November 29, 2006

Something Filthy This Way Comes....

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Here's a pic from last night.... to see the rest of the (free) pics, click here. To see ALL the hot pics I've EVER TAKEN, join my members section.

So..... I just pissed all over Joe's dick while he was laying in bed whacking off. It was beautiful. I layed on top of him and hugged him and he whispered comforting coaxing words to me about what a good girl I am until my cookie stopped being shy and I peed. I love him and his pervertedness. Seriousley, that was a beautiful experiance. My pee didn't stink, and the excess got only on an extra blanket we were laying on top of. Kick ass.

Great way to start the day. Fuck yes, fuck yes. Now he's all proud of me and giving me treats. heheh, good kitty! It's something he's been asking me to do for awhile, but I've been too shy. His righteousness as of late made me feel the need to please, and I'm glad, cause I liked it a lot. It's something he's been fantasizing about ever since his balls dropped, apparently. (as avid kitty blog readers might remember, I HAVE pissed the bed while blacked out drunk several times, but that didn't count, since he was asleep...he liked it when he woke up though heheh)

Joe got hired at a lovely new job yesterday, he got my vehicle fixed, and went to the dr's and got a lovely (I believe lifetime) prescription for some fun pills. Hurrah! He's been being kick ass in general, I love him *big hearts*!

November 28, 2006

the imposter is at it again, and this time they actually scammed someone: read about it here.

November 27, 2006

a convo Im having thats totally quote worthy:

jessiekittycom : dont you just fantasize about taking your hands, and just shoving your thumbs into a fuckiers eye sockets
jessiekittycom : you know itd make some kind of fucking popping sound.
jessiekittycom : I concentrate on the face.
jessiekittycom : and ripping the hair out
jessiekittycom : cause that hurts really really bad
jessiekittycom : and leaves em ugly
jessiekittycom : ripping hair out REALLY REALLY hurts man
jessiekittycom : Ive had patches of hair ripped out
jessiekittycom : it hurt for weeks
jessiekittycom : this one fucking bitch bartender hit me in the head with a beer bottle after joe poured his beer on her
jessiekittycom : so I fucking kicked her ass realllllly bad
jessiekittycom : she had fake dreads on the top of her head
jessiekittycom : so I grabbed em like a handle and bent her over and kneed her in the face and beat the back of her head
jessiekittycom : I broke my fake nails all over her head
jessiekittycom : it kicked ass
jessiekittycom : I was kneeing her in the face for like thirty seconds over n over again
DAVE : hahahaha
jessiekittycom : and then when I started running I heard her sobbing 'call the cops' to her fucking poser friends who joe had been brandishing a knife at
jessiekittycom : that was the first night we got to buffalo.
jessiekittycom : it was excellent
jessiekittycom : I love it when joe is mean to bitches, and then when they're mean back, I take over.
jessiekittycom : thats some fun crap man
jessiekittycom : they better just TAKE his shit
jessiekittycom : or jessica is kicking their ass
jessiekittycom : yes
jessiekittycom : oh my god
jessiekittycom : once this cab driver was getting in joes face
jessiekittycom : so I stepped between em and shoved my chin up in his big fat face, and started calling him fat and ugly and told him he should go home and whack off to football
jessiekittycom : he fucking huffed and puffed and go sooooo red and upset and he couldnt even think of anything to say
jessiekittycom : it was excellente

November 26, 2006


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I fucking love these guys, and I wanna DO em!

This righteous dude T.S. bought me a fucking steam cleaner... so for the last two days I got spun and steam cleaned like a motherfucker. It's excellent dude. Also, I'm sick of my hair and I'm changing it again soon. Look out! ....Joe and I have been stranded without a car for five days now. SATAN!

I've been going through my myspace inbox, finding shitloads of messages from like two years ago, from rad people, that I never even opened. Sorry people, I get large amounts of messages and leave em sitting there for months at a time, so go look and see if I answered you ;>

I'm in a drunk fight fuck mood. Someone should hurry up and get me some 12 step rebels.

