December 18, 2006

Andrea's Blog Post:
"i have a new word......swivler....swivler=dude who swivles in his bar stool to say '...hey, how you doin....' to young, unsuspecting females....a swivler also has brilliant lines like "you ladies getting drinks", does he not?"

my response:
"Im feeling the urge to mention something in response to that. HICK swivlers...

picture this, I'm in a tiny tiny town in southern wisconsin, staying in the 'mary pickford' suite in their best "hotel".... I walk a few blocks over to the only bar "in town" and when I walk in, the entire bar full of large beefy hairy hicks starts hooting and screaming, and someone calls out 'oooo its madonna'. :| Yes. They called ME.... madonna. I ordered a shot of whiskey, barely choked it down, and ran out in fear, as the crowd of hick men were slowly gravitating towards me with wierd watery looks in their eyes."

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