October 31, 2007

What are YOU getting me for halloween?


The Pit - awesome gifs and sound wavs from horror movie STARS (and by stars I mean important people, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, etc.)

Neat YOUNG pics of Vincent Price - http://mssa.library.yale.edu

righteous bust of V.P. as Dr Phibes - has tons of neat stuff, it's a "Prop Museum".


happy fuckin samhain n' all! whats on our agenda today? drinking, eating, candy, boozing n' smoking, and haunting our general area. woohoo!

get in the mood for bad behavior, watch this PERFECT 3-D Invisibles video 'CoolGhoul', from your very own - JessieKitty

October 29, 2007

Joe and I went BOWLING yesterday! It was fucking awesome! We both did crappy, but it'd been forever so we're allowed to suck. We have our own bowling shoes *wiggle*!

Some mystery sweet heart(s) have been buying me little surprises from my amazon wishlist.. fuckin LOVELY! EVERYONE SHOULD BE BUYING ME WISHLIST SHIT! You'll see the merchandise show up in pics very shortly ;> (fyi to the general public, you need to go to my flickr album to find all of my pics, in general).

October 25, 2007

New BLOWJOB video!!!! This ones from.. the actual perspective of a blowjob. And there's a big load of cum blown on my tits. Heheh. And then theres funny conversation afterwards, hm. click here for my vid store.

Cocktailin' and watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. He's a wonderful piece, and we love the fucking show. We love Hell's Kitchen too. I really enjoy the BRITISH version of Kitchen Nightmares, all the little wonky english, welsh, and scottish kitchen boys are adorable.

Im feeling mean:


October 23, 2007

Drinking white russians, and watching the excellent movie Dagon ...it's very obvious I'm descended of the fish people. Yea, this movie is fucking awesome, you've gotta watch it. Obviously I can't talk about this flick, without thinking of what Freeman's said about it. (He's a very neat dude, check him out). I'd like to point out, just because all the power hungry pitiful evil sick shit bitch people in the world today worship MY fish people ancestors, doesn't mean they were bad. Bad people are just trying to conjure, I say, with no proof of my opinion.




heres a shitload of repetative pics of ME ME ME

10-20-2007 11-41-1810-20-2007 11-45-44
Punk Rock Pin Ups
10-20-2007 11-55-1610-20-2007 12-48-12
10-20-2007 12-51-1210-20-2007 12-53-06
10-20-2007 13-05-3610-20-2007 13-10-42
10-20-2007 13-14-3410-20-2007 13-50-00
All Adult Pass
10-20-2007 13-51-4010-20-2007 13-55-57
10-20-2007 13-59-1310-20-2007 14-00-43
10-20-2007 14-01-1610-20-2007 14-02-13
XXX Proposal - wife trading x cuck fantasy!
10-20-2007 14-05-2510-20-2007 14-12-17
register FREE for LIVE webcams
10-20-2007 14-17-4410-20-2007 13-55-06
10-20-2007 14-55-12

speaking of the glory of all things water, I dabbed out another lil painting, yay:


look at my lil lulu's:


October 22, 2007

Oh my GOSH last night was dramatic!

Joe quit his job. Like walked out during his shift. Because they were taking advantage of him and being stupid white trash pieces of shit. I support him quitting. He's gonna go back to being a cook. We went out and collected applications immediatly and he has an interview this morning, already ;>

Anyway, after we got home last night we were all jazzed up and freaked out, so we started drinking wine. By the end of the night I was fucking plastered and I was acting like such a slut! I fuckin crawled up on our pub table and pulled my skirt up and Joe stuck his face in my crotch and whacked off while I drunkenly demanded that he sniff me and cum. Hahahaha! ho! I totally forgot that happened until Joe reminded me just now. Good times.


10-15-2007 15-38-3110-15-2007 16-28-20
10-15-2007 16-29-09

October 20, 2007

more amazon wishlist shit that I'll DIE without (I worship Vincent Price, btw):

I'm on the prowl for fresh meat. Girly boys. Submissive sugar daddys. Humiliation pervs. Shoe fetishists. Plain ol' JessieKitty fans.... come. (especially the kind that like to be watched on cam, and photographed. Either being humiliated.... or showing off the sexyness! ...being on cam is NOT required, however.)


contact me now with a tribute, or apply on my site. Im just feeling controlling, posessive, greedy, and slightly pissed off.

you can view these cams, and talk to these bitches for FREE right NOW!

October 17, 2007

am I the only person disgusted and embarrased by the horribley stupid term 'hubby'? ...stop fucking saying hubby. There's no reason for it. It's wrong. It's incorrect. It makes me want to vomit. Boyfriend, husband, dude, man, babe, baby, daddy, lover, hot piece of cock: these are all approved terms for male significant others. When you say hubby, you sound like a fucking moron. Believe me.

10-11-2007 17-58-4510-11-2007 18-00-35

October 16, 2007

*update - my boston boy just bought me the pink platforms. beat you to it! hah! Get me sexy t shirts people.
all you little ass kissers need to get to my amazon wishlist and buy me hot shit. Shoes, clothes, accessories, make up, dvds, etc etc etc. Here's some examples of the things you WILL go purchase me from my list (the stripper shoes are for fetish vids ;>):

My address is filled in, its all very self explanitory during checkout. Email me after you've finished shopping at jessiekittycom@gmail.com

Id really like some skintight shiny snake skin pants. heheh!

October 15, 2007

Im all high, and Im dancing around watching this fucking PERFECT clip... it makes me want to dance violently and hit my head on the wall to the beat, and hump people. YEA! WOO! Fucking watch it! Imagine me up against you ;>

Dance This Mess Around (TheB52's)

October 14, 2007

*new ASS FETISH video in my store! (submissives: let my bum hypnotize you into blowing MORE money on me ;>)


PinkLinkz x JessyStar x XCamSex x AllFeetLinks x AmateurExhibitionist x Hot16 x OldFashionedPORN x SmutSex x ViolentBeauty x NORDICTOPLIST

October 12, 2007

The B52's


Hopefully you already recognize the excellence of this group, who've been FUCKING ROCKING for like... over thirty years. Joe and I have been listening to them a lot again lately, and they're playing some shows soon, and coming out with a new album so... Enjoy!

(rock lobster is my FAVORITE! Vincent ((my chihuahua)) has a stuffed lobster toy that he adores. If we sing this song at him, he'll get it out from under the couch and dance around showing off for us ;>)


B52s Myspace

October 11, 2007

Today is game day! The Sabres have GOT to win this one, dammit. Joe just piped in 'they probably will, since Atlanta isn't doing so well'. ...I kinda like the thrashers. Hm.

October 10, 2007


Joe and I are drinking whiskey sours (so I thought I'd take a picture), and watching Female Trouble ('74), cause you KNOW we're fucking John Waters addicts around here. Pure brilliance. In my opinion. Be smart, watch the trailer:


Kerri's Top 100

October 9, 2007

new clips in my VIDEO STORE!

10-06-2007 19-52-5410-06-2007 19-53-30
10-06-2007 19-57-4810-06-2007 20-01-54
10-06-2007 20-06-0610-06-2007 20-09-17
10-06-2007 20-13-2410-06-2007 21-50-38
10-06-2007 20-04-12

can you tell Im all weirded out from taking too many herbal energy pills lately? *boing*

Also doing FOOT FETISH cam shows allll day through camcontacts.

(haha, crush fetish vid!)
10-05-2007 09-28-08

How cute would I look in this dress?
Car Hop Dress

Look at my yummy pal Cash, of The Cash O'Riley Show:



He (and his downright daddies) are excellent. Check out the site and the myspace.

and buy his cd!

Cash O'Riley - Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartaches

The Couch Trip:

this movie is on cable right now, and its fucking PERFECTION!!!! Starring malcontent misfits, such as myself, Dan Aykroyd and Walter Matthou.