November 25, 2006

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

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Last nights game against the leafs kicked SO MUCH FUCKING ASS! Rar! I feel all snotty and pleased, and can't wait to go back in my little hockey forums to smirk at the leafs fans who were saying The Sabres should be 'scared' and other such nonsense. Joe and I were totally crazy hockey hooligans last night, with a lot of weed and booze and victory screams flyin' around. I'm soooo glad we won, considering poor lil' Mike Ryan's booboo when he hit the puck into our own net. Apparently M.Ryan and Miller were roommates when they played on Rochester together, fun! The reports say Miller made it his main motivation to win, so M.Ryan wouldn't feel bad. Sweethearts! I swear to god M.R. looks like a young george harrison...heheh. Yeaaa...

So. My vehicle broke yesterday and I'm stuck out in the country with no wheels until MONDAY. Can you fucking believe that? And I have no pumpkin pie!!!! ....good fucking thing I've got plenty of booze and a twenty pound turkey...*hiss* should be righteous and go blow a little money to make today rock just a little harder for me ;> I don't know what I'd do without all the slick shit my fans constantly do for me. You guys are excellent. *smooch*

November 20, 2006

Ohhhh so blacks, and other races, can talk down to whites about BEING white, they can call us every 'honkey, cracker, whitey' name in the book, but if we do it back, we're looked down upon? Fuck that bullshit. I feel I'm entitled to insult retards with whatever language I prefer, and that includes racial slurs. Michael Richards, you did the right thing. Tell it like it is.

November 19, 2006

Flickr, Fuck Yea!

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here's one of the new pics (from last night) that I've uploaded to my flickr account... I'll be posting less pics in my blog, and more pics in my flickr account from now on, so when you see a post like this, it means the picture is ONE from a whole new SET I've uploaded to flickr. (these are still just the 'free' pictures... you've gotta JOIN my members area if you want to see alllll the good stuff ;>) ...I'm telling you. Flickr is the shit!

I went to do my workout today, and I couldnt cause my 'rave knee' was acting up.. let me explain, in april of '99 (I remember, because it was a 420 party) I went to this rave, took shitloads of TWO kinds of acid, and flipped out and danced for ten hours straight... I was whipping my leg around in circles or something, and damaged my knee hardcore. god dammit.... rave knee. owy. The theme at that one was fucking teletubbies, sillyness.

Sweet Vincent

000_2329, originally uploaded by jessiekittycom.

yayyy check it out, I've figured out how to blog photos from my flickr account.... that means I wont have to upload as many to my site *yay*. You've gotta join flickr, and add me! ...this is a sweet pic of vincent from last night. He's named after Vincent Price you know<3

Add me on flickr! this is where I want to start posting a lot of my pics from now on, cause Im paranoid about uploading soooo many files to my site all the time, oi!

If you have yahoo, you kind of already have a flickr account, and can just log in with your yahoo info... but you don't NEED yahoo to join flickr... so join n' add me, it is of COURSE free. ;>

Some pics I just uploaded include shots of my beautiful beta fish: I've made it my mission to rescue beta's from walmart, where they're totally abused. They're piled up in tiny tupperware cups, in an inch of shitfilled water, next to the dairy isle, meaning they're freezing cold. It's totally awful. I'm a pisces and I swear Im connected to fish... when I walk by that pile of betas I feel their horrible suffering. So ...I pledge to rescue betas for the rest of my fuckin life. I always pick the one with the least amount of water in his cup. ;< Currently I have two tanks in my bedroom (which I posted pics of)... I don't really have any ROOM for more... but whenever one of my baby passes on, I'll run to walmart to rescue a new one. (I think I might have to just pile more tanks into my room, and be cluttered, its worth it to save the honeys).

