September 28, 2003

dude I fucking love cold weather and caramel apples.

yay fall!

September 26, 2003

check out this utlra suave mofo!

learn from him

September 24, 2003

hmmm....aparently Im the september model of the month at .....they used a horrid old pic though :/

vote for me here

September 21, 2003

you know....young "BIFF" in the back to the future movies is ragingly hot.

I want young BIFF. 50's Biff.

September 19, 2003

Ah ...I'm an intoxicated little ginger snap tonight!

September 12, 2003


regretfully yours - if you'd like to know the album

sucked out - if you want to know the specific song Im freaking out to

September 11, 2003

*make sure you read to the end, oh college student*

omg me and ryry went "out" tonight and like. I wore cool shit, I looked awesome, I just dyed a bunch of my hair blue and shit right and ryry went to all of our normal punk bars n stuff, but then we randomly decided to go to this really collegey like....wiggery type of place, cause they have games and we wanted to play air hockey....

...when we went in there, there was like 200 people in there, and fucking half of them all turned and stared at our asses as we walked across the dance floor to go to the bar..

I mean peoples mouths were hanging open and shit, it was so wierd.

I screamed "ewwwwwwwwww college people!" really loud, and we ran *ran* out onto their bar porch and ran down the stairs to escape that way, in order to avoid walking through the *prance* floor again.

Wierdness......very very....I guess we were overdressed.

Its wierd right....cause like, I've met many the intelligent suave friendly open minded cool college person...and had good times with them....but its always been in a small group or one on one.

Now, I dont know if its just the people here, or if this is common, but......I find....

When you chill with a college student *and by "college student" I mean the epitome of the phrase, and not just ANYONE taking classes)

when you chill with one of them one on one, they tend to be cool to you, and be themselves...

but in a group....they're like...this wierd conglomeration of fucked up individuals who feel all opinions as one, and publicly diss people and act all wierd and fucked up and sleazy.

to this I say.....what the fucks up with that???

I'd like to point out, the OTHER night when me and ryan were "out" some jocks in a trans am drove by and yelled out "you slutty goths" at us.

slutty goths?

duh? ahahahaha that was righteous!

September 9, 2003

everyone I know....everyone I meet....I dig in their brain to find out what they know, and learn it, and keep it for myself.

you know what I mean?

How else can you learn?

you need to just swallow your pride and suck up the knowledge when you know someones more advanced, god damn.....get over it people.

September 5, 2003

the constant use of the word sweety/sweetie on the internet makes me fucking ill.

stop calling me sweetie. stop calling other strangers sweetie...its revolting.

September 4, 2003

last night = rampant drinking, new bar exploration (thanks that how you spell your name?), and fucked up sexploitation with college bois...(was your name nick?...or dave?)

a good time had by all <3

September 3, 2003


the "eat you alive" limp bizkit video turns me on. a lot.


September 2, 2003


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September 1, 2003

My dad came to visit me today.

I always feel like a failure after talking to...ANYONE I'm relaited to.

I've always been the worthless fuck up black sheep.

I discussed this with my long time friend....

...she informed me that whenever she was at my house in younger years, when I was out of the room my parents would tell her they wished I was more like her.

Life just gets sicker and sicker.