June 30, 2004

I went to the fucking liquor store yesterday, and one of the guys working there, who was old and short and ugly, fucking told me "your whisky would be cheaper after sex, wanna have some sex" or something near that. isnt that sick and wrong? what the fuh?
..It was hilarious *smirk*

June 29, 2004

I get my valium, lorazepam, and other prescription drugs (without a prescription, legally) here: firstclassdrugs.com

I'm thinking about getting the valium injection...It's $220 just for one decent sized bottle though...hmmm.

spores. thats right. I'm waiting for my spores to come.

any suggestions from the seasoned fungi people?

midget porn is wrong:

June 25, 2004

you can check me out here

June 22, 2004

you know....there are more suave song files in my yahoo group. I didnt want to overload my site with too long a playlist, so I'm going to keep putting random suaveness in the 'files' section of my yahoo group 'JessieKitty'


June 21, 2004

a friend of mine, Andrea, gave me the BEST celebrity gossip link there is. http://www.geocities.com/mnussitch/gossip.html

its totally excellent.

June 20, 2004

it sucks when you take out your bad mood on people you didn't really want to be mean to.

I wish I could be with my dad for fathers day *whimper*

this site is always fun to dig through: michaelaligclubkids.com

June 19, 2004

Woo, Stephen King marathon. *is overheated and fucking bored today*

Euro Sex Parties looks good, but you get more bang for your buck @ All Sites Acess

June 16, 2004

You know who kicks fucking ass? Peter Lorre

(peter lorre photo gallery@imdb)

*earlier*I just woke up from the most fucked up dream. It took place in duluth minnesota...and the guy who always plays a mob guy (and also played a detective on law and order) was in it, playing a mob guy. Somehow me and my boyfriend got hooked up with him, partied with him, etc etc, ended up getting busted in this amazing chase scene.

I cant tell the whole thing in its amazing detail....but I've got to like...write this dream down as a screen play. There was all this mental anguish happening in the mind of the mob guy...the chase scene was amazing.

in the dream my name was maria, and after getting busted, the 'dream' flashed forward to all of us free and succesful. I was a flight attendant. huh.

check out this chick, I've always liked her: sparklymonkey.com

Fucking Nice Hot Rods
I keep having dreams about a friend from my youth. Heidi F.

if you're reading this heidi, email me, I miss you....and that last time you called and me and leon were all wierd on the phone I was really smashed and you should disregard that.

Now.... excuse me while I do drugs and fuck. *smile* oh yes, lovely plans today!

June 11, 2004

June 10, 2004

just took a hydrocodon/dramomine/lorazapam party mix *sparkle*

June 8, 2004

bette davis, an idol of mine.

watching 'hush hush sweet charlotte' right now, god bless it.

I wish I could write here in this journal the fucked up shit I went through last night. but I cant have people knowing that pitiful shit.

as self righteous as I am....I just can't confess it.

June 6, 2004

one of my most treasured internet 'finds' has returned from hiatus!!!!!: http://theartistd.com/

June 4, 2004

you should all know I've named my new tattoo 'bobby hill' ...its a swallow with a heart/banner that says 'mom' of course.

I'm thinking about ordering these shoes. nice sale price...but are they too plain?

I just ordered this dress *sparkle*

June 3, 2004

gi joe
You're GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip!! You're
strong, tough, and know how to kick some ass.
Don't forget though, no matter how manly you
think you are, you're still just a doll. God
Bless America.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
wondering where I've been? I'm having modem problems...

June 1, 2004

moribund \MOR-uh-bund\, adjective:
1. In a dying state; dying; at the point of death.
2. Becoming obsolete or inactive.

He put on a beaver overcoat, a present from a wealthy Petrograd banker and speculator, Ignati Porfiryevich Manus, whose niece had been moribund with fever until Rasputin's healing intercession had revived her.

heres a new payment site I joined, join it! www.gottapay.com