November 17, 2006

I just fucking dreampt that Joe and I were at a country western bar.... we met bette midler, whitney houston, bobby brown, and axle rose.... they drove their car INTO the bar (without breaking anything, or getting in trouble).....and they had a dead body in their car. ...they then ROBBED me and Joe of OUR car, my purse, and my cell phone. Hmph!

November 16, 2006

jessiekittycom: hey
jessiekittycom: are you hung over
jessiekittycom: Im not. I totally hardly drank last night.
aricrotunno: yeah
aricrotunno: i got wasted i passed out with a drink in my hand and it poured all over me haha
jessiekittycom: oopsie
jessiekittycom: Ive woken up, sitting on a couch, with puke in my lap.
jessiekittycom: several times...
jessiekittycom: cause Im a winner.

here's some cam snaps from last night....these pics are totally wierd because me and Joe were being all evil and mean to eachother while I was taking them:

reality kings

jessiekitty forum

jessiekitty pics

jessiekitty's amazon wishlist

I love it when dykes molest me. I need to get out to some gay bars.
You need to watch this shit, right fuckin now, betch:


Liam/Kelly on YouTube (for more videos)

Thanks to Andrea for informing me of this righteousness ;>

ADD JESSIEKITTY ON YOUTUBE: ...I'll be uploaded videos.

November 14, 2006

the imposter is at it again, this time with a new fake email address ( and wishlist.... only... he's too stupid to navigate amazon wisely, and his real name and location showed up on the wishlist he made. Kevin Rogers of Berlin, Michigan is pretending to be me. He lists his birthday as Jan 4th. *smirk* The name Stanley Rogers is also associated with the account. ....more info in the imposter thread (in my forum).
Im currently watching the kids in the hall, eating a big yummy bowl of leeks and carrots.... and I'm thinking about how Im going to organize and start recording the outline and contents of my autobiography! yes.... I'm writing it. My life story is the stuff of don't know the half of it, but you will.

The sabres win over carolina was fucking HOT last night! Joe and I keep looking up righteous sabres clips on youtube. ....rob ray, you butt clenching motherfucker. haha!

November 13, 2006

oh man... I just woke up from dreaming ALL NIGHT that I was David Bowie's live in girlfriend. ...that was the best fucking dream I've ever had. I'm so sorry I woke up... I wish I could have slept for the rest of my life, inside that dream. ...that's a sick thing to say, but I need to dramatically express how fucking excellent that was.

In two hours my satelite installers will be here.... naturally I've got Bowie's 'searching for satelites' in my head.

November 12, 2006

IMPOSTER ALERT: One of my guys was just approached on aol instant messenger by this name "jessykittycom" .... the impersonater tried to get them to send an amazon gift certificate.

First of all, I never ever ever ever contact strangers. Ever.

Second, I don't ever try to 'make' anyone do anything. I simply order around willing participants.

Third, I never ever ever spell my name 'jessy' fact, only a total moron would misspell Jessie like that.... nor do I use the term 'shit head'.... nor would I ever delete my wishlist.

Be very very careful. People try to impersonate me VERY often. If you're talking to me, and you're suspicious that it might not BE me, ask me to get on cam for a moment, and request that I hold up an amount of fingers of your choice, or a sign that says your name, etc. You will only see me: on yahoo as jessiekittycom ... on aim as jessiekittycom ...if anything ever happens to those screennames, I will post the new ones in my yahoo group, forum, and blog. I WILL ONLY EVER HAVE YOU SEND CERTIFICATES OR PAYMENTS TO ONE EMAIL:

I'm posting a log of the conversation in my forum.

November 11, 2006

Mmmmm watching the Sabres win last night was marvelous...and another game starts in fourty minutes. RAR!

Here's some pics from the past few days, I've been doing the long bang thingie(I was gonna post some of the nudie pics I took the day before yesterday....but then I decided fuck it...they need to join my members section if they want that. *the finger*):

I'm constantly amazed by how fucking stupid people are. ...scenario: I get a couple of i.m.s from some stranger with a stupid screen name, usually consisting of 'hi? hello? hello!??? are you THERE??' ...Ive been busy dealing with someone who MATTERS while they're iming me, so I finally notice the message and I say 'what, why the fuck are you iming me' ... and they reply with 'god you dont have to be mean, I just want to talk to you'.

