April 11, 2008

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I am so loving my new pink hair... Joe does too. It's just so FUN! I'm feeling very obsessed with hot hot pink. *rawr* The fact that all the stuff I need to do it was bought FOR me from my wishlist makes it even sweeter. In fact TONS AND TONS AND TONS of presents have been coming, from fans and slaves. You can read all about my bragging, and see pictures of it all in my wishlist blog.

Speaking of delicious pink things, you should go read this post I made about my righteous friend CherryTorn. Look at these HOT pics she made me!!


There is a very suave new video in my video store. It's a 'getting to know JessieKitty' type of thing, where I babble about my past, oi!



look at this pic, I let my tum tum hang out, Joe thinks its soooo delicious ;>


I've been raping my dutch slut again!

(read about it in my forum)



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you can watch these sluts for free, fyi:

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