March 29, 2006

Look at this fine specimen of dude, in a JessieKitty shirt *purrrrr* :

You should be that hot. Do your hair, then go purchase some JessieKitty merchandise!


The Loose Skrews album that I'm going to be on the cover of is going to be pressed next week. *clap clap*

The BrassKnuckle Boys have contacted me again, about modelling one of their upcoming t shirts. That should be fun. *hump* Dude also pointed out this delicious ebay auction for THE ROSE BOWL in Tulsa.... route 66 mmmm.

My lease agreement says if I pay a grand, I can break it early. Care to donate to my moving fund?

I've been digging lots of nashville pics, look at this cutey one of the 'general jackson' ;>

Incase anyone is under the wrong impression, I don't fuck myself on live cam, I don't do cheap cam shows for random pigs during which they degrade me. I am not a 'camgirl' in that sense of the word. I deal with gentlemen, and submissives. Period.

March 27, 2006

Dehhhh I've clearly been falling down on my mission to not drink. Only for a few nights though.....Look at my lil' loulie babys awwwwww:

March 25, 2006

Nashville links that make me happy: Gallery

Photos By Chip Curley

Joe and I are fucking losing are minds with the desire to GO GO GO! We have to wait SIX MONTHS to move to Nash!??? Fucking satan rental lease! *stab stab*

*goes to read lease agreement*
I blew off some steam last night, with the help of 'grey goose' vodka, yay! I needed it, during that sabres game ;/ ....lucky viewers were treated to some asexual voyeuristic freakness since I forgot to turn my cam off, I got distracted cause my friend London called, saying she's considering moving to Knoxville TN... god that'd be nice, having a somewhat local friend down there. Hm.

I'll post pics from last night a little later today.

I'm currently listening to the fabulous Dion & the Belmonts:

March 22, 2006


Joe has the day off tomorrow *yay yay yay*

I'd be excellent at this, I've never lost a fight:

March 20, 2006

Check it out, this is a screen capture of one of my picture album pages, in my cambang members section (click that link to get in on it)...there's a bajillion pages of pics like this, over four years worth of archives cam action.... woooooohoo! Come visit me there!...ah, checking out pics of me suckin' on Joe cheers me up when he's at work and I'm bored.

awww fake innocence *yank*:

I know a lot of people stay away from forums, because usually each one contains a number of retarded bullys who harrass everyone and make the place no fun at all....but that is NOT what goes on @ MY forum... I, and my mods, practice heavy quality control, as long as you're being smart n' friendly, you're welcome, and have no pricks (or stupidity) to fear ;>

Wanna see me LIVE doing my workout, and gettin' all sweaty?

March 16, 2006

Dwight Yoakam is a fucking magic man. I love him so much. Listening to 'hillbilly deluxe' right now. *scream of emotion* ....track two from this album is the one that I made Joe listen to, in order to convince him we should move to Nashville TN. You should listen to it too....

*runs off to dance, and sing loudly to the coffee maker*

After this, it's ChuckBerry.

March 15, 2006



DEL SHANNON's Real name : Charles Westover

Del Shannon co-wrote 1961's top record "Runaway". The song topped all three charts, spending a total of 13 weeks at No.1. A string of hits followed in the USA, the U.K. and in Australia where Del Shannon also managed two further chart toppers - "The Swiss Maid" (1962) and "Little Town Flirt" (1963). A consistent Australian chart entrant, Del Shannon's final chart action came in May, 1989 when "Walk Away" spent a single week at the No.99 spot on the Australian Top 100. Eight months later, Del Shannon died from self-inflicted gun shot wounds in his California home.

;( I hate finding things like that out about people I'm drawn to. Poor dude.


BOBBY VEE's Real name : Robert Veline

Bobby Vee's big break in show business came The Day the Music Died. Following the plane crash which killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper a local radio station put out a plea for a group to play at the venue Holly and co. had been bound for. Bobby Vee's band, called The Shadows, took up the challenge, played a few Buddy Holly songs they knew, and were a big hit. Vee fronted the band, which later almost included a young man called Robert Zimmerman a.k.a. Bob Dylan, before recording under his own name. Hits such as his two Australian No.1's, "Rubber Ball" and "One Last Kiss" to "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" and his 1961 US-only No.1 hit, "Take Good Care Of My Baby" established Bobby Vee as a successful solo artist in the early 1960's.


Billy Fury link#2

I've got a big ol' crush on Lauren Graham...yes, that's right, I'm a fan of The Gilmore Girls, and proud of it.

Joe hasn't had a day off in two weeks.... that might explain my renewed interest in Tv shows.
Just got done doing my favorite 'crunch' workout *hump hump hump* ...I'm still in love with Ellen Barret, the instructor....yes, the same one I've been talking about for a year and a half.

Here's a pic of my review, since I'm so fuckin' happy about it:

I've been broadcasting one of the videos currently up for auction through camcontacts this week *clap*....also doing lots of updating in my cambang members section, go have a lookie.

SUBMISSIVES: interested in what kind of nasty shit my bitches have the pleasure of doing for me? check out my forum.

Enter to cams that rule and Vote for this Site!!!


Just woke up and made a cup, and threw in Del Shannon....cause it's just a del day. I've got this 'Big Sandy and the Fly Right Boys' album I've had for months and haven't got around to listening to. God theres just so many layers of music to love...

I need new clothes, and new work out clothes, you should dig on my amazon wishlist, and send me victorias secret gift certificates....details on my tribute page.

Ok... it's about an hour and a half later.... and now I'm listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons . *hump*...just might hafta toss in some Fats Domino after this.

Free Live Cams

March 14, 2006

I woke up to find one of my boys got me this AWESOME Eddie Cochran cd with songs I've never heard, god I cant wait to get it!!!

danzig looks like meatloaf's frusterated younger brother.

me likey:

March 13, 2006

So I redid a bunch of my shit yesterday.... trying to give everything a clean more organized feel, yay. Look at my new links page, this is a pic of me doing a beer bong on a roof in wisconsin last summer:

March 11, 2006

Just made some fabulous new recordings, info is here.

I sure did upload a lot of filth to my members section @ cambang so far this month.... here's a few samples from yesterday, I was feeling tit happy ;>

Allready happy bidding going on, on my new nasty auctions, hurrah! Today I added lots more shoe and clothing auctions, including one for my black sketcher pumps with a matching VIDEO of me in them!!!

March 10, 2006

advice: ever since I decided to move to nashville (next october) I've been obsessing over the theory. Left with far too much time to think about it (trapped in a lease) I'm habitually weighing the pros and cons, thinking about every possible thing that could go wrong/right with the situation.... basically I'm stressing myself the fuck out, and can't get the fucking subject off my mind. Normally thats good when you want to accomplish something, but when you can't DO anything to achieve your goal, because you just have to wait, it starts driving you fucking insane.

So far, all I've been able to do to make myself feel productive is pay off old debts, to help ensure being accepted to a complex down there.... there's simply nothing else I can do to keep myself feeling like a good busy little bee.

My question to you is this, when obsessing over something, how the fuck does one get it the hell off their mind? I am going CRAZY here!!!!! (I'm sure spring fever is part of it)....but really. How do you control your thoughts? Especially when you're a whacked out bitch like me...
*HUGE* sissy auction, and gym socks auction just posted!!!!

I hafta go out and run 'errands' today.... annoying. I hate going in banks. Once I'm done with that crap, you can check my live cam on camcontacts.

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