July 30, 2003


I was hangin in this bar....well....first it was a classroom....then it turned into a bar. The bartender was a man when he was a teacher, and then a woman when she was a bartender.

I like..did well or something and then I got to be the barback or something. So then I chill behind the bar being suave, and everyone loves me, and people try to fuck me.

THEN the fucking bar turns into a clothing store...and theres some asian guy calling out to me. And he's really tall. I think it might have been that yao motherfucker.


He gives me advice on some problem Im having, I think boy trouble, and then he asks me for fifteen dollars, and tells me he's here charging for advice. So I screamed at him, and smacked him in the neck whip stylee with a pair of pants.

So he chases me out of there. THen once I get out of that store, i see that Im in the mall, and some chick (povey virus showed me her briefcase, she's some sort of slightly aged fetishy modelly chick) she's there, and she fucking throws a ball at me, so I fucking throw it back, and hit her ass hard man, so she's chasing me around the mall to throw it at ME again, and she's about to when I wake up....

July 29, 2003

I'm certainly not on crank, but this slob felt sure I am:

dukiepond: you need to stop doing crank
thejizzykitty: what the fuck makes you think Im on crank
dukiepond: i can tell
thejizzykitty: could you point out to me the things I'm doing that you're noticing that make you think so?
dukiepond: well try sitting still and stop twichen
thejizzykitty: why would I sit still
thejizzykitty: that would be robotic
dukiepond: lol
thejizzykitty: also, I have to breath
dukiepond: you are high im right arnt i
thejizzykitty: nope
thejizzykitty: Im not on crank
dukiepond: sure
thejizzykitty: and if I was gonna do fast I'd do something a fuck of a lot better than crank
thejizzykitty: fuckin bathtub junkie
dukiepond: why do you allways have on black
dukiepond: are you that sad in that trailer
thejizzykitty: because thats what color clothing I choose
thejizzykitty: I'm not in a trailer...Im in an apartment
thejizzykitty: why are you acting so stupid?
dukiepond: i just dont get you
thejizzykitty: you dont know me
thejizzykitty: why would you "get" me
dukiepond: you are allway drinking but you are hott you would be alot hotter if you didnt have on black all the fuckin time
thejizzykitty: Why would your clothing taste have any influence on me?
dukiepond: it make you look all sad and depresred
thejizzykitty: I am sad and depressed.
thejizzykitty: Who are you to object to it?
dukiepond: and it dosnt look good on you you got that great body and you dont even care
dukiepond: do you have anyother clothes besides black
thejizzykitty: is this all some kind of stupid bullying tactic to make me show you my body, or do you actually think people should present themselves in the way YOU dictate?
dukiepond: yes
dukiepond: i just wonder if you have any other clothes that are not black
dukiepond: see even your boyfriend right there is in all black
thejizzykitty: awnsering yes to either of those is horrific. You're a freak.....you attack me for fucking wearing black, while at the same time being an extremely repulsive negative human being. I hope you get all the bad karma you're puking up ten fold. You're very ignorant. I dictate that you should stop being such an ass. I doubt you'll listen to me anymore than I listen to you, stupid.

July 21, 2003

did I happen to mention I chopped my hair? it only goes down to my tits now. And its black with purple stripes.

please sweet jesus get me this in black!!!!

July 19, 2003

I just got back from the tanning booths...I bought 6 points (which means I can go five more times before I have to pay anymore)...and I got this RIGHTEOUS fuckin enhancer that smells like pina coladas and strawberry lipgloss (its called bipolar)..

..ok...first of all I haven't been tanning since I was a kid, so I forgot how good it feels in general..however this time I experianced something new...a stand up booth, where you hold straps that are hanging from above, and stand, surrounded by righteous tanning boothness, with a giant fan blowing down on you from above, and a giant fan blowing up at you from below.

I have one word to describe how it made me feel. ..no wait..two words... FUCKING HORNY....

oh my GAWD it turned my crank! All I could think about was that I wanted to be fucking in that tanning booth.

I wonder if I could sneak an extra person in next time...

July 18, 2003



I'm listening to the pulp album DISCO 2000

(their best in my opinion)

..ok...me and Ryry must freak out and sing and dance

*scream of pleasure*
Getting a lot of questions about Ryan....or RYRY as I call him.

Thats the boy in the pics below with the nice ass sideburns.

No, he's not my boyfriend, he's a homo.

But he DOES do all the stuff a straight dude who's trying to fuck me usually does...hm.

July 16, 2003

Here's a sample of what you get as a site member...
...well...a tame example :D

you can watch this stuff happen live.

July 15, 2003

oh man.

I set up my wireless router and pc cards all by myself today!

So now theres active webcam in my livingroom AND bedroom.

I'm so fuckin wishing I had a laptop right now.

I could do fucking cam shows out on the fuckin street! ..on my porch!! ...at the fuckin neighbors house!



I am now off to add a reasonable priced one to my wishlist.


July 14, 2003


My mother wrote a cookbook...she was one of those insanely talented food people. (for those who don't know, she died recently, and Im totally fucked and traumatized over it)...

..so..this cookbook. I was just reading it. It's completely hand written. She put an introduction, with like all the information she thought was valuable that she learned from her life experiance.. She basically wrote me a letter in the introduction...and signed it "love mom - august 2002" ..

..I've never read it before. I just like stumbled onto it just now. I'm totally fucking fallen apart.

I think I'm gonna start drinking now...before I get retarded, I just want to record, for my own reminder, that I need to publish this cookbook.
joy division

July 9, 2003

get your ass HERE and watch the motherfuckin suavest shit...god damn it I love that andy kid so much its scary.

I insist you watch "greek whinin' 2" first.

Scroll down a little.

July 3, 2003


Im feeling so lazy and tired...from all the freaking walking and scootering....

but here I am, about to go shower, walk, scooter, and drink again.

I made a new drink y'all.

Make a long island, but put in rasberry schnapps instead of coke, and then add a splash of cream.

I named it "the albino carnie" after the carnie I got in a verbal dispute with yesterday morning.

Heheh. I was with Yogi. They thought he was my husband..thank god, cause Yogi's big.

Therefor they didnt retaliate when I called him a stupid albino carnie for refusing to sellme the damn toy dog I wanted.


What should I listen to, to get me ready for the day of partying ahead....hm......

Deeelite it is.


July 1, 2003

Omg I got so trashed last night. (thanks ken, for all that partying money)

me n' leon went for a drunken scooter tour of all the (decent) bars in this town.

then I ended up at some party or something.

lovely indeed.