November 17, 2008


I fucking love Perry Como.

That is my kind of italian.

Fontane Sisters with Perry Como

Check out this delicious video, I'm so amazed I found it... it's so politically incorrect (which you know I enjoy): Hubba Hubba Hubba


being adopted can be fucked. its most surely fucked when the family that adopted you turns into religious fanatics, turn you out of the house so you can be a worthless squatter, and then years later die shortly after making amends.

Yes, obviously I'm talking about myself. It's fucked to be alone. I hate not having a "family". I mean, I consider the queer community to be my family, but obviously it's not the same. During this yule-y holiday season when we're bombarded by images and stories of happy loving families its just... ugh.

I'm so jealous. I'm so angry. I've got just about no 'relatives' ... and the last time I did hear from one, it was my adopted sister calling me over and over again harassing me for money. *sigh* I've been jipped.

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