October 20, 2008


I haven't posted any pics in forever.... but I've been taking LOTS of excellent ones..I've got hot new sets available in my photo store... here's a sample (the photos in the sets are much bigger0:


You can also go check my video store for some new fuckin' delicious JessieKitty whack of material.

Oh my GOD I am so in love with my new scooter, Leona:


I've got this new ... guy. He's originally from Norway (hot! I have a boner for.. international pleasures)... and he's just totally fucking in love with me. He's not a submissive slut... he's a yummy sugar daddy. *purr* ...the first goal I've set, as far as our monetary relationship, is that he send me $5000 :) I set up a special amazon honor system pay page for him, so we can keep track. He's also been buying me wishlist presents. You can keep track of our activities in my forum. I'm not sure what his reward will be when he meets the first goal..maybe me setting a new one heheh! Anyway.. my point is... I'm really digging him and it's pleasing me lots.

Fucking around with dipshit slaves is fun, but I love sugar daddies the most. Because after all, my true desires are to be a spoiled girlie girl. I just happen to be very talented at tormenting stupid cunt submissives.


My latest musical aquisition (get ready, this is crazy hot): Natacha Atlas



natacha atlas

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