July 15, 2008

Lets talk about some important shit. Updates.

I have tons of FUCKING AMAZING auctions posted right now. You'd be a fool to miss out on them. They're mostly geared towards submissives... I would love to receive some requests for 'regular horny guy' auctions too, give me ideas! jessiekittycom@gmail.com

There are new sets in my picture store, and hot crazy new videos in my clip store. You'll go buy all of them NOW ;>

I've got new recordings, live lines, games, and more posted on my niteflirt account. You've got a lot to do over there, and I want 5 stars for each of our interactions!

I've had a lot of delicious things purchased from my amazon wishlist lately (as usual.... if you check the purchased side of my main wishlist & all my specialty wishlists, you'll see that I've had over 2000 items purchased hahaha), ....and after you've blown some money sending me gifts, you should head over to my wishlist blog to hear me brag. ;> My latest and greatest aquisition is a fabulous new couch! Gosh, men sure do love me hahaha <3 Have I mentioned that I haven't had to work a 'normal' job in over 8 years, due to the fact that I just live off men, on and offline? Yep.

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