What the FUCK makes anyone think I'm here to CHAT with every dippy idiot who gets ahold of my screenname?? And why the FUCK do they think it's so 'mean' when I give them a realistic response? Do they really expect me to be nice and sweet and waste time talking to them, just because they WANT me to? Time is money, and I'm easily irritated....the only people I casually chat with online are dudes n' chicks who *I* have a specific interest in. Wake up, I am NOT at your service.

Speaking of foolishness... this wonky dink last night tried to fool me into playing some fantasy game with him, I totally saw through his weak facade...and still profited. Read about it in my forum here, it's tedious, a totally stupid conversation...but entertaining if you have time to kill. I was highly intoxicated, which would explain my less than perfect typing and ...speaking skills.

They aren't all sucky morons. ;> If you're piddling around my forum you'll notice I have several new dudes who're very well behaved and generous. Rar!

November 10, 2006

That lovely dude who's doing yogic yummyness with me started a thread in my forum to keep track of his goings on, check it out!

November 8, 2006

holy plasteredness on monday:

annnd even more plastered and pillful, with no make up...after sitting at the hospital all day..why am I posting these? because people should dig me in all my states. Im adorable, kiss my ass:


Me and Joe just had fucking righteous morning sex.... even though he has a back injury, and needs an MRI!

I'll start at the beginning. Me and Joe, playing badmitton (yes, fuck you, its fun) five years ago... he jumps up to hit the birdie, lands with one foot in a hole. He's instantly screaming, cause he majorly injured himself. I had to carry him into the house. It was drama.

He was able to move around normally after laying for a few hours...he should have gone to the hospital, but we're dipshits so there you go. It's been a dull ache for the past few years, and just recently, the past week, its been hurting him really bad. I think he refucked it doing yard work. I spent the day at the hospital with him (yesterday)...his doctor was cute, and was wearing a skull and crossbones ring, hm! They x rayed him, told him he needs an MRI (expensive intensive x ray shit) and prescribed him some drugs. Buh. They think it could be a herniated disk. Fucking gross.

Thank god for the pills though, because we both felt all mooshmooshy and sexy all night. We kept waking up to rub against eachother...and then finally did the yummy in multiple fun positions this morning. Man it was great, I'm still all floaty.


Yes,, it's really me posting in your forum. (a porn forum where a dude was requesting videos of me, I posted in his thread, and my true identity was questioned, so there ya drama though, they're a friendly bunch I think..and that forum is certainly valuable to the porno hunter)

For some reason I have the song 'hats off to larry' (del shannon) stuck in my head...but I'm not complaining.

Also, I'd like to point out that I dreampt I was on a football team...but each time I play got called n' started, I got scared of the other players and ran up a tree. Yep. They were....big football dudes.

here's some random pictures from a few days ago (the night the sabres beat the rangers, *smirk*):

I will completely suffer if someone doesn't quickly get me this lantern, it's on the third page of my amazon wishlist:

..speaking of my wishlist, I had a nice big load of shit purchased for me last night by my Dutch Sissy Slut... a totally nasty cum sucking whore of a ...thing. It's goal in life is to be a 'punk rock cock sucker'. heh. ..and it came to ME...surprising? no. Anyway, read about her in my's a sample, ewww:

If YOU are a nasty bitch, who wants the ultimate pleasure of my acknowledgement, blow some money on me, and then send me an email bragging about what a good slut you are.

Send me more gift certificates!!!!!,, now.

November 4, 2006

Sabres game in an hour, bloody mary at my site, I'm gonna go get on live cam now. WOO!

Im feeling spazzy about posting two week old pics, so here's some from two days ago: