May 30, 2007

More nastyness involving my favorite dutch bitch boy to be seen in my forum! Money money money. This slut has practically furnished my whole house hah.

We love LIMECELL. Go buy the album "Its Gonna Get Ugly" for me off my wishlist. Read a review of it here.

May 29, 2007

Portishead is coming out with a new album!!!!!

*oi* ...just got done working out. I love excersizing in the heat cause you get all sweaty and feel like a champ. care to try out my routine? Fat Burning Pilates w/ Ellen Barret in Crunch Studios. It's a half hour of aerobics followed by a pilates mat session. Ive got a whole set of Ellen Barret workouts. Rock n roll!

May 28, 2007

Milo Ventimiglia
Ive been digging the Milo Ventimiglia for years, ever since he was the bad boy 'Jess' on The Gilmore Girls. <3
milo ventimiglia
Here's some links to browse:
my milo pic album on flickr
imdb profile
milo ventimiglia wikipedia listing
milo v. fanlisting

May 22, 2007


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May 18, 2007

I've been having FUN FUN FUN! Went on my first Nashville nature excursion yesterday with Joe. Beer at 'percy priest lake'. It was excellent. I took a bunch of pics, and I'll post some later. We're going out again tonight, gonna cruise and stop at any bars that look interesting. Yay! I wish Joe was getting off work earlier. Grr.

Some drunky pics from last week:
05-07-2007 22-55-1205-07-2007 23-02-48

05-07-2007 23-04-08

May 10, 2007

I just had fucking bounty hunters pounding on my door!

They started banging on the door, Joe and I were lounging on the couch, and Im in my underwear. We look out the people, turn down the tv, and block the door. They're yelling 'We are not police, open the door!'. I run into the bedroom to put my pants on, and theres some big tattooed dude standing in my bedroom window looking right at me! I start putting my pants on and the guy starts waving a badge at the window yelling OPEN THE DOOR. He yells some mexican name, and I yelled 'there is NOOOO one here like that. the mexicans are across the hall!' And I yelled our very white british last names at him. heheh. So I got dressed and then we opened the door and they talked to us and showed us head shots of some sleazey looking characters. The tattooed one who peeped on me in my underwear was neat looking, and welsh. He runs some local bail bonds place. ;>

Crazyness!!!!! ...our apartment complex is set up slightly confusing with lots of apartments and multiple different buildings so I guess it was just a case of mistaken apartment number. Oi. WOOHOO! RAR!

May 6, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS BUFFALO SABRES on eliminating the NY Rangers from the playoffs!!!! HAH! Fuck you rangers... dumbass diving crap talking cry babys.

05-06-2007 07-10-44


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Joe and I are drinking champagne, eating pilly pills, and crawling all over eachother like nympho mountain lions. *wiggle*

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05-05-2007 20-11-1505-05-2007 19-45-11

05-05-2007 19-45-5305-05-2007 19-51-23

05-05-2007 19-53-3805-05-2007 20-05-58

05-05-2007 20-06-4005-05-2007 20-13-05

05-05-2007 20-20-5805-05-2007 20-21-27

05-05-2007 20-27-57
Random livingroom shots:





My attempt at an artistic expression of my kitchen:



Rescued a mouse that the kittys caught, he came in the hallway cause of lots of rain, poor little honey. We let him chill and then released him when it dried up:


Damn kittys spilled their food!


Joe got a raise at work, so I thought I'd be a silly and make him a congratulations party ;>


May 5, 2007

look at this righteous link my friend Vahe just sent me, its documentation of a really neat time capsule buried in Tulsa in 1957:

Tons of interesting stuff in the capsule including a car! ( the glove box is a womans purse with tranquelizers in it... seriously, all females SHOULD have access to 'em)

May 1, 2007

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