October 30, 2008

I'm so fucking behind in my blogging.... I have so much shit to report.... but for now, I just give you this:


October 20, 2008

I relate to this fantastic Gene Pitney song 'Backstage' highly, therefor it's in your best interest to hear it:

I'm drunk, and in love with David Bowie. so I give you this:

all the young dudes.

I love that song. heh, when I was a badly behaved vagrant teenager I used to rob cars. Thats um.. not why I.. like this song though. ;> God I love David.

I haven't posted any pics in forever.... but I've been taking LOTS of excellent ones..I've got hot new sets available in my photo store... here's a sample (the photos in the sets are much bigger0:


You can also go check my video store for some new fuckin' delicious JessieKitty whack of material.

Oh my GOD I am so in love with my new scooter, Leona:


I've got this new ... guy. He's originally from Norway (hot! I have a boner for.. international pleasures)... and he's just totally fucking in love with me. He's not a submissive slut... he's a yummy sugar daddy. *purr* ...the first goal I've set, as far as our monetary relationship, is that he send me $5000 :) I set up a special amazon honor system pay page for him, so we can keep track. He's also been buying me wishlist presents. You can keep track of our activities in my forum. I'm not sure what his reward will be when he meets the first goal..maybe me setting a new one heheh! Anyway.. my point is... I'm really digging him and it's pleasing me lots.

Fucking around with dipshit slaves is fun, but I love sugar daddies the most. Because after all, my true desires are to be a spoiled girlie girl. I just happen to be very talented at tormenting stupid cunt submissives.


My latest musical aquisition (get ready, this is crazy hot): Natacha Atlas



natacha atlas

October 6, 2008

I've outdone myself! This is my coolest game so far...

It's long, sexy, and full of amazingness!

recordings, videos, guessing games, games of chance, pictures.... and my amazing personality are all wrapped up in this hot awesome game.

*big smile* I'm excited.

open this mail to begin Miss Kitty's Drain Game!!!!:

Joe and I have decided to throw away almost all of our clothes so we can get new wardrobes. I just sent five big garbage bags full to the goodwill.

I already accomplished my goal of getting a shiny new sexy vespa'y scooter *pant*... so now I'm on to the next, which is ... "upgrading" the wardrobes.

I will be adding tons of clothing to my withlist ALL DAY:

my wishlist

you will check regularly and purchase every time you visit.

I will also be adding tons of shit to my boyfriends wishlist (the one I keep for him, with all MY desires for things he should get):

my boyfriend's wishlist

October 2, 2008

Stefan W: how does it feel to be adored so much? and when did the idea come up to be on the 'net? i think it's awesome.
jessiekittycom: when I first got a computer
jessiekittycom: a hundred million years ago
jessiekittycom: dudes would try to talk to me, and I talked to a few
jessiekittycom: and once they got to know me they started offering to send me money, when I mentioned being broke
jessiekittycom: and wanted to buy me presents n stuff.
jessiekittycom: it all just kind of grew from there.
jessiekittycom: and then I started selling porn on the sideline
jessiekittycom: and then I started making some pornographicy kind of stuff
jessiekittycom: yep, Im proceeding down the uh
jessiekittycom: dirty fun ... adult industry self employment highway at a nice speed

The more INTERESTING part, probably, is how I got into doing the BDSM stuff for exciting profit. ...there's one dude who had a very large impact on that. I was being a dirty little bitch and selling panties and stuff... I attracted a lot of the submissive types because of my loudness, and one in particular got all cool at me, and did a bunch of really nice shit for me. I don't know if I should reveal his name... I wonder if he would guess that I'm speaking of him. I know he reads my blog once in awhile. Do you realize I'm talking about you? Rum. That's your hint. The word Rum.

October 1, 2008

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