August 31, 2006

I'm moving back to Wisconsin. yes, you read that right. My plans to move to Nashville are not cancelled, just on the back burner. Send me money, wishlist items, and amazon gift certificates to help me with my move!

Buffalo NY is a pig stye, I'll miss only the THE SABRES, and my bartender Loretta. Why are we moving? Our lease is up, and if I want to sign another (year long) lease, they propose to raise the rent, which is currently way too high, therefor, fuck that. (utilities aren't even included dude!)

second, I want to live in the house (of which I am part owner) in the middle of nowhere (but less than two hours away from four major cities) in hicksville wisconsin. its fun. a lot more fun than this dumpy (even the nice neighborhood feels like a ghetto) city shit.

ah, NO RENT, bonfires, big beer parties, fireworks, howling at the moon, local farmer boys ready and willing to hook me and Joe up, LAND (coupla acres all MINE MINE MINE) ..yea... plus its a big nice ass house with shitloads of windows and a hot tub bath thing. yes.

fuck this mess. I've been here in Buffalo for a year, and thats usually my limit anyway. living in one of my flighty impulse locations for more than a year makes me feel like my life is over.

I've got a bunch of friends there in wisconsin, I'm 'known' at a pretty righteous local I'll be near all my old Duluth Mn iowa friends... and BEST OF ALL: I'm going to be close to Ben and Jordan, who live in St.Paul. They're my honey bunnys.

Ah, I can't wait to ditch this place. Buffalo is Joe (my boyfriends) hometown, so it was inevitable that we'd live here for awhile, so that his pretty memories can be replaced with reality, and he wont be mooning to come back anymore (as he had been for years before we moved here).

First on the agenda when we move back? "The Bayfield Apple Festival" with Ben and Jordan, yeeeeeeeeeehaw! (I'll be in wisconsin before october 1st.)

August 26, 2006

currently playing some of my fetish vids through my camcontacts cam, view now:CamContacts

crazy stuff goin' on at my house lately! might have big news to report soon... until then, go browse my new porn list!

wanna see some Free Live Cams?

August 24, 2006

I miss my friends Ben and Jordan SO much... *sigh*. They're in St. Paul... I'm tempted to move there just to be by them. Or move back to my dads, cause I'd be within driving distance of them. That'd be the most sensible since it would cost the least money. blah.

I'm looonely. Buffalo is eh.

August 22, 2006

WOW!!! While reading up on my new angel Rhonda Britten ...I came across her bio, which informed me of the fact that she grew up in DULUTH MN (where I lived for many years), and went to MY HIGHSCHOOL!!!! She's an amazing woman, out to help everyone she can. You should check her out.

I'll be live on camcontacts in an hour or so, email me if you'd like to set up a..meeting ;>

August 21, 2006

here's some stuff on my site that people don't usually notice: My Vincent Price Page, My Pogues Fanlisting, My Janis Joplin Fanlisting. Yay!

Remember, you can see my pics & cam broadcasts (and recordings) through Camcontacts, Cambang, and My Store.... of course there's always lots of free stuff to browse in my Yahoo Group, and forum (where you can earn rad JessieKitty merchandise just by hanging out n' having fun).


be a dear and check out my links.

look at my little foofoohead, waiting for the season to start:

August 20, 2006


1) I'm so fucking sick of people impersonating me (and others). Yes, you may be a bored little nobody, with no public reputation to uphold, no personality, no pride at all, and no virtuous traits to speak of, but that DOES NOT make it ok to impersonate someone. You're wrong in assuming it's 'no bid deal' just because 'its the internet'. You are assaulting the person you're impersonating. By the way, how can you live with yourself, knowing that you're so lame and repulsive that you have to pretend to be someone else to enjoy yourself? If you're so abhorant, even to you, change what needs to be changed until you can be proud enough to BE YOURSELF.

2) Having dark hair and bangs does NOT mean I'm 'trying to look like' bettie page. I have never had an interest in her. Where've you been for the last two thousand years? Millions of famous (and unknown) women have had dark hair and bangs. Even in bettie's era, many of the other famous chicks had that hairstyle. In fact..... nearly every little gidgety bitch in america had bangs like mine in those days. Get the fuck over it! I will not be flattered if you lie and say I look like her, I will not tolerate you claiming I'm interested in / immitating something I am not. I'd be happier if you accused me of being a Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, or Judy Garland wanna be. Ignorant people. God.

3) Who's retarded fucking idea was it to make white linoleum with textured speckles? I just spent way too long on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floor...and it barely looks clean because all the little grooves and texturey holes hold onto dirt. I will kill you.

August 19, 2006

I'm in SUCH a good fucking mood! I was dreaming that nuns were 'punishing' me by making me let dudes fuck me, and when I woke up my hand was in my crotch.... I told Joe about my dream and he immediatley got a stiffy, so we fucked while we both fantasized about my sick subject matter.... Joe was imagining nuns smacking him on the ass with rulers while he banged me, and I was having wierd thoughts about being tied to a chair with a dildo in my ass and Joe on top of me, while nuns loomed above us threateningly.

It was rad. *smile* Of course he had to jump up and go to work the second we were done...wish we had more time together. I love sharing perverted fantasies with him. It makes me feel all cuddley and good.

I'm eating grapefruit now. Yummy. ...I'll be on camcontacts in an hour or so, fyi.

August 18, 2006

August 15, 2006

I love starting over with Rhonda Britten.

loook its my babe with the guitar I got him *faint* god he looks hot:

August 14, 2006

Rotger's got a bday coming up, they're having some righteous concert party, wish I could be's some half assed pics I took in the shirt he sent me...I was all pillafied, I'll take some cuter ones at a later date ;>

August 9, 2006

you need these albums, I've got them and I listen to them very frequently:

August 8, 2006

yeeeeeeeeeehaw here's a buncha pics: