April 28, 2008

So. I have a really good time keeping tabs on what country all of my video store, pic store, and members club sales come from. My stats tell me the highest amount of sales come (aside from america) from great britain, the netherlands, then italy, then france, and then asia. There's other places, but these are the prominent ones. Hotness. Awesome. Rad. I love it. I love all the different types of people, and all their WAYS. I'd love to get a group of these individuals together and check them all out. I dont mean that in a skanky way, I just mean see them, and know them. Speaking of which, I really need to travel outside of north america. Now. NOW!

April 24, 2008

Me and Joe had a fucking crazy night last night, we went out sight seeing and bar hopping. Towards the end of the night, we were at some big nice sports bar, having a good time and talking to people. There was this guy in there, who I'd noticed giving us strange looks. He and his friend walked up to where we were sitting at the bar, talking to some cool funny little business man, and leaned onto the bar giving us these strange menacing looks. They were acting like mean bad yuppie frat guys from an 80s movie, for real. It was creepy because there was no reason for them to be trying to get our attention. I think they were LOOKING for people to be rude to.


They started talking to us about random nothing... everyone was saying where they're from, and the one dark haired guy (the one who was giving us weird looks earlier) stated that he was from santa barbara. I told him I used to live in mission viejo and he got all strange and cunty and started barking that santa barbara is BETTER. It was fucking weird, I looked at him like he was a dork and I was all 'oh, are you sure? uhuh.. psh'. Joe laughed and said 'there really are a bunch of rich FUCKS there".


The fucking weird pair continued to try to dominate the conversation in our little area, where everything had been fun and good until they started imposing. The conversation turned to baseball, I said "I want the cubbies to win!" and the dark haired guys FRIEND got all snotty and told me 'oh dont say CUBBIES, its 'go cubs go' only TOURISTS say 'cubbies'". He was saying all of this in a really bitchy voice. I rolled my eyes and was all oh are sure? are you sure? I cant say CUBBIES? go cubbies, cubbies cubbies cubbies. It was fucking ridiculous, and I was making fun of him. Everyone was trying to ignore these douche bags. The people we were having so much fun with left because the yuppie bullies sucked so much.

I moved a few seats over and started talking to these friendly crazy band dudes, and Joe and the dark haired asshole started talking. I wasnt there for this conversation, so I don't know EXACTLY how it went down... but I saw the guy get up and go to the other end of the bar. Me and the guys I was talking to moved back over to Joe, and Joe told us "That guy just said me and Jessica are the dregs of society because we do porno shit". I was insantly fucking pissed. I walked over to where the dark haired asshole was, and I said 'so you think we're the dregs of society huh?' he said he didnt know what I was talking about. I said "well thats what I heard"... he told me "I dont want to talk to you about anything". I leaned in close to him, while he was averting his eyes and being a pussy, and I said "Youre a pitiful piece of shit" and went back to Joe, with a smug fucking kick in my step.

Now I'm going to have Joe get on my laptop and type about the conversation that led up to the guy insulting us:


He started talking about politics, and I said the elections are all fixed and voting doesnt matter. And he said "That's bullshit" and I said "No, it's not. Do you really think YOU matter to them? Theyre loyal to their secret societies, not us" And he went on and on about how great John McCain was, and how he was a "war hero", and then I responded by saying that the American Swiftboat Veterans made a statement to the press that McCain LIED about what really happened to him in Vietnam. And the idiot said " Can you prove that he lied?" and I said "I dont need to, they already HAVE proven he lied!" What a fucking idiot. I ended up getting into a big arguement with him about how 9/11 was an inside job, he believes that terrorists are real, and every time I said TRUE FACTS, he said "I dont believe it, you're just a crazy conspiray theorist" I AM NOT a conspiracy theorist. And then he said, "I think we should bomb the shit out of Iran" and I said" why, what did they do to us?" and he COULDNT even give me an answer, not even a dumb one! I ended getting right in his face and spitting on him while I barked at him that he was ignorant and I scared the shit out of him. He kept saying," get out of my face" and I would just get closer, and I kept making eye contact with him and he kept looking away. He said"I dont want to be talking about this stuff with you" and I said" YOURE the one who started talking about politics, and I just tried to tell you the TRUTH about how it's all bullshit, but you dont want to hear the truth" he said"no, I dont" And he whined and said "You and your girfriend are the cause of the degeneration of mankind, youre the dregs of society because you make porn, I dont like porn, Ive never looked at it" And I said "Oh yea, youve never looked at porn , youre such a liar" He whined again and said"Im going to sit at the other end of the bar" And I said, "Good, you maggot, get away from me" HAHAHA Then I told Jessica what he said about us.


Yea... so. It was really fucking awesome, the way this BULLY came up to us, acting all egotistical and proud and dominant. And within an hour he was acting all submissive and dominated and bitchified, like the disgusting little wimp he really is inside. Creeping off to the corner acting like WE did something to HIM. He came UP to us with the intention of being rude and shitty at us. It was so fucking wrong. He was out to be abusive, HE got abused, and so he acted like a victim. It felt so good to treat him like shit. Later on I saw him talking to the owner, and from the way the owner was looking over at us I know he was feeding him his fucked up little version of what happened. I just smiled. When the douche bag was on his way out I called 'Piiiig' after him, hehehe! P.s.... the shit about how he never looked at porn, and we're the dregs of society? no no, this guy was a SLEAZEY yuppie. I wouldnt be surprised if he was coked out. Fucking piece of shit. You could just TELL he was some impish rich kid who preyed other kids at school. I think it's really hilarious that he couldn't even answer, WHY?, to the bombing iran thing. What a fucking loser. By the way, I took a picture of the back of his head, right after I insulted him and made his dick shrivel up into a twist tie. He's the prick in the plaid shirt:



April 23, 2008


I have a huge love for VERKA SERDUCHKA. The Ukrainian Cinderella (as he she is called). I'm seriously obsessed. Crazy with love! VERKA VERKA VERKA!!!!! Allll the videos are awesome, but this is my favorite of all time (of youre only going to watch one, watch this one!) It gets me so excited and happy:


I think life would be complete if I could have those silver clad back up dancers at my side.


Verka on Wikipedia.

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God... Nina Hagen is seriously irritating.

April 22, 2008

Oh my GOD, me and Joe fucking ROCKED it today! We deep cleaned the house, including putting new filters in our central air vents, and I PAINTED the kitchen rrrrar! I never knew repainting the molding on the floor would brighten it so! Put up new curtains, steam cleaned all the carpetting, found new better places for vincents dog cage, and the *shudder* litter box. We also rearranged some shit in the bedroom. Awesome. So rewarding. I never feel better than when I've just improved my surroundings.

I've got a bunch of new niteflirt lines that I think everyone needs to check out, go to http://www.niteflirt.com/killerkity

It's HELLS KITCHEN night! We are obsessed with gordon ramsay. It's on right now actually, I'm quickly typing during a commercial. We're drinking skrewdrivers and having FUN FUN FUN WOO!

I just took this cute pic of myself with my cell phone. Yay!

There's a new thread in my slave forum, check out this dumb bitch! I took his money, got him drunk, took more money, and treated him like shit while he performed moronic tasks for me in his dopey little bubble bath, hahah!


April 21, 2008

I've got another slightly obscure freakish excellent 'insomnia at 3 am is the perfect time to watch this' b rate horror film!

Peeping Tom (1960)

It's about some attractive but strange guy, who's father was a scientist who did strange things to him when he was a kid. (scaring him on purpose and video taping him 24 hours a day)... he's all grown up, and daddys dead.. but he has continued the tradition of capturing fear on film... only, once he sees someone in fear, he must kill them. it's his urge. ...he better not scare his girlfriend...

Peeping Tom on IMDB.com

peepingtomposter1Peeping Tom_s.0


I insist you watch it.

April 20, 2008

most people dont bother to find this information out, but when I was younger my parents joined the mennonite church and I freaked out and left home and had my own apartment at 15/16. I got evicted and I squatted for awhile, and travelled and etc. the reason I mention this, is that I've had some bad dreams recently about people stealing my wallet / stealing my backpack, while I'm squatting. that never happened, and I haven't 'done that' in years, but I'm like whoa, is that shell shock or what? is it just recessive fears popping up? hmmmm, crazy!

April 19, 2008

I am now fully obsessed with pink. All shades of pink, but mostly HOT pink. I've added tons of pink shit to my wishlists, but I vow to keep the pink shit in the bedroom only. I will not mess with the animal print/ivory/sage/beige/and dark green scheme in my livingroom. Everything you see here purchased by my fans, by the way, including my hair color, hah!

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Yay Tabouli!! Bulgar wheat is king!!

Me and Joe went to the beach (on a lake) and it was fucking glorious!!!


April 14, 2008

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April 13, 2008

04-11-2008 19-57-5704-11-2008 18-13-28

"I hate all children. For other people, it's fine, but not for me." - Karl Lagerfeld to the new issue of Prestige magazine

I hear that!!!!


for the fucking idiots: SMALL DICK HUMILIATION

this is my boyfriends cock when its SOFT, losers! you could never compare!

04-11-2008 18-06-48

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April 11, 2008

04-10-2008 14-21-0204-10-2008 14-21-15

04-10-2008 14-23-1504-10-2008 14-23-48

I am so loving my new pink hair... Joe does too. It's just so FUN! I'm feeling very obsessed with hot hot pink. *rawr* The fact that all the stuff I need to do it was bought FOR me from my wishlist makes it even sweeter. In fact TONS AND TONS AND TONS of presents have been coming, from fans and slaves. You can read all about my bragging, and see pictures of it all in my wishlist blog.

Speaking of delicious pink things, you should go read this post I made about my righteous friend CherryTorn. Look at these HOT pics she made me!!


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look at this pic, I let my tum tum hang out, Joe thinks its soooo delicious ;>


I've been raping my dutch slut again!

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000_7466 000_7465

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April 8, 2008

AWESOME new videos! Click here to visit my video store.

Me and Joe have been fucking non stop. Just thought I'd throw that out there. We're doing this fun new thing that we randomly thought up.... like... anticipation hornyness shit. We lay on top of eachother naked, and clear our minds, and let our crotches do the thinking. Only we dont touch eachother or kiss or anything. We just get all frenzied and turned on without doing anything. Like yesterday morning, having my naked ass wagging up in the air totally activated all these sickening perverted thoughts, and I came so hard once we started fucking.... it was great. Jealous?

Look at my hotness, you slut! The full set of all these pics will be available in my pic store once I get the set uploaded.

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