October 31, 2006

Joe and I fucking adore Mario Batali. RAR!

October 28, 2006

Well. The Sabres lost, in the shoot out. I'm not mad at them. They were great. Atlanta is a force. Go Danny, Go Max, Go Vanek, Go PomPom, GO MILLER.

But I'm awfully upset. Joe and I are currently crying in our beer. Not only due to the loss, but due to the fact that we're no longer in Buffalo to cheer on the team that has our heart. We Believe.
I am:

watching an eighties version of 'the villiage of the damned' with an all star cast.

drinking bloody marys

screaming the lyrics to Mad Sins's 'Class Warpath' god I can't get it out of my head, and I'm not sorry. I'd be such a perfect female background vocal to every god damn one of their songs. Meow.

Sabres game starts in an hour, WE WILL BEAT THE RECORD TONIGHT!
oh my god, I was so fucking gowed in these pics:

October 22, 2006

Oh my god dude.... I'm posting on one of the cam sites I broadcast on right now, and there's another nasty chick on there posting pics, and her fuckin' hair is so greasy it looks like she dipped her head in canola oil. AND she has big furry eyebrows...*barf* ..I had to come spew this in my blog since I can't be talking shit on the site and I just HAD to express my disgust SOMEWHERE. What are bitches THINKING???

honorable mention for this guy who linked me in his blog: JasonPettus.com

October 20, 2006

I'm a hot righteous bitch, and I know it. I can always tell who's suave and who's not by how they respond to the fact that I dig myself. Cool people are attracted to confidance. If you kick ass, come join my Yahoo Group which is nearing NINE THOUSAND members ;>

Guess what, I've got my new PO BOX, woohoo:> You can now send your penpal letters, presents, holiday packages, postcards, tips, band merchandise (If I like your music, I'll take pics with your stuff to send you, and post a review on my site), and other such niceties to:

Jessica E
PO BOX #201
Hayward WI 54843

I always write back dude! Of course this is the address my subs and well wishers can also send paper gift certificates to, like for Wine.com and SailorJerry.com ..the info for all that is on my wishlist page. (Having a po box is totally essential for me. I've had some awesome people hook me up all kinds of items, including their own shit they wanted to pass on, like books, dvds, n' cds. I've even had a few people send me books they authored, that was rad.)

I'm such a happy girlie right now! My honey bunny is making din-din (thats Joe of course, the most fabulous boyfriend a chick could ever want), I had a blast watching the Sabres beat the Canes this evening, I'm having a righteous time learning how to use my macbook (god its wierd, but snazzy) and I just found out T.S., one of my most beloved gents, bought me this really awesome 70's retro package from my amazon wishlist. Meow!!

(fyi, his reward is a sweetheart recording I just made and sent him). He's not a 'submissive' like some guys I carry on with, he's just a generous sugar daddy type who enjoys making me happy (thats my favorite kind of fan, subs are so damn sleazy *snotty facial expression*). If you're like him & you want the pleasure of my affection, email me to introduce yourself. <3

It sure feels good to not be in a cunty evil mood...yay for my new location!

Here's some pics (in which I'm highly intoxicated) from a few days ago:

I got a bunch of gold and bronze eyeshadow the other day, along with some brown mascera and liquid liner, and I must say, it looks fuckin' HOT with my new hair. I can't get over how good I look...and the public response is highly in favor of the switch. The biggest differance it's making is how much prettier my skin tone now looks, and how I can wear all these new colors and not look pale and sickly. Yum yum!
Me and Joe have been having mind blowing fuck marathons all week. It's totally damn amazing and perfect. My every body part is pleased, and I've been lounging aound feeling like a sacred harem toy. Oh GOD it's hot. I wrote about it some in my forum... well actually I posted a convo between me and one of my online sweeties. mm.

...you know how I'm the covergirl for the Loose Skrews new album? Well they just posted some reviews of the cd in their Myspace Blog, and one of them is very choice, in mentioning me. Here's a copy and paste:

Stomp and Stammer - Aug '06

Sporting a CD titled "Have Another Brew", The Loose Skrews are yet another gang of ugly drunks whose repertoire consists entirely of slight variations on a single overriding theme: an unyeilding devotion to Booze Almighty. Thick-necked street-punk from Kennesaw, where everyone is required to own a firearm, at least they were astute enough to stick a hot chick on the cover instead of themselves. Jeff Clark stompandstammer.com

Heheheheh! *wiggle* ..I should have held out for more payment for that 'gig'!

I've been posting way way way a lot of content in my cambang members section for the past few days (since me and Joe are all fuuuuced up n' happy) ..I only have the energy to post a few..these are from a few nights ago.. You should join, and give all my pics a nice high rating...ang plus me every day, We like to keep me queen of the scene!! heheh! sample:

see jessie's cam pics from the last 3 years!!

View my live cam! (button indicates my status):

Remember that free laptop promotion thing I did? I GOT MY LAPTOP!!!! It's a macbook and it's all fucking high tech and scary. I owe some people a video....*smile* This hot army guy who's been sugar daddying me a bit sent me this really cool wireless thingie so now I've again got righteous WIRELESS interented all through my house, which I needed badly, considering my macbook only has ethernet ports and wireless access, so I'd have been out of luck.

October 16, 2006

I wrote a little rant here, that I've decided to move to my forum, to preserve the happy state of my blog... here it is, if you care to hear bitching: No, I don't 'do stuff on cam for money'

October 15, 2006

WWWWWOO watching my Sabres destroy the rangers last night was hot. Joe and I got totally rip roaring drunk, and I had my laptop and cam on in some hockey chatroom flim flamming with some cool canadian dudes the whole time. My dad joined us for awhile for some bloody marys too. Cuteness.

ever wonder what I look like first thing in the morning when I crawl over to my desktop hung over? Here you go!:

Did I mention I bought a van? Yep.... JessieKitty drives a van.

People: I need a LOT of stuff to make my new home perfect.... there's some shit on my amazon wishlist that I must must must have. Be a hunny bunny and hook me up with something, I'll rain sweetness all over ya ;> Kitty needs new comp equipment, dvds, warm clothes, n' lots of other stuff. *pout n' wiggle* My address is filled in for you, all you have to do is click click click to a happy Jessie <3

Honorable mention to T.S. for hooking me up with some righteous shit the past few days. *kisses and hugs and tittys rubbing up against you*


idiots: read this. Suave people may disgregard.

October 14, 2006

as usual I'm posting when I dont actually have that much time to blab.... but here's a bunch of pics from today... I've posted assloads for the past few days but... if you want to see em all you'll have to join!

I'm drinkin' bloody marys and getting hepped up for the sabres game. rah! ...gonna be on live cam for a bit before the game, come see me ;>

Indecent Proposals

Casting Couch