March 30, 2009

More new INSANELY fucking hot sets of blowjob pics and videos for sale! All are uploaded to my members section and my video store, and photo store... but, I'm such a fucking show off, I must tease you a bit:

...enjoy my DIVINE playlist! (a work in progress):

someone needs to buy me the Divine album from wishlist!

out tonight
feel like going out in the night
I'm gonna walk the street

walk the street
I wanna feel the heat
feel the heat.

There ain't nobody better than me
can't you see? Look at me!

feeling wild and I'm burning up deep inside

I wanna let it go
let it go
I'm gonna steal the show
steal the show

There ain't nobody better than me
can't you see? Look at me!

I'm so beautiful
you've gotta believe it
I am beautiful.

I'm so beautiful
can't you see? Look at me!

I said: I'm so beautiful
everybody's welcome to this point of view.
We're all beautiful
can't you see?

feeling high
I'm really gonna shake it through the night

I'm gonna nail the beat to the floor
I'm gonna make you scream
Scream for more.

There ain't nobody better than me
Can't you see? Look at me!
I'm so beautiful

There ain't nobody better than me
Can't you see? Look at me!
I'm so beautiful

Look at me! Can't you see?
Look at me! Can't you see?
I'm so beautiful

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March 29, 2009

I have come to realize a very smirk worthy fact:

Nicolas Cage looks and acts like Marilyn Manson, minus the makeup.


March 24, 2009

New fetish video and new BLOWJOB VIDEO in my store!!!


I love sucking cock. I'm really good at it... and I'm proud. ;>

how much do I fucking dig this:

Bernadette Carroll - Party Girl - 1964

Happy Birthday Nick Lowe !!!!!!!!!

Nick Lowe is an amazing music man who's worked with THE DAMNED amongst other famous excellent fucks. Thank you backyardchef for helping educate me.

March 23, 2009

so... nearly 50 percent of the people who come to my site are in france. righteous! I love you frenchies!


I'm going to be making new xxx videos tonight! I'll be posting them in my video store, AND my members section. Email me your requests ;>

It was a harsh blow losing the domain (still trying to get it back) ... it really fucked me as far as traffic and search engines go... so you can help me out by posting a link to anywhere and everywhere 'adult' links are allowed. also visiting my links page and clicking every link on there will really help me out :D


March 21, 2009


Los Gatos Locos

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I fucking love these guys.


LosGatosLocos on Myspace



March 20, 2009

UPDATE: Steve Buscemi liked the video, and named a drink after me!


that is hot.

Steve Buscemi is on twitter. I've been following him and twittering at him.. and I made this piece of shit cause he requested someone make him something with a tony danza thingie:

I will twitter it at him until he watches it and gives me a review.

he put my picture in his fan photo album. Interactive shit is fun!

03-17-2009 08-41-5603-17-2009 08-42-05

My boyfriends childhood friend is in this metal band Stemm. (they have a song being used by ufc, hmm neat)... anyway... they played here in Nashville on monday night... we went, we were delicious, they were great, it was fun. I took some pics and videos, but I was trashed, so obviously they're crap... but.. I'll share them anyway ;>

joe from stemm, live at the muse, nashville tn



joe from stemm, live at the muse, nashville tn



so... annoying disaster... my closet fell apart...



it's all fixed now... but that mess was fucking UNREAL man.

I took a picture of my boob while I was in the tanning booth, cause it was fun:


March 18, 2009

Classic Video of the day - Kim Mitchell / Might As Well Go For A Soda

heheheh I'm in Steve Buscemi's fan photo album! Yea, it's really his: click
I get stupid emails from gross sleaze bags every day.... but this total prick deserves to be exposed, so ... here you go, these are screencaps from my email account, your daily dose of pompous prick pussy fudge:


and after that I of course blocked him. *smirk*

March 16, 2009

yes, I realize the conversation below is a tad spazzy and not too important... but I just wanted to let all of you sad insecure fake fucks know that us valid people DO know what you're doing.....:

jessiekittycom _: you know whats so sad
jessiekittycom _: when people make a mistake
jessiekittycom _: and then try to pretend that they were just testing you
jessiekittycom _: for example
jessiekittycom _: my twit says 'remember madder rose?'
jessiekittycom _: the band madder rose, Im talking about
jessiekittycom _: well a stupid disgusting retard pervert just imed me saying 'steven kings madder rose? the book? yes, I remember it. I read it."
andrea6987: ok, wasnt there a book yeah
andrea6987: hahaha
jessiekittycom _: and I said 'madder rose is a band, and they came before the book'
jessiekittycom _: and he goes 'hahaha, I knew that would get you!'
jessiekittycom _: trying to pretend that he was just messing with me
jessiekittycom _: no, liar, you were just WRONG
andrea6987: oh. yeah... mmmkay
jessiekittycom _: dont try to turn it into 'oh im smarter than you, I just fooled you'
jessiekittycom _: that shit is so pitiful and transparent
jessiekittycom _: some idiot did that to me over some lyrics a few weeks ago too
jessiekittycom _: a complete stranger sends me a mail
jessiekittycom _: MISquoting some L7 lyrics
jessiekittycom _: misquoting is no big deal, obviously
jessiekittycom _: and I replied, correcting his lyrics
jessiekittycom _: and then he said back 'oh, yep, she passed the test'
jessiekittycom _: talking ABOUT me, TO me
jessiekittycom _: pretending that he misquoted on purpose to TEST me
jessiekittycom _: fucking sad sad motherfucking people, man.
andrea6987: ha, sad. like anyone remembers every single thing theyve heard ever, word for word
andrea6987: be human, people. it IS okay
jessiekittycom _: being so fucking insecure that you cant just laugh off a mistake you made
jessiekittycom _: instead you have to lie to try to make the person who corrected you feel like YOU were the one who knew what was going on the whole time
jessiekittycom _: oh no... I didnt make a simple little unimportant mistake, no.
jessiekittycom _: I am a GENIUS and I was TESTING you
andrea6987: silly silly silly

March 14, 2009

I'm currently auctioning these Penthouse brand boots, on ebanned ;>

these penthouse brand boots are up for auction ;>

March 13, 2009

Yelle is radical! They rock me fuckin' hard. Righteousness, I insist:

everyone knows is now, right? Spread the word!

I will die if I do not get these two Divine movies from my amazon wishlist!:

and I also reallllly want these delicious items:

March 12, 2009

further evidence of my Biff Tannen fetish.






listen to Biff!: