June 29, 2006

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June 27, 2006

hah, me in the shower:

Joe has today off *woohoo* ...I love fucking, and then taking a shower together. ;>

Here's some pics from the other day...looks like I was pretty fucking drunk heheh, awwww look at vinnie! ...*bam* upskirt shots! *slaps you in the face with her big ass* ...kiss my tummy:

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June 26, 2006

Sabres Coach Lindy Ruff named NHL Coach of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream* buffalonews.com/editorial/20060623/1015092.asp

June 23, 2006

Wish I could have gone to this:

My Scottish & Welsh Heritage

I've been getting in that summer mood, listening to lots of Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.... makes me salivate for NASHVILLE!!!! ...you should be a suave bastard and donate to my moving fund. Info is here <3

I took a bajillion pics yesterday, I'll post a few here, later...you can see thousands and thousands of pics of me @ Cambang:

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June 22, 2006

heres some pics from yesterday, if you wanna see more of me, check out this page!

Joe's back on the wagon headed to NASHVILLE, therefor, go read this page ....if you're willing to help us get to Nash, that is.

This blog links to me...as usual, I can't read it. English speaking blogs never link to me....I must be in the wrong country: http://asjaba.blog.hr/

June 21, 2006

June 19, 2006

Excitedly watching hockey dvds while waiting for the big game tonight....a documentary on lord stanleys cup, and an 'overtime' highlights set. good shit. go oilers!!!!!!! *drinking killians*
*sigh*...so last night, we go to this bar... we meet a couple....they buy us a pitcher of beer, the female was one of the bartenders who'd just come off her shift...we party, get to know eachother, decide to go hang out somewhere more private...we're heading back to their place, planning on grabbing a little weed on the way.

...for no apparent reason other than he was plastered, 'nate' the male half of the couple started flipping out. He was throwing berries at some black guy standing at the bus stop, the guy came up on us, Joe pulled out his pepper spray, I stomped around looking threatening, and the four of us continued to move down the street.

'nate' starts trying to yank a giant potted plant off of someones porch, while they were SITTING ON THEIR PORCH. *ugh*.... his girlfriend pulled him away, twenty seconds later a cop car comes up on us.

..cop jumps out, screams at us all to 'come here' and immediatley goes for 'nate' .....nate, the fool, flips out and starts trying to fight the cop, the cop throws him into the gutter so fast it was nearly funny...the kid was screaming and wiggin' out and the cop was kicking his ass, and finally got him in the car. He allready had a giant purple egg on his face, so he must be in pain today. He's probably getting out of jail right about now.

So then the cop screams at the rest of us to get up against the car while he searches us. he fucking took my pepper spray too....

After he finished, he told me and the chick to get the fuck out of here, she runs off pulling out her cell phone to make a call, meanwhile the cop had handcuffed Joe and put him up against the car, after taking his knife and pepper spray. (nate was inside the car yelling 'run' .... way to make it look like we have something to hide) ...I continue to linger, and the cop starts yelling 'do you wanna go to jail? no? then get the fuck out of here' ...and I go 'im just wondering why he's in handcuffs' and the cops all 'for my own safety, you can watch from the corner, get the fuck out of here'...

...so I go stand on the corner and watch, while undercover cars pull up, and other black and whites....they talk to Joe for awhile and finally, he's released and meets me on the corner.

The VERY FIRST TIME I was going to go to someones house since I moved here...

unreal, right?

I mean I've been i.d'd and searched and questioned by the cops many times, it comes with the territory of being a skinhead broad who walks everywhere....but I can't believe this fuckin' happened the very first time I tried to make friends in this butt licky town.

Now you might be asking yourself, why the fuck is your dumb ass walking around with some drunk idiot who's causing a scene?

Answer: He was acting totally normal in the bar. I'm convinced he blacked out while we were walking down the street. All the events I described (on the street) happened within two minutes. However I was left standing on the corner, mouthing 'shut up' to Joe as in handcuffs he drunkenly babbled, for a good fifteen minutes.

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June 15, 2006

Watching the world cup England VS Trinidad right now.... go England!

I decided to be a nasty scumbag and take a cam series of me nairing my cunt yesterday...then kloudy made gifs of it, which you can see in my forum..also there's the new Loose Skrews album:

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