November 27, 2008

A new family member is what I'm most thankful for, at this moment. I'll let you know more about that later, but in short, she's a new wonderful young dog who has really infused my home with adorable wonderful LOVE this thanksgiving!

My handsome delicious boyfriend is currently rolling a green smokey treat. We've infused meat back into our diet for the yule season, and he's roasting a pork butt AND a turkey breast. (boing!) We cooked a sweet little pumpkin, and made real from scratch pumpkin pie together.

We're drinking Blue Moon Brewing Company 'Full Moon' winter ale, and watching our cherished thanksgiving movie tradition 'Trading Places' with Dan Akyroyd and Eddie Murphy.

I'm so fucking happy right now. Of course the booze is a large part of that... heheh

November 24, 2008

I have been contacted again, this time by an innocent witness, about seeing my picture on craigslist. apparently it's very common for perverts posing as women to use *MY* photos. My pictures have been spotted in texas craigslistings and knoxville tn listings.

I have no explanation for this, but I would like to make it clear to EVERYONE that I am not on craigslist, I haven't ever used it, and I'm certainly not posting sleazy 'personals' anywhere at all.

November 21, 2008

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November 20, 2008

new foot fetish videos in my video store!


My new 'psycho hottie' photo set will be available for purchase soon ;>

November 17, 2008


I fucking love Perry Como.

That is my kind of italian.

Fontane Sisters with Perry Como

Check out this delicious video, I'm so amazed I found it... it's so politically incorrect (which you know I enjoy): Hubba Hubba Hubba


being adopted can be fucked. its most surely fucked when the family that adopted you turns into religious fanatics, turn you out of the house so you can be a worthless squatter, and then years later die shortly after making amends.

Yes, obviously I'm talking about myself. It's fucked to be alone. I hate not having a "family". I mean, I consider the queer community to be my family, but obviously it's not the same. During this yule-y holiday season when we're bombarded by images and stories of happy loving families its just... ugh.

I'm so jealous. I'm so angry. I've got just about no 'relatives' ... and the last time I did hear from one, it was my adopted sister calling me over and over again harassing me for money. *sigh* I've been jipped.

November 13, 2008

I just found the ugliest sickest fucking shoes that have ever been made. *cry* it wounded me to witness them. ..I was innocently digging around on amazon, looking for some cute oxford heels, like these, which I added to my wishlist (go buy them for me!):


..when I sadly came across this nastyness which shouldn't exist, puke, if I ever see a girl wearing these I will walk up to her and kick her in the knee, I swear:


November 11, 2008

I'm really sick of this double standard that is now so popular.... it's ok for non whites to hang signs that say 'brown pride' and etc.... but if a beautiful white person like me wants to do the same and display my 'pride' then some people think I'm doing something wrong. I am all for EVERYONE embracing their racial identity, as long as they don't act fucked up at other people in the process...

This attitude isn't just shared by the ignorant people. I've heard "respected" "intelligent" people vocalize the same attitude... therefor....


Yes, it is fucking delicious to be white, my heritage is righteous. we have so much to be proud of, and we deserve as much respect and fairness ..and freedom of expression as anyone else. ;) Aryan is not a bad word. STOP TRYING TO OPPRESS ME!


November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Gordon Ramsay, you hot fucker!


God I love him! I have sex dreams about him *hehe*

November 7, 2008

Alright... I spent my childhood in California. I've been around lots of hispanic people. They're... normal regular people. I love lots of mexicans, so don't think I'm being an evil shit here..but..

I happen to live in an apartment complex here in Nashville that is mostly mexican. (it's not a bad neighborhood, its just a big OLD place so its giant apartments for cheap). I think they shipped their worst ghetto scum to this complex. I'm serious. These are not normal nice mexicans. These people are freaky trash.

Regularly my boyfriend and I observe their fucked up behavior, either in angry horror, like when they're not taking responsability for their children, or robbing cars in the parking lot, or walking around on drugs with ugly hookers.. or we watch with great humor, like when they do bizarre stuff such as lean up against a filthy rotten diseased overflowing dumpster as if it were a soft tree in the forrest.. or when they get drunk and dance around acting all weird and homo-y, hitting eachother with sticks and playing grab ass and molesting eachothers maleness right in plain view..or oh god...when they sit in the lawn and eat grass, when there are big piles of dog shit all around them.

(yes. I saw a mexican dude laying in the grass right outside my window, there were piles of dog shit all around him, and probably under him... and he was grabbing sprigs of grass and shoving them in his mouth.. he wasnt homeless or anything, he was laying around talking on his cell phone. yep. it happened). They lay around in dog shit pretty regularly. Many many people in this complex have dogs because large ones are allowed here (its big). Assholes walk their dogs all around on the grassy areas, and dont pick up after them... and then the mexicans come roll around on the very spot where I saw a pit bull sharting doodies two hours before. It boggles the mind. I'm seriously in awe. I've never seen people roll around on the ground so much.

The reason I bring all this up is because of an incedint that just happened a few minutes ago. Joe was leaving for work. Each morning when he leaves, we have a little ritual of making kissy faces at eachother through the window as he pulls away. This time, our little lovey dovey foofoo was interrupted by a mexican woman walking by, bringing her garbage out. Now... it's raining pretty hard on this beautiful Nashville autumn morning.. and it's windy. So she had an umbrella. ..but.. underneath her umbrella, was her garbage can... resting... on her head. Her dirty, open, nasty garbage can that looked filthy and fucked.. on her head. Not even standing upright on her head. It was on its SIDE, on top of her head. So like. Garbage could fall out all over the place. If you're willing to put rotting garbage on your head... why do you need an umbrella? We laughed our bums off.

November 4, 2008

R.I.P. Yma Sumac ; The Inca Princess



important links:

The Freeman Perspective
Michael Tsarion
Freedomain Radio
Manly P. Hall's Philosophical Research Society

All of this ridiculous 'team obama' 'team mccain' 'just get up and VOTE' stuff... wake up you guys! If you're into obama, your heart is HOPEFULLY in the right place, but you're still being snowed.

As we've already seen, they will manipulate the vote count to agree with the choice they've ALREADY made. ..(new world order! just look at the money in your pocket! look at the symbols all over their government buildings! WAKE THE FUCK UP!)..That choice is obama. Here I am, mark my words, they've been said by many before. obama went to the bilderberg meeting. period. he'll win.

Why? Because aside from pissing off a fat load of dumb old mccain supporters, they're going to be lulling society into a false sense of liberty and happyness, and security. Yay, we have a justice seeking hero running our country! We've come so far!.... LIES!

Both candidates are puppets. Look deep down... you know it to be true. Don't you feel a BIT foolish frothing at the mouth over your dumb puppet candidate? Does it feel normal to you? Do these seem like feelings and behaviors you enjoy or find to be natural? All the obama people keep emailing me saying 'change change change'. The change is pretend. Its not real. When you see a cheap pitiful piece of propaganda like a contrived awful t shirt featuring barack and MLK jr. ...don't you see how transparent it is? The attempt? The facade?

Recognize that this is a spurned on idiotic mirage created to distract us, and keep us busy acting stupid and being on 'opposite teams'. It should be obvious to you that they are keeping us divided so that we don't ever wake the fuck up and fight their EVIL as a whole. They've been creating slave races for a long long time, don't let it happen to you.

Open your eyes and start questioning everything, even though it's unpleasant. I mean everything ..not just this election. ...I know this is a very uncomfortable topic and you'd rather not think about any of this gross bullshit, but you have to. At least sometimes.

What we SHOULD be doing is tearing down their treachery, so at the least, please acknowledge it. Don't join in, don't be taken. Don't fall for it, just because it's easy. Don't be scared and lazy brained. No fate could be worse than being their slave.

I've been saying this stuff on myspace for awhile. A righteous like minded chick from chicago (rabbit - from just sent me this video. This guy is getting into a lot more detail about voting:



November 3, 2008

I've been flying around doing insane shit. Insane shit. Secrets! *hehe* I've figured out how to hook my cell phone to yahoo messenger so all you JessieKitty addicts smart enough to buy my yahoo id will now have access to me no matter where in the world I am. ..(and you better be contacting me to kiss my ass and give me money, bitch!).

So anyhow... after all the wild partying and bullshit that's been going on me and Joe are being eachothers sponsers and getting ourselves all cleaned up (again). You have to be more creative to have fun when you're not cocktailing, hm!

Now my ass is parking at home for a good long while, so you can look forward to lots of new videos and pic sets. Also, you'll be seeing more action on my house cams. (my apartment is wired with a few voyeur cams that you can subscribe to spy on, just click here)!

Fuck. I just went and looked at my own spy cams. I need to get my scooter out of the livingroom. We've gotta clean out the storage space first, bleh.

A Halloween blowjob has been added to my video store... hah, it's so fucking silly! Very fun to make ;>


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Speaking of gross stupid submissives who I profit off of, look at this big nasty strap on I got for 'work' related purposes. Hah! Nasty!

10-23-2008 13-26-02

I've gotten an amazing response to my blonde hair, since I changed it last may. Love it. All of a sudden way more black guys n' dolls are into me. Fun.


You need to listen to my fucking awesome radio blog:

11-01-2008 15-50-37

did SNL get good again when I wasn't looking?

best View impersonation ever:

who is the genius playing Joy B. ?

hehehehe, I dressed my chihuahua Vincent Price as a princess for halloween! Don't worry, I took the costume off before he got annoyed. My lil fucker.


there are these kids who live in the complex that I fucking hate. two blonde twin boys who I call the children of the corn, and one mexican kid who always has a bag of doritos, and is therefor dubbed dorito boy. I'm mean to them. It's fun. I was hoping they would come trick or treating at my door so I could give them this:

they never came though. maybe I'll auction the gross candy off to some pervert retard on ebanned (click the link for my new auctions).


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