March 20, 2009

UPDATE: Steve Buscemi liked the video, and named a drink after me!


that is hot.

Steve Buscemi is on twitter. I've been following him and twittering at him.. and I made this piece of shit cause he requested someone make him something with a tony danza thingie:

I will twitter it at him until he watches it and gives me a review.

he put my picture in his fan photo album. Interactive shit is fun!

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My boyfriends childhood friend is in this metal band Stemm. (they have a song being used by ufc, hmm neat)... anyway... they played here in Nashville on monday night... we went, we were delicious, they were great, it was fun. I took some pics and videos, but I was trashed, so obviously they're crap... but.. I'll share them anyway ;>

joe from stemm, live at the muse, nashville tn



joe from stemm, live at the muse, nashville tn



so... annoying disaster... my closet fell apart...



it's all fixed now... but that mess was fucking UNREAL man.

I took a picture of my boob while I was in the tanning booth, cause it was fun:


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