December 24, 2002

Merry Xmas eve morning! Heh. I just posted a bunch of reward pics in the forum for y'all. Thank you to all who've been giving me the xmas lovin! alyo, hiddeny, rickis, dark, wun2. Yea! There's still lots of time to send me amazon certificates, and victorias secret certificates!!! Quick links to do so on my tribute page *big hopeful smile*

Yea as you can see I changed the layout of the main page, some of the areas (such as the tribute page) are going to look a little off center until I take care of them. NO JUDGING!

Im off to xmas shop with my parents and then do some family chillin. My momma...*sigh* this is probably her last xmas. What the fuck.

December 23, 2002

I am so not impressed with this morning. I need to fucking go shopping, and I can't. God DAMMIT. *pissed off*

December 19, 2002

I feel like fucking SHIT today man.
A bunch of shitty shit happened this morning...*sigh*...why why why.....WHY!?!?!?!?
Im hiding in my bedroom with a bunch of candles and stuff, watching friends, laptopping on the bed. *sigh*
at least I look cute.

December 17, 2002

hahah whoa me and andrea got so trashed last night. I think thats like the first time shes ever stopped drinking before me though *hehe*
we're sposed to go to a movie today but she hasn't woke up yet, GARG! I added some new stuff to my amazon list this morning :D

December 9, 2002

Chillin wit JOHN and TIM (woo)

December 4, 2002

my heart is fucked and broken. Im losing my mother.

December 2, 2002

Aw yea, partying with Andrea, Michelle, Larry? (maybe), and Ryan today.
Ryan's rad...he lived in egypt, and bellydances by request :D....I don't know if we're gonna go anywhere...might just chill here and drink n stuff. I kind of FEEL like going out though. I just showered and did my hair and whatnot, and that always puts me in a prancy mood.
*watching snl rerun, rip phil hartman :'(
song of the day::::::HOT LAVA - PERRY FARRELL