July 31, 2008

Heyyy did you notice I redid all my websites? ;)

I have NEW AUCTIONS posted! One is even for WEBCAM with me ;>

I did an auction last week, where I sold a pair of my panties that I tied up Joe's dick with while I sucked and gave him a handjob. It was totally spur of the moment, and he ADORED it. And there was nothing lame and 'bdsm' about me tying up his dick, I just did it for cock ring type reasons ;> hehehe. Plus he loved it, the dirty fuck.


some self hating jew bought it. for reals.

and speaking of my boyfriends beautiful cock, there's a new video in my store, which I made especially for one sicko, in which I taunt the viewer by smacking my boyfriends dick and feet around in their face, pov style. Here's the picture I'm using to advertise it hahahhaa isnt this funny?:


July 29, 2008

I know I keep saying I'm going to post pictures from my 'john waters' day. I still have to write a summary of it in my forum.. but... here's a few (the full size, nudie, and extra pics will all be available in a set in my pic store when I finally get around to adding it):


That was one of john waters' "arty sex books" I was looking through. they're full of lots of male butt and skankery.

Here's a fuckin awesome little cell phone video clip I took during it all:


I will kill a bitch if I don't get THE FOUR ACES album that's been on my amazon wishlist for quite awhile now. Aw. I shouldn't be using vulgar language while discussing these sweethearts. *faint*



At the moment I'm listening to the best of The Tymes.. god... what gloriousness.

click here to read The Tymes' story on soulexpress.net ...


RECLAIM THE SWASTIKA!!!!! Before nazi's misused this symbol, it stood basically for longevity, power and good fortune. Check out ReclaimTheSwastika.com.

Hehehe rad, dig these hockey teams from the 1910's!



thanks, Puck Daddy.

I have tooo many myspace friend requests to deal with!


July 27, 2008

Hot hot hot new photo sets for sale in my store!!! Including the lovely BIKINI set, here are some samples:

07-22-2008 11-13-1707-06-2008 11-34-0207-06-2008 11-30-2907-06-2008 11-28-4907-06-2008 11-25-5307-12-2008 14-42-5007-12-2008 14-40-5707-12-2008 14-37-0907-12-2008 14-36-1007-12-2008 14-33-3707-12-2008 14-28-5307-12-2008 14-25-0907-12-2008 14-23-37

July 26, 2008

delicious movies that you MUST watch:

The Grand


A fucking GREAT like mocumentary type of movie with the always delicious Woody Harrelson, and a bunch of other big name stars. (Woody is a hot trash drunk drugged out loser who owns what was once a famous casino in vegas. He ends up having to compete in his own casinos big time poker tournament to try to win the money to keep it). You will LOVE this movie!




Skinned Deep



This movie is disgusting and perfect. deformaty, inbreeding, bikers, serial murder, bad acting, and comedy all wrapped into one. The plot is fucking great and there are MANY amazing fight scenes haha! Majorly b rate.

It's even got Warwick Davis!!!!! (you know, the blessed 'little person' who was in 'Willow' and played the bad guy in the ultra awesome Leprechaun horror movies, of which I own all <3 ) p.s.... how hot was Val Kilmer in that movie? God damn! I'm gonna go add it to my wishlist, and I expect it to be purchased within 24 hours!




one childhood obsession I have NO intention of getting over.

July 24, 2008

Ok, this is not the important 'post' that Ive been claiming I was going to make, but I just have to come say this right away..

I'm in the middle of 'working' right now. I'm broadcasting my cam on all of the many places I run it through all at once (yes, I'm devious).

Anyway. I just did this show on imlive with this guy. He was a black dude with a giant dick. I accepted his show purchase after reading that he loves to be called a 'dirty nigger'. I have lots and lots of black guys who like that kind of treatment from me. Now, you should be made aware, I usually genuinely LIKE these black gentlemen who like this naughty mean race abuse shit. I'm not getting off on it out of racist freaky satisfaction, I think it's just more how bad and taboo and fucked up it is. I just really really like it.

And anyway... I was doing that show with that dude. He was nice looking and had a HUGE crazy insane legendary monster black guy cock. He had a fetish for being called a dirty nigger and etc, and he had a thing for ass tits and SPIT. So I teased him with goods, and then started spitting and yelling at him, and he came like a crazy fuck. Afterwards I went out to tell Joe about it, and he fucking admitted that he was peaking in the bedroom door whacking off spying on me do that show! What a filthy fucker!

Thats all.

July 23, 2008

Im currently painting my apartment, because Im moving into a new one!!!!! I promise to come post soon.

My house cams will be down for the next two weeks, but I will still be performing regular cam shows.

July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Corey Feldman! I love your dirty ass!


July 15, 2008

Lets talk about some important shit. Updates.

I have tons of FUCKING AMAZING auctions posted right now. You'd be a fool to miss out on them. They're mostly geared towards submissives... I would love to receive some requests for 'regular horny guy' auctions too, give me ideas! jessiekittycom@gmail.com

There are new sets in my picture store, and hot crazy new videos in my clip store. You'll go buy all of them NOW ;>

I've got new recordings, live lines, games, and more posted on my niteflirt account. You've got a lot to do over there, and I want 5 stars for each of our interactions!

I've had a lot of delicious things purchased from my amazon wishlist lately (as usual.... if you check the purchased side of my main wishlist & all my specialty wishlists, you'll see that I've had over 2000 items purchased hahaha), ....and after you've blown some money sending me gifts, you should head over to my wishlist blog to hear me brag. ;> My latest and greatest aquisition is a fabulous new couch! Gosh, men sure do love me hahaha <3 Have I mentioned that I haven't had to work a 'normal' job in over 8 years, due to the fact that I just live off men, on and offline? Yep.
I had a fucking perfect night at the lipstick lounge last week! (yea yea yea, I claimed I wasnt going to drink for another three months, but whatever, I havent had a drop since I was at the lounge a week ago, and its all good). It's my new favorite place, everyone loved us, and we loved everyone. Once the party really got started, Joe started singing a bunch of billy idol kareoke, and I started grabbing the cocks of hot gay guys. It doesn't get any better. You know it's really fun to be me, when in a room full of good looking homosexuals. Theyre handsome, theyre fun, they want me to grab them. It's like just... being put in a room full of hotties and being allowed to do whatever you want with them. ;>

Here's me prior to going out, while I was laughing at some big paying small dicked losers webcam:

07-10-2008 14-15-3707-10-2008 14-16-4707-10-2008 14-17-2607-10-2008 14-19-3007-10-2008 14-19-0207-10-2008 14-22-3807-10-2008 14-33-4807-10-2008 14-34-19

here's pictures from while we were AT the lounge, you can click them to see full size:


I was absolutely in LOVE with that handsome homo in the ed hardy shirt. If anyone knows who he is... you've gotta give him my number.

I put on a brand new gorgeous pair of shoes for that evening.... they had never been worn... it was such a long uproarious party party night... the shoes got TRASHED.. I've never destroyed a pair of heels that fast... I had to take pictures. (of course you people realize this means you owe me more shoes):