January 31, 2004

I had a fucking hot dream last night......it involved me getting like taken prisoner by some hot guy in a house full of a bunch of hot guys. etc etc, except there were wierd cartoon looking blob monsters trying to get in the place.

I've way been overdoing the booze and I have a big hang over. Im totally not drinking a drop today.

I actually had a blast last night though, chilling with the boys, and this new Robert dude who you might've seen on my cam. Suaveness all around. :>

January 27, 2004

someone said this to me in an email today, I thought it had a nice ring to it *grin*:

"" In today's paper there's an interview with the screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who has written a memoir about his "hollywood animal" days. He says he used to be someone who was cold and insensitive to other people. "Soulless is a good word," he said. He claimed drinking was a big part of it. He didn't like the person he was becoming. It made me think of you! ""
I had the most excellent dream last night man.

I was in this gym, country line dancing for extra credit or something, and I went past some dude and grabbed his cock, which is actually something I like to do when I see a handsome young gent in a group full of people.

Anyway, he came up to me afterwards and started pissing me off, so I started stabbing him with a peircing needle, and then I took him outside and stomped him half dead. That was the best part of the dream...I was jumping up and down on him with both feet. Fuckin excellent.

Anyway, go here, angryfucks.org.

January 25, 2004

shit is so cold and sick.....I feel like crawling under my couch and dying.

you know how everyones always telling me I look like Bif Naked?

heres the lastest GROSS ass adition:

Hi Jessica,
Have you ever heard of an artist named Biff Naked? She lives locally around here and she has a strange effect on men. Is it possible to be scared of a persons appearence yet completely turned on? Yup! Most of the guys that I know would do her in a heart beat. Why? Maybe because she is forbidden fruit to normal folks, not quite what you would bring home to mom (btw, I read your Bio. My mom died from cancer also. She went from 250lbs to 105lbs and the only reason that she could hold down the beef soup which, was her entire diet, was because I would buy pot for her pain. Morphine didn't work any more. Sorry for your loss.) I've met Biff once and she is quite the feisty little package. I wonder if you are the same?
Are you my forbidden fruit? Can you live an acceptable (for what thats worth) life by day and do a 180* by night.
Check out my profile and read between the vanilla lines. Its amaizing how different people can be once you strip away the nice socially accepted exterior and see how they tick. I'm not just talking about BDSM or sex, but everything... Yes I may look like a nice country hick, but get to know me and what i do and you would cream your pants.

January 17, 2004

does anyone else recognize southpark ripping off mel brooks?

I love south park though.

January 16, 2004

You're stuck in the 80's.
You are stuck in the 80's. You have a better grasp
of hardcore than most people, but you're really
missing out of some good stuff.

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January 12, 2004

the infectous grooves are some fucking righteous punk funk, mmk?

lord I cant type cause of my nails

January 3, 2004

yea so Im like FUCKING obsessed with rathergood.com

this site is the greatest thing mankind will ever have a grasp on, k?

aw puddin

my ben! I ADORE my sexy ben

why do I look so blue? I mean I look. blue. tangled up in blue?

January 2, 2004

check it out the sheer terror guy has a new band: joecoffee.net