July 28, 2005

I can't believe how often I get recognized dude. "yes...I'm jessiekitty...yes thats my site" gawd, it's fuckin cool and everything, but it kind of wierds me out when it happens while Im stumbling around in a gas station drunk late at night...for obvious reasons. Also, people are always approaching me saying hi and acting like I know them and I have absolutely no memory of meeting them.

..you know...I meet people all the time and completely don't absorb their name, or face, or anything they told me about themself. My boyfriend says it's cause I'm from california, and californians are snobs. *sneer* I kind of feel like a prick when I walk up to people and introduce myself and they're like, yea we met a few weeks ago. Hah. Cause eeeeveryone remembers ME.

I've had this little sex store thing going for like years now,
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Sooo my moving date is sooner than I thought, I'm moving next week. Picking the truck up on the 3rd. I've gotten most of my shit packed allready actually...I need to deal with all the clothing today I think. God there's a lot of it. I've completed FOURTY FOUR auctions on ebay selling off old shit that's too big for me now...YAY! I made like $777.00 total. ;>

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Vincent KNOWS we're moving. He's all frisky and nervous. He stares at the boxes with these wide eyes, it's so adorable! Good thing he likes riding in the car. In fact he's the kind of dog who wants to come with no matter where I go (which I love)...except for the fact that I'm always wearing black and he has light colored hair.

Drunk Sluts

July 27, 2005


the movie dead man walking was just on....that's some powerful shit to view, lemme tell you.

First off my room is trashed cause I'm in the middle of moving, so shut up...but look at how cute my kitty Eira was being in the animal bed eheheh:

July 23, 2005

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It's been confirmed baby, I'm moving in a few weeks. WOO WOO YEA YEA YEA! This is so astronomical. I'm going to be living with my BEST FRIENDS. Ben and Jordan. I've known Ben longer than ANYONE else in my life, he's the only best friend I've ever had...we have so much good history, and soooo many things in common.

Me, Joe, and Ben basically all had the same hard fucked up childhood...(and adulthood), and Jordan isn't far behind. It's going to feel SO GOOD to be around people who KNOW whats up. I'm so sick of dumb ass spoiled fuckin bitches who've never left the town they were born in, and have a giant group of life long friends and supportive family (i.e. the stupid ass wisconsin hicks around here). They think they're fuckin bad ass, but imagine how they'd crumble and quiver if they didn't have so many people backing them up.

People like that have no knowledge of a HARD life. They give no credit to those who have risen from the terrors of REAL PROBLEMS. Ignorant fuckin no ones....they might have a cake walk of a life, but they'll always be dumb, they'll always be small town no ones, and they'll always be resentful of how cool and cultured rolling stones like me are. ;> *ROAR* Of course...staying in the town you were born in, having lots of friends and family, and or having good luck in life doesn't automatically make someone bad....just most of the time. :|

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Im watching a pretty entertaining movie right now, 'crown heights' ...its about disruption between a jewish and black community. Howie Mandel is in it hawhaw.

July 21, 2005

did you catch me live this morning on Cam Contacts?

Another really fucking righteous cam site is Cam Crush ...the awesome thing about them is you get to cam chat *FOR FREE* with the models before you buy a show from them. *grin*

So I'm fucking LOVING LOVING LOVING my new cell phone. I set up a thingy so I can take a pic with my phone, and then click 'send to album' and it shows up in an album on a website provided by my...provider (hehe). I can take video clips with my phone too...and its an mp3 player, and it has radio, it has INTERNET ACCESS (woo righteous!) ...etc etc etc. It just fucking kicks ass. It's the Nokia 6255i. *SCREAM OF PLEASURE* ..I'm paying a lot for it, but it's worth it, I think.

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I hate wisconsin, I'm getting my ass the fuck out of here, everyone who lives here is a sleazey disgusting moron. Period. I can not BELIEVE I've been here allmost a year. That's just sick and wrong. It was shocking enough that I came here at all, but to be here this long is unforgivable. *spanks self* My friends Ben and Jordan were supposed to be my roommates for moving to st paul (mn) in september, but they've been having some problems...so I think I might just move my ass down to iowa to share a place with them there until the four of us (me ben jordan joe) feel its time to head to the minneapolis metro, or drag our asses back to the east coast (WHERE WE BELONG, HELLO).

I mean I know... IOWA, are you fuckin kidding? But seriousley, it would be a major improvement for me, considering how much I hate it here, and how small it is here. I'd be in a much more citiafied area if I moved down there. So...that's what I'm going to fucking do. I just decided right now. I'll have to call them and set shit up tonight. WOO.

Staying in one place for too long makes me ill. This will be the 7th state I've lived in. I'm so coolio.

July 17, 2005

I feel its my duty to inform the world that I'm now watching a movie ('RING OF DARKNESS') about a boy band who're really evil flesh eating zombies. I think they're stealing back street boy moves step for step... It's pretty awesome, very badly filmed...and I believe one of the older female actresses is a chick John Waters has used a whole bunch.

Good news, the ultra hot RavenLace's ultra hot boyfriend was having sex dreams involving she, me, and steph the geek. (read about it in her journal) Boy does THAT turn my fuckin crank. Excuse me while I rub my clit and growl.

I put more blue in my hair, weee!

July 10, 2005

Check out this retarded quiz I just took heheh....I'm fairly certain the boys
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OMG I just bought me and my boyfriend CAMERA PHONES oooooooo hello. They can record video too. I'm paying 70 bucks a month for 1000 anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile...in a family plan for both of our phones. That's a good deal, right?

I'm watching One Hour Photo. I love Robbin Williams soooo much. You nay sayers of Robin Williams can eat shit ya crap goblins.

check it out there was a bear in my yard yo:

July 8, 2005

a hot army dude sent me his gear....I requested it be UNwashed. *pervy grin*

July 7, 2005

heres some silly pics from the fourth (I was fucked uuuuup woo):

oo me and el doggie:

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July 4, 2005

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Before you read this rant, acknowledge the fact that I do not blindly hate someone for having bad taste in music, nor am I interested in offending anyone...I actually want to help them improve their preferances....but I give my advice in an abrupt irritated way. : I must inform you, 'System of A Down' sucks major ass, is not hardcore, is not deep, and they fail drastically at sending any inspired or original political message. (not that I GIVE A FUCK about politics in music, but the fans seem to think they -the band- are oracles of political knowledge).. Their lyrics sound like the ramblings of a badly behaved ten year old kid, the MUSIC itself is nothing impressive, and they're ugly greasy styleless buttrocker rich boy fags (who are laughable in their efforts to appear hard, because they're so NOT hard). Why am I rambling on about this? Because this is my blog, and it's here for me to use as an outlet for expressing thoughts, no matter how ineffectual doing so may be. ...but then maybe it's not ineffectual, once in awhile people actually listen.

I got in a little spat with a friend over these losers....he brought them up, I was forced to inform him of their lameness, and he got angry and implied that I'm just repeating a mass opinion, and not really expressing any of my own thoughts, which is very untrue, as I've listened to the crap, (I can only assume he was defensive and insecure about it because deep down he MUST doubt his own opinion, and rightly so). A lot of people think they're shitty because they ARE shitty, honey.

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...by the way, S.O.D. stands for STORM TROOPERS OF DEATH, not your shitty system of a down. ...get it straight. And give SOD a listen while you're at it.

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If you desire to know glory, fuckin listen to some sheer terror, blood for blood, or if you wanna go back a little, check ac/dc ...and motorhead yea...listen to something decent man. Stop being so lazy, do some research and find out what real music sounds like, find out what GOOD lyrics are. This is not to say the music I just mentioned is the be all end all, but it IS what these crappy new bands wish they were.

My live phone line / recorded voice messages

....of course my current musical preferance is rockabilly n surf shit, I'm all over eddie cochran, gene vincent, the ventures, and dick dale...probably cause its summer hmm..and the stray cats, duh. Omg...me and my boyfriend have so much fun dancing to gene vincent...thats another reason I love that music, it's all romantic and sexy, and me and Joe get all moosh mooshy and dance and stare into eachothers eyes while we sing it together heheheh...it's fast paced shit though, so I mean DANCING...which we'll be doing tonight Im sure.

HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!!!! My dude went and got a hundred fuckin bucks worth of fire works (can you believe that? I was like whoa going over board?) ....and we're going to grill brauts...and I have a six pack (he doesnt drink)of leinenkugals(sp?) berry weiss, which I fucking love, hello berry beer YUM! ...and we'll be smoking up. He wants to shroom too...but I'm like ehhh I dont know. :X I kind of just wanna chilly chill.

I'm gonna get done up all fuckin cute before he comes home from work. I'll have to take a pic :D I think I might curl my hair or something ...I wanna be festive rar...I'm gonna wear high heels and some hot outfit...but I'm not sure what to wear cause I'll be sitting on an unfinished picknick table, and I don't want to snag the butt fabric on any of my fabulous dresses...so it's gonna have to be slightly casual. WWWwwwhoa I'm babbling like a motherfucker. I'll stop now.

July 1, 2005

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