Don't get drunk and play catch with your aged livingroom chairs.


December 20, 2006

I've been counting the calories & working out, since its winter/the holiday season. It's great to cut the calories to allow yourself more (calorie allowance) room to DRINK especially... ...I just wanted to let people in on my favorite "diet" foods, aka junk food that isn't fattening, cause I'm seriousley EXCITED about how fucking yummy I think they are. My favorites are Yoplait Whips! (its yogurt whipped into a fluffy yummyness, it eliminates that 'skanky' yogurt smell and flavor and makes it seem totally like a dessert) and Quaker Soy Crisps (the 'cheese' flavors are the best, a whole bag is only 360 calories, and in lighter flavors like barbeque, its only 330!):

I've been doing my same 'Crunch Gym' workout dvds, with Ellen, the best best instructor EVER. Hurray! ...I'm not doing it today though, cause Im all doped up heheh. Joe needs to hurry up and get home *pout*
There's a heck of a lot going on with my DutchSlut if you care to check it out in my forum (thats a direct link to the thread)...She's been being a good little cum dumpster and blowing lots of dough on me ;>.....heres some pics of me in the jacket dutch slutty bought (im also wearing the MAC eyeshadow she got me)..and actually she just ordered me this same jacket in black from the army surplus store... but it's not arrived yet:

12-20-2006 08-40-1412-20-2006 08-39-53
12-20-2006 08-39-3712-20-2006 08-39-15
12-20-2006 08-16-5912-20-2006 08-24-03
12-20-2006 08-29-4312-20-2006 08-22-35
12-20-2006 09-10-3012-20-2006 09-12-38
12-20-2006 09-14-5312-20-2006 09-12-41

December 18, 2006

Andrea's Blog Post:
"i have a new word......swivler....swivler=dude who swivles in his bar stool to say '...hey, how you doin....' to young, unsuspecting females....a swivler also has brilliant lines like "you ladies getting drinks", does he not?"

my response:
"Im feeling the urge to mention something in response to that. HICK swivlers...

picture this, I'm in a tiny tiny town in southern wisconsin, staying in the 'mary pickford' suite in their best "hotel".... I walk a few blocks over to the only bar "in town" and when I walk in, the entire bar full of large beefy hairy hicks starts hooting and screaming, and someone calls out 'oooo its madonna'. :| Yes. They called ME.... madonna. I ordered a shot of whiskey, barely choked it down, and ran out in fear, as the crowd of hick men were slowly gravitating towards me with wierd watery looks in their eyes."

December 17, 2006

I'm a hot bitch, I do beer bongs. You watch.

12-16-2006 16-13-1012-16-2006 16-13-50
12-16-2006 16-18-1212-16-2006 16-19-45
12-16-2006 16-20-4212-16-2006 16-53-10
12-16-2006 16-59-4012-16-2006 17-02-43
12-16-2006 17-05-0012-16-2006 17-06-12
12-16-2006 17-07-1512-16-2006 17-09-55
12-16-2006 17-11-5712-16-2006 17-15-15
12-16-2006 17-16-3912-16-2006 17-18-01
12-16-2006 17-19-5212-16-2006 17-36-15
12-16-2006 17-46-3212-16-2006 17-42-21


000_2385, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

this is my new kitten, Roy Oribson, he's such a little scampy fucker! He clearly didn't get the right kind of attention when he was a tiny kitten, because he's all claws and not used to physical love....but I'm getting him used to smooshy mooshy loveydovey. He's now no longer afraid of my face and hands. (he was born around gross CHILDREN who manhandled him, ugh...children repulse me hardcore). I've got this wool blanket that he loves, he gets all purry and cross eyed, and kneeds it with his hands, and sucks on it like he thinks its a mommy tummy....and I lay with him and pet him and whisper sweet fluffys into his ear while I kiss him all over. *droning on to myself about my wonderful wonderful Oi Boy (thats roy orbisons nickname)*



12132006, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

This pic is from the other day, when I was happily cooking up trouble, thank you! was a fabulous game day I believe, unlike the game last night, during which the sabres actually played pretty well, but couldnt get the puck in the net for unknown satanic reasons. Hm. And right after I was talking a bunch of cavelier smack at some ottowa dude on a cam site. DAMMIT! I love em though *heart*. SABRES! ....yes.

So... I was doing my new 'crunch' brand workout yesterday, and randomly this chick I loved from the last 'temptation island' was one of the background workout bitches! It was meant to be. I adored that chick on the show. Here's another pic of my handy work:


December 12, 2006

you know what kicks ass? taking a bunch of zantrex and searching through the house for shit to burn, i.e. old boxes. Yay for warm days in december......after burning things, I enjoyed cleaned out all the dressers and closets.... and of course you must spend two hours being obsessive in the shower, shaving and perfecting everything, and using wonderful fabulous cinnamon body wash, followed by vanilla spice lotion with 'shimmer' in it. RAR! Im all REFLECTIVE. THEN exciting new eye shadow was delivered. YES!

I tried to make todays slightly mundane activities sound as exciting as possible.... how'd I do? I AM actually having a pretty good time, super productivo, rar! I'm recording tonights sabres game to watch with Joe when he gets home (no one tell me the score dammit). He's bringing treats. *grin* woowoo!

December 10, 2006

trimmed the hair.... and doin' beer bongs, rar! ...wish there was a sabres game on ;/

12-10-2006 16-39-3112-10-2006 16-47-36
12-10-2006 16-51-02
The game last night was fucking beautiful! Sabres Rar! ...this morning we woke up and immediatley started watching our '72 - '96 Buffalo Sabres Fights dvd, that I got from last year. I fucking love Rob Ray, what a tuff guy! (rayzor link #2, #3, #4). Hmm. No game until tuesday vs. jersey...dammit.

December 8, 2006

We're moving to Nashville, Buffalo, or St Paul when Joe is done with college here, you know... (and I AM listening to Johnny Horton now... Im a honkey tonk mannnnn)...wait wait wait now Im listening to the hillbilly hellcats ... "I could tell by the smell, it was hillbilly love" and I just grugged some muscle relaxers...and Im now doing another beer bong. here's some pics, bitch:

12-08-2006 14-41-1112-08-2006 14-42-36
12-08-2006 14-42-4912-08-2006 14-44-56
12-08-2006 14-48-0712-08-2006 14-51-03
12-08-2006 15-13-1112-08-2006 15-13-31
12-08-2006 15-14-0812-08-2006 15-15-53