September 30, 2004

My obsession with Mad Sin continues to grow.


I had a dream last night that I stole a bunch of drugs from some latin ghetto bitch. I stole them by smacking her up and ripping off her rollerblade, in which she was carrying x and heroin. Of course...I was unhappy to wake up without getting high.


September 29, 2004

access to 12 nasty ass porn sites

I had the wonkiest dream last was so fucked up dude. It involved this freak stalking me, and I like lived in the orpheum building in duluth, but it was kind of also my 3rd st apt...and..blah blah blah the dude stalking me was at first this really hot army dude, and then turned into this marilyn manson looking freak, who had the bad guy from 'tank girl' floating around with him. I woke up right before I was gonna break my livingroom window out to slide down the pillar.

*pant* ...yea.

then I woke up and realised I was allready facing a fate worse than death. living out in the country. *frown*

September 24, 2004


Should I add some red streaks to my hair, or would red black and blue be lame?

September 23, 2004

Kumi's Kuties (i.e. me)

Flash Pacman

Hmm....*thinks of that song performed on 'Bewitched' that Quentin Tarentino once performed on SNL* ....Im gonna blowww you a kisss in the WINNNND. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

September 20, 2004

So I watched my first Ingmar Bergman film (is that how you spell his name?), it was called "wild strawberrys" was really fucked up...but awesome. I must see more.

I'm currently reading 'Crackpot' by the blessed John Waters. It's so excellente!

You know who I adore? (talking about JW reminds me of her) ...Traci Lords ...I think she's just...rad. Yay!

Send me amazon gift certificates.

heyyy...check out this interesting site who randomly linked me

natural born bitch toplist

September 12, 2004

omg look at this

I pissed all over the floor last night while I was drunk...fuckin a!

Watching 'girls on top' right now, WOOOOOO ulman french and saunders, yum!

check out this sweetie, she's fucking dope n stuff.

September 4, 2004

I just watched crybaby again, my favorite John Waters film. It totally made me decide I was in major error to cut my hair. What the fuck was I thinking?

I will now stop trimming it, and let it get tit length again, in emulation of Traci Lords delicious character Wanda (in crybaby) ...the hotness of johnny depp as crybaby goes unchallenged *except of course by my boyfriend, who I've convinced to let his hair grow greaser stylee*

John Waters News, (New J.W. film coming out sept 24th!)

thank you thank you John Waters! *weep*