October 30, 2004

so I drank tons of whiskey last night, and then had to wake up at fucking 6am to drive my man to work. *whimper* I puked a biollion times in a gas station parking lot.

Im laying here watching my will and grace dvds...the one where jack gets a cher doll was on so I had to get up in my hung over misery and stumble to the bathroom to get MY cher doll (where I keep her for inspiration by the mirror)...I had to, I cant watch that episode without mine next to me or I get jealous.

Vinnie is rutting around under the blanket...this is such a huge bed..and I have assloads of pillows. God I love pillows.

October 28, 2004

Im still highly reccomending this porn site *nod*

so I opened this bank account, and I got 25 bucks deposited into it by the bank (for free, duh) ...isnt that rad? if you want me to hook you up with this bank, I get ten bucks for referring you, and you get the 25 dollar bonus if you open an account through my link *woo*

um...my forum needs your help. VISIT MY FORUM!

I fucking got in a car accident and destroyed my dads car recently. ...it was so bunk. mm..now he has to get a new one, so theres no chance of me getting his old one..grr!

October 24, 2004

wellll...im up in the middle of the night cause my head hurts...I fuckin fell when I was drunk last night. oops ;p

Im piddling through porn to peddle, here you go:

single girl gallery of FREE pics

multiple skank gallery

October 23, 2004

October 21, 2004

oh man I want this dress soooo much. RAWR

daquaris n cuddlin n shit today, YAY!

new soundtrack on my radio blog! Mad Sin Mad Sin WOORF!

October 20, 2004

7 Year Bitch kicks so much fuckin ass.....there's two albums I dont have and amazon is fucking out of stock...how irritating.

7 Year Bitch link #1

7 Year Bitch link#2

I was hoping I'd get someone cool like L7 ...fuck the devotchkas *snort*:
You are a Devotchka. You are a totally totally
radical punk rocker fuck society fuck the
government. Your loyal and prideful. You don't
like to talk about your personal life. Theres
more important things.

Which punk rock goddess are you?
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October 13, 2004

check out Watchers Web

MDC is 'back'here's their official site

..omg dude I got so plastered last night I was like laying on the floor in the hallway in front of my dads office...I was too blind to know if he was in there or not...hope he didnt see my boyfriend come pick me up while I groaned like a dying ...um....a dying...elephant. heh.

aww...elephants are rad. ;>

Hedda Lettuce
Lady Bunny

October 10, 2004

forgot to post this on the sad day he died, but RIP ROD! :

Someone needs to fly me to the SHEER TERROR show happening tonight. BTW you can listen to them on my radio blog, found by scrolling down my main page a bit go listen!

October 9, 2004

sheer terror's going to start playing in a matter of hours. *sigh*

I'm not there.


wide legged raver pants are called PHAT pants, children. THESE are PARACHUTE pants. ...jesus CHRIST.

ok. I have some new yucky slave dick for you people to deal with:

October 8, 2004

Holy shit dude....Steve just gave me this scarey link....heheheh whoa http://www.knifefuckingperversions.com/bleedforyou/

click here for jessiekitty's secret pics

October 5, 2004

Isnt it time you linked me? ;>




Miss Wisconsin Classic ...should I go? heheh yay drag!

October 2, 2004

lilubsx: hi
lilubsx: I want a site like yours ur amazing
lilubsx: how can I do what yuo do?
JE$$IE : what do you think I give free lessons, stupid ass?

why do people think I'm sitting here all willing to be their little guide into internet sleaze? No one told ME what to do. Fucking christ...you really expect me to help you copy my style? Nnnnno.

(I get a lot of im's begging me for ... "lessons"...)

October 1, 2004

I've got allmost 3000 members in my Yahoo Group now. *woo* ..I just added some more pics there, by the way.

this site panzerfaust.com is apparently passing out white power compilations to school kids. I think that's pretty entertaining.

Dirty Cams